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I ain’t no fool but…

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No Class Dunce— It looks like there’s a light a the end of the tunnel
The trickle down effect was a mere 2% funnel.

Long gone are the days, that you couldn’t leave your job
because ‘getting ill without insurance‘ was a debt digging mob.

A lot of things could be the butt-of-the-joke today,
like the fear of being insured, that’s quickly going away.

I ain’t no fool, but somebody was lying
when the ACA was just a bill and the Pres. was trying,

Some folks in Congress didn’t think insurance was worth buying.
And for those who didn’t “have,” the message was: ‘so sorry, get to dying.’

Only a fool would think that everyone should not have health care,
but coverage for them and their family is every bit of fair.


To those lopsided thinkers, TODAY IS YOUR DAY.
April 1st is for the lame quench of thirst
Thank God we didn’t #LAW their say.


I ain’t no fool but, today is shaping up nicely
Arizona is feeling like Spring & NY is looking less icy.

And that’s good to know, because global warming is real.
I should know, A-Z got no snow and is forecasted a hotter appeal.

Right now, I love the feel. Todays temp makes a pleasant play.
It seems as if the Phoenix metroplex won’t exceed temps of 78.

I’m all in and it feels like a win. I even went to the gym & tightened up.
I’m Qui
Reporting to thee that the ACA is no joke: 7 million have signed up.

It started out as a congressional joke, but good legislation proved tough.
Republicans said you didn’t want insurance, I ain’t no fool, but….

This is definitely THEIR DAY
They are the