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Gotta Get It In – WORK

work fun difference— Its 6am – I was up at 3.
Gotta’ get that #FitnessIn. Gotta’ do it for me.
It seems I move best when the fam’ and the sun is asleep.
It’s the perfect time to do for Qui (key).

Calories stick to the bone if we don’t move it.
There’s one in every bite – you must lose it!



The Beat Goes On

After I hit the sauna, I’m stretching for home,
to chronicle creative ideas marinating in the dome.

Redline/re-writes and cinematography wits
are what I need to be adding to pending scripts.

An informal table read will go down this eve,
A few friends and I will sit and read.

We’ll tweak more lines – I’m pretty sure,
then its off to the publishers eye for reel cure.

If we intend to win, then we must step up and hit it.
Re-write and re-write. I’m OUT MY MIND with it!



Most Of All, I Feel

Hope for the day, and hope for tomorrow.
I focus on this song, to combat most sorrows:


I focus on the things that I can do to help someone else out.
I’m more ap to give one dap, than to start a bout.

I ain’t bout ‘dat life – I live on a reel positive tip,
I’m Qui
and I’m much too HAPPY to bust you in the lip. lol!

Most Of All, I Feel blessed because you are here.
It’s the weekend baby, raise your coffee mugs and cheer:

Now get to work!