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Lets Get BUSY

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QEMag_Busy Time Well, Twitter isn’t my chief interest, so we’ll get to that in the end,
I think I’d better start with physical fitness — it’s my morning begin.

So I’ve lost 12 pounds in 30-days with no supplements or diets
I’m giddy over the revelation; my level of excitement is: riot.

It’s just been me, the treadmill and a pair of headphones that I found at a production meet,
Someone had thrown them away, but they looked ‘all-good’ to me.

That’s one man’s trash, that has turned out to be my treasure,
and the production that I’ve conquered with them, has yielded me a lighter mass-measure.

I’m interested in getting addicted to exercise and less on the cookie.
I’ve noticed the endorphins have been yielding more thoughts of afternoon nookie.
Aw sookie-sookie! What is this here?
I give to the yield: two chest perks and a cheer!

I’m thinking this is a good time to say Let’s Get BUSY,
and suggest some exercises before you get ‘naught thought’ dizzy.

Ah-ha! Stick with me now, I’m penetrating layers of wigs,
here are 7 fun ways to get down and burn big:

TENNIS = 470 calories per hour
5K Race = 460-680 calories per hour
Gardening and Yard Work = 210-360 calories per hour
Frisbee Golf = 220 calories per hour
Cycling = 270 calories per hour
Washing Your Car = 250 calories per hour
Trail Hiking = 400 calories per hour

Personally, I’m training for a future 5K.
To burn 680 calories, is what I pray.

But knowing that I don’t sprint that quick,
I pray to burn the least and for no fat to stick.

I’m going into athlete mode and dropping prissy.
Fitness is at hand, come on y’all Let’s Get BUSY.

We can do it together, Lord knows we congregate to eat.
I challenge you each to get on your feet.

For me to lose 12 pounds in a month, could make one feel hazy.
But I promise you I lost 5 pounds just by getting up and dropping lazy.

Kiss-kiss kinfolk, it’s hUMP daY again,
I’m Qui
saying Let’s Get BUSY – let’s tighten up that #WIN!

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BUT WHAT ABOUT your Social Media GAME?

Oh yeah. You want to tighten that up to,
so here’s a feed to help guide you through:

Click the picture or HERE

Get busy dimensionally. I like the way you work it.
You don’t need a big back – you got a big brain, GO HEAD baby and twerk it!