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DD isn’t my bra cup size…

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DD isnt my bra size

These DD’s can really be a load on a girls back, but not as heavy as the weight of a well written show that is without a doubt very substantial and brilliantly buoyant. DD oozes of Drama, Fantasy,  and History as seen through STARZ.  It launched last year, was a hit and season 2 came in strong Saturday evening.

DD stands for DA VINCI’S DEMONS. Have you seen it? The episodes in season 1 are many and while the script writing consists of loads of fantasy creation, I personally don’t think they are too far off base from the arena of history, and it is quite appropriate that we journey through fantasy to get there. I totally get it.

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DaVinci's Demons still shot

Bra cup sizes are the real mystery here

Have you seen the show? No? You’re not a STARZ subscriber?
Well neither am I, but I’ll alter that, thanks to the brilliant writers.

Da Vinci’s Demons isn’t about a man abusing the smoke or the drink,
but a carefully crafted show that invokes the viewer to ponder, rewind and think.

I caught the marathon of season 1, this weekend on the channel of STARZ,
I was entertained in a fantastic frame and couldn’t resist yielding thought to the Lord.

Life. It is a puzzle and sometimes I am clever enough to see
that the people and places that I encounter, are pieces of my puzzle to me.

I meet them and make note of their character inventory
then reflect and put all into place, as it pertains to my own story.

DD isn’t my bra cup size, but is the name of a banging show,
I’m Qui
and the geniousness behind Da Vinci’s Demons is definitely good to go.