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DON’T make me break my foot off in yo’ ass

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Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 8.55.53 AM— It’s Friday! It’s Friday! It’s the weekend alas!
I woke up this morning with the inclination to laugh.

You remember MAD TV and comedian Artie Lange?
He was always ‘doing the most’ when he was doing his ‘thang!

This was long before our bi-racial President Obama,
when MAD TV saw the genius in a black child with a white mama.

Black mom’s go hard and their unintended comedy can be a gas,
but not as OUT THERE as MAD TV’s white moma, who’ll put her “foot in yo’ ass!”:


DON’T test Evelyn Lozada

Evelyn + Carl CrawfordNow, I don’t have any problems with anyone – I do not have any beef,
But throw shade on Evelyn Lozada and she’ll return with the heat.

It seems like Wendy Williams has been talking a little too much again,
in an effort to beef up ratings, she dug into her “so called friend.”

The friend was Evelyn Lozada — see, she just had a baby,
and Wendy implied that she did it for money – an accusation, quite shady.

You don’t throw shade on a friend. They’re too few of them in this world,
especially when the friend you dump on has sold your husband shoes for his side girl.

Yep! Evelyn took to Twitter and blasted Wendy (in kind) and with all do respect.
And I’m thinking Evelyn ain’t lying, because Wendy hasn’t responded yet!

BOOM! Wendy Williams: Your daytime show does not make you invincible, big or bad.
You’re lucky Evelyn put your marriage on blast and not her foot in yo’ ass:

Evelyn Blasts Wendy Wms


DON’T Disrespect Me & Mine

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.43.31 AMLadies will be ladies and talk, but men, are much more crass,
this next video found a dude selling drugs at work and the boss put his foot in his ass.

Literally. I’m serious. So if you have a weak stomach, please don’t press play,
It’s like a fight between the matador and the bull, but the boss didn’t feel “Ole’!”



DON’T think Karma’s Sleeping

That's 33-year old Jeffrey Travis White giving the video taping motorist the finger before he CRASHED

That’s 33-year old Jeffrey Travis White giving the video taping motorist the finger before he CRASHED

My God, my God, what’s going on here?
It starts outs with a jeer and ends with a cheer.

God doesn’t like ugly and He will get with ya’.
You’re not above reproach, ol’ Karma’s ‘gone get’cha.

When road rage goes wrong and you’re filming the whole ‘thang,
Below — you’re unlimited in pressing rewind to see ‘a fool crash in the rain.

The moral of the story is, DON’T write a check that you cannot cash,
or the payee may find a viable reason to put his ‘foot up yo’ ass!’

It’s the weekend! It’s the weekend! It’s the weekend alas,
I’m Qui,
Peace and Blessings – It’s real talk, walk-the-walk and laugh.

Getting Back To It

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  Spring Break is over now, and the fun is just beginning,
I’ve got a teen film troupe to groom & the crew members are winning.

We’ve got Ita Udo-Ema and Dedric Charlz on our filmmaking staff,
as well as a pretty cool teen film producer with experienced talent on tap.

Perceptual Teen Film Troupe is Arizona’s very own.
3Quis is the non-profit organization that birthed it in ‘the zone.’

I am the director and producer, I head up the party.
COMING SOON: our first film production, written and produced by the shorties.

The script is shaping up nicely, I see successful filmmakers emergin’
Pretty much like the Teen Sci-Fi Franchise winner DIVERGENT.

I love this gig of reel that I duly call a career.
If you love your gig too, put your hands up and cheer!

Spring Break is over, sure, but there’s so much more in store to do,
I’m Qui
Celebrating Spring in Chandler, until old Summer breaks through. Wooo!

What are you up to?


Cameron Diaz in Blk Swimsuit

Of course, your mate will CHEAT ON YOU

Duh! Surely you’ve heard what Cameron Diaz told Oprah, while maintaining her cool, blonde roots and athletic butt.

Life is good for the bachelorette. She’s a star in her work and her play, and when it comes to cheating, peep what Cameron had to say:

In Cameron Diaz’s latest comedy, “The Other Woman,” the 41-year-old plays a woman seeking revenge against her boyfriend after discovering he has a wife and a girlfriend. Tsk, tsk. In real life, Diaz says, infidelity unfortunately strikes us all. “Everybody has been cheated on, everyone will be cheated on,” she told Britain’s OK! magazine (via the New York Daily News). “I can’t fix that, I don’t know how, I don’t have any judgment on anybody, I don’t know how to fix the problem.”

I don’t know how to fix it either. Who can get a handle on that stem?
If anyone could have defied the facts, my bf — would have been him.

At least that’s what I thought when I was 18-years wise.
And that’s precisely when mom yanked the folly out of my eyes,

via conversation that she thought I’d benefit:
“If you can’t stand a cheat then don’t get into it.”

“IT” was marriage and my father cheated on her,
but it was so long ago, said mom, that the ‘common cut’ is now a blur.

The tendency to do so is animalistic, and we all are just that.
Of course your mate will cheat on you, though it’s not an absolute fact.

I had to really think about it, and that was before Carmen Diaz spoke,
I’m Qui
and she ain’t lying — unfortunately ‘the animal in us all,’ is no joke.



Cover Your Ass by FatAssClubAs in there are only 5 days left to sign up for the Affordable Care Act’s healthcare exchange; the deadline is March 31st.  5 million people have signed up so far, but the goal was 6 million. There’s still time to get in.

CYA. You know what that means right? It means Cover-Your-Aunt and everyone else that is slacking and lacking as it pertains to  medical insurance.

And so it is, the time is here
to cut back on the petty cash for candy and beer.

For to your health, you should adhere.
A sick day, in the future? The future is near.

Please do not get caught in the ER with no ACA.
I pray that they won’t turn you away,

and the bills that you are sure to incur later
will make you feel like a broke and busted hater.

See ya later alligator!“, says your friends on the cruise.
You can not go – you’re still paying on that bruise.

Don’t be left on shore because you chose not to sign up,
I’m Qui
Make your life what you want it to be, find the good and line up!

It’s far better to be healthy when alive
Do yourself a favor and take 5

Goto: ACA and get covered today!

DD isn’t my bra cup size…

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DD isnt my bra size

These DD’s can really be a load on a girls back, but not as heavy as the weight of a well written show that is without a doubt very substantial and brilliantly buoyant. DD oozes of Drama, Fantasy,  and History as seen through STARZ.  It launched last year, was a hit and season 2 came in strong Saturday evening.

DD stands for DA VINCI’S DEMONS. Have you seen it? The episodes in season 1 are many and while the script writing consists of loads of fantasy creation, I personally don’t think they are too far off base from the arena of history, and it is quite appropriate that we journey through fantasy to get there. I totally get it.

Infinity dividerInfinity dividerInfinity divider

DaVinci's Demons still shot

Bra cup sizes are the real mystery here

Have you seen the show? No? You’re not a STARZ subscriber?
Well neither am I, but I’ll alter that, thanks to the brilliant writers.

Da Vinci’s Demons isn’t about a man abusing the smoke or the drink,
but a carefully crafted show that invokes the viewer to ponder, rewind and think.

I caught the marathon of season 1, this weekend on the channel of STARZ,
I was entertained in a fantastic frame and couldn’t resist yielding thought to the Lord.

Life. It is a puzzle and sometimes I am clever enough to see
that the people and places that I encounter, are pieces of my puzzle to me.

I meet them and make note of their character inventory
then reflect and put all into place, as it pertains to my own story.

DD isn’t my bra cup size, but is the name of a banging show,
I’m Qui
and the geniousness behind Da Vinci’s Demons is definitely good to go.

You know what time it is

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Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 1.42.17 PM

Whatchu know ’bout them DANCING DOLLS from Mississippi?


Oh my goodness gracious are you a Lifetime channel watcher?
I’m watching Ms. Diane on BRING IT and nothing seems to stop her.

I’m hooked yo – I’m hooked! I l love the feel of competition.
If you haven’t seen the show, here’s a clip that’s worth the mention.



You know what time it is, It’s time to go hard or go home!
Or at least that what I heard around the MARCH MADNESS Zone.

I’m not a big sports stats person, but I love to cheer from the stands,
I don’t do brackets or betting rackets – I’m just a TEXAS Longhorn fan.

However the thing that got me this week and put me to the test
is when  MARCH MADNESS trumped in broadcast over the Young and The Restless.

I mean, I know there’s no hot storyline brewing,
but between 11-12, Y&R is what I’m (usually) doing.

You know what time it is, It’s time to hit the DVR.
And BRING IT was the favorite line up by far.

However, SCANDAL, SUPERNATURAL and The ORIGINALS kept me on-edge and occupied,
and the occasional WIFETIME movie, kept the tears welling in my eyes.

I had drama, suspense, SyFy and even a little comedy.
You know what time it is, yo! Today is time for Qui.

Happy Weekend baby! We’ve made it once again.
What is it that you have planned? What fun is on the pend?

You know what time it is!

Are You Not Entertained

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Lion tamer — I am so very entertained, and long after the cameras have stopped rolling. Obviously.

So the Nina Simone biopic never did get the green light to hit the air,
but worry not, for to Zoe Saldana, Hollywood remains favorably fair.

The industry buzz is, that she’s up – to star in a different biopic.
This time Zoe will portray the banging hay-day of Ms. Eartha Kitt.

It seems the announcement of Eartha’s biopic didn’t cost the project as much
loss-of-love due to the non-black-principle-role-casting stuff.

Yet, for all of the still shots from the Nina biopic – one would think the film would be ready,
but when you don’t poll family and friends at the projects begin, things could easily become less steady.

Speaking of family, Master P is having trouble with his estranged wife,
as she gives statement to the press that she’s living a paupers life.

She and Master P are no longer an item – this fact is not hid.
It is also true, that Mrs. P was the guardian of 4 of their kids.

And something else about ‘needing support’ and someone said ‘no way,’
then someone stormed out yelling, ‘you’ll rue the day!’ – I paraphrase, 

but don’t take my word for it, the horses mouth always says it better.
Curious as to who said what? Read Master P’s open letter:
Master P's OpenLetter

Now Master P may not get out of this so easily. After all she is his wife.
And by the law of many states, community property is a part of his life.

Chris Brown has no children to support and that’s a good thing,
right now he needs to self preserve and concentrate on his ‘sing.’

It seems he and Justin Bieber have quite the testosterone motor,
the two of them on a reluctant whim, are filling Cali’s court and taxing quota.

Entertainment is all around us, whether behind closed doors or in the public square.
It is constantly being broadcasted over radio and television air.

No matter how much air space we utilize mayhem is always on the rise.
And I’m more than a little concerned about the plane that we’ve lost in the skies.

Where is Malaysia flight 370? Where in the world could they have gone?
Did a sky portal open up and take them or did it land in brush, overgrown?

Could the pilot and/or co-pilot have pulled some sort of theft and hostage situation?
This is turning out to be a real mystery page-turner – I’m so following the investigation.

I don’t know yo!  I really don’t know,
but Diddy’s babys moma may have to go.

She’s in a bit of a crunch, a financial bind,
to the tune of a ‘$622K back mortgage‘ chime.

Much like Master P’s wife, but Diddy never married this lady.
She was just the woman he knocked up and then put up, because she had his baby.

The baby is 21 years old now. The baby is fully – a grown man,
And Diddy doesn’t feel responsible to put more dough on that piece of land.

She thought he ‘wouldn’t stop – because he couldn’t stop,’
but that was just a line he used to build chic stock.
Gosh her past really rocked!

I’m not being cold, I’m just making fun.
I’d be thrilled if Diddy broke her off some.

I’d be thrilled if Master P spoiled his wife too,
and I’d be giddy if politics were based on truths.

Oh you! For a Feel Good Feeling – I tend to go far,
even farther than folks do, for that Klondike bar.

But I don’t make the news, I’m just chopping it up with you,
I’m Qui
it’s HUMP DAY baby – thanks so much for coming thru. Ooo!

Join me in jamming this tune:

AnoTheR OpporTunitY

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opportunity knocks— Yay!!! Its Monday again! I’m up and in my good mind,
blessed with good vision – I watched the sunrise.

I’m up composing this blog and thinking of what’s to come.
I’ll be sure to include in lots of love, knowledge and fun.

I’m happy to have AnoTheR OpporTunitY to do some more good in this world.
I’m down right giddy and feeling kind of pretty – a free spirited girl.

My weekend was easy and a good time was spent –
I partied with good peeps at MAIN EVENT.

I ate cupcakes and celebrated the hubby’s birthday.
Hence, I will be dropping in on Fitness Works today.

Hooray! Hooray! It’s time to “pay” and the gym is playing the role of “the piper,”
I’m Qui
Taking AnoTheR OpporTunitY to live out loud with spunk, an open heart and vigor.

How are you spending this awesome Monday?
Don’t let the opportunity of it get away.

Self Preservation

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Focus Self Preservation Each one of us shares the same instinct for self-preservation. Our first instinct is to run away from danger in order to protect our own life and safety. We act purely on the instinct to stay away from harm or a dangerous situation or a situation that threatens our survival. We have learnt to be guided by our instinct for self-preservation in other areas of our life.

It’s human nature to want to be praised, feel appreciated or feel important in our standing in a particular field. It actually boils down to self-preservation, as it assures us that we are secure in our positions. People need to promote themselves to create awareness in others of what or who they are lest the people hold a low opinion of them. Some go to the extreme to exaggerate their self-importance while others lie.

Negative feelings when expressed in moderation are natural instincts of self-preservation. But irrational and prolonged destructive emotions are positively detrimental to the health of the human body. They disrupt normal mental and bodily functions.

The need for self-preservation gives rise to morality. For morality to be truly effective, it cannot be imposed forcibly against the will of any individual or group without their agreement.

We are gifted with reasonably good health. Our instinct of self-preservation ensures that we continue maintaining our health. Nature plays a part in that self-healing is a very important aspect of self-preservation. However, the continued onslaught of deadly diseases has raised our consciousness of the importance of self-preservation.

Men set off in fear and trepidation and make new discoveries. If we were to succumb easily to self-preservation, how much less progress would we have made in the scientific and other spheres. But intense feelings of self-preservation have prevented organ donors from contributing to the welfare of others despite the impermanent nature of the human body.

People with negative attitudes are aplenty. Self-preservation dictates that we have nothing to do with them. But it will be foolish to hate or be angry with them, or to react against them with other negative emotions. Harbouring negative feelings runs counter to self-preservation.

Self preserve. Focus on the positive and live there.

[Ref. Source:]


This week — I sure did take advantage.
I did no more than I felt I could honestly manage.

I took my time and I cooled my heels.
Self preservation, this week, was my primary appeal.

I took care of self and lightly kicked it with you.
I appreciate you for all the well wishes that came through.

As we approach week 2 of Spring Break, please let me be the first to tell,
that IT IS GOING DOWN! Bring it on world, because I’m feeling well!

Happy Weekend alas, the ides of March are surely upon you,
I’m Qui
Have a drink and think of me after you designate a driver or two.

You gotta be alive to utilize

Where’s your sense of adventure, You ask

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Wile_E_CoyoteIt died under mysterious circumstances. My sense of self-preservation found the body, but assures me it has an airtight alibi.

-Captain Tagon & Captain Andreyasn”
― Howard Tayler, Schlock Mercenary: Resident Mad Scientist

I’ve been on soups for the last six days,
not sure if I’m ready to solidify my ways.

When healing up – remember to please take it slow.
The bacon smells good, but the tummy says “No.”

Happy Hump Day,
Qui Signature Logo


It’s certainly MOndAy and

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Dod_Sick— This weekend found me sick as a dog,
sneezing 24/7 and my nose was clogged.

Living on soup and sipping herbal teas,
for medicinal purposes – only, I added in whiskey.

Don’t you dare laugh or think of judging me.
It’s allergy season – Get your hot toddy!

Buy some (knock-off) mucinex d and then bite the bullet –
Every good muscle I had, I think the sneezing pulled it.

Today I’m coming around, but still nauseous and woozy in my head.
Unfortunately the energy-buzzing me will have to stay in bed.

But not in bed forever, there are more pressing issues in the mix.
Our teen film production meeting is tonight and I’ll be there at 6.

It’s certainly MOndAy and I remain positive in my song,
I’m Qui
Good afternoon to thee, Oui! Oui! and the beat goes on!

Discerning The Truth

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MJ and Brandon Howard - Jackson— My kids think I’m psychic – on the contrary, but I will admit that I can pick out a lie in a conversation of truths,  easily.

I have said on a number of occasions to my children and others, “Stop. That’s uneccessary information,” when I notice their iambic pentameter change in conversation. No matter how subtle the “additional information” ( the lie) is added-in, the energy, tone and cadence of the speaker takes on a new element. That element is the yielding of additional and unnecessary information and to me, it greatly effects the delivery tone of the speaker. All I see are red flags. It is then that I will advise the speaker to stop (if I know them personally – if I don’t know the person personally, I’m usually just embarrassed that I know the information isn’t true). I still listen, but less intently, because I really don’t want to hear anything that the speaker could be held accountable for later. I know a later is coming.

Case in point, it was 1982 when Michael Jackson’s THRILLER album hit the scene, I was excited, we stood in line for ever at some generic looking record store front and no one could tell my big sister ‘anything’ that would stop all of her anxious twitching and tears because she was among the first to own the record, not to mention the first 104 patrons would receive an MJ poster. My sister was #86. Talk about giddy — she was beyond approach.

I saw Michael Jackson as a sweet singing, cute guy with a lot of thrusting hip work. That coupled with the flooding pants, sparkly socks and penny loafers made him an iconic hit! The world was on fire about THRILLER and it’s short film music video. Excitement was in the air and ruled that moment in history. However, I was a little thrown by the BILLY JEAN song and the detailed story laid out therein. I was thrown because like I said earlier, I thought MJ was a sweet singing, love-song kind-of guy but Billy Jean was a clear-cut, diss-and-remiss song. I wondered why and often voiced my curiosity aloud, only to have my sister reply, “Who cares why he’s singing it? You’re missing the point,”. No – she missed the point. I was only curious because as far as my adolescent-self knew, ‘no one was accusing the young pop star of fatherhood’, so why would he even inject such a song into his repertoire? For mere entertainment? No one else seemed to care, so we jammed the joint until MJ’s sundown and beyond. It still jams today and I’ve steadily remained curious about the true backstory of inspiration.

Upon waking this morning  and checking recent news, I am introduced to 31-year old Brandon Howard, the son of Miki Howard. Miki Howard was a young solo r&b singer in the early 80’s. I was between 8th and 9th grade (if my memory serves me right) when I first heard a Miki Howard joint. I liked her voice. Here style was reminiscent of many r&b solo women that were out in the early 80’s, so I really didn’t set her apart from the pack and because she wasn’t in heavy rotation on the Dallas, TX radio airwaves, I missed out on the capacity of her talents – I’m sure. I also did not know that in 1982 Joe Jackson was managing Miki’s career and it was that same year that she met his son, Michael Jackson. It was during this period that Miki was receiving a favorable amount of international airplay, but then she dropped off of the radio radar when Joe Jackson ended the manager-talent relationship. Shortly thereafter Michael pumps the Billy Jean joint into our musical veins. Was it fantasy song writing? Ha! I don’t think so.

When Discerning The Truth it is crucial to tune into the speakers conversation, and be sensitive to the interjection of unnecessary information. Michael wrote a song about it, meanwhile, Miki never spoke on the subject. Then again, the internet did not exist in the 80’s and once a big name like Joe Jackson drops you, you don’t just bounce back. In the 80’s no big name management often meant little to no visual presence in studio or on stage. Today the same may be true, but Beyonce has shown us, that you don’t have be boxed in, you can always go i-Tunes.

So Michael made a hit song out of denying something he was never accused of (a sign of anxious anticipation?) and now there has been a paternity test done that proves with 99.9% DNA certainty that Michael Jackson is the father of 31-year old Brandon Howard!

Of course I checked out Brandon’s picture and then I looked at one of his music videos and concluded – Yes! The kid has talent. I do believe, ‘the kid is Michaels son.’ He sounds eerily like Michael Jackson as well. Check out B Howard’s video DANCEFLOOR for yourself and then you tell me if you still believe MJ when he said, “Billy Jean was not his lover” :

Also, I’d like to add to this, that Brandon closely resembles MJ’s nephews, who are the musical group 3T:
3T Jackson group

musical divider

I knew the moment I learned the words to MJ’s Billy Jean
that a back story to that song was pending to hit the scene.

I was just a young girl, but wisdom was obviously strong,
and seeing Brandon today – confirms my curiosity wasn’t wrong.

Things are starting to look like, the King of Pop has left us an heir,
too bad he denied his future legacy when he had the chance to “be there.”

Instead we called Mike “Jack-o” and a ‘whacko who touches kids,’
When what he really may have been yearning for is the company of his (own known) kid.

God bless Michael Jacksons soul and let this be a lesson to us all,
there is no win in denying your kin, lest your legacy be cut short and stall.

Be proud – if you have kids, knowing that your legacy will live on,
I’m Qui
and if it’s true what the tests say, I feel for MJ – if he didn’t know his son.

See DNA results video Here