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DO IT For You

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Weekend Bugger Vol. 1

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You need this and you need that…
Be your own blessing – have your own back:

Weekend Bugger Vol. 1 - pg2

Getting down to the REEL skinny,
Heres an AUDITION for Teen Talent, if you know of any: Weekend Bugger Vol 1 pg3 FLYER

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Visit or EBay
for audition information

DO IT For You. You deserve it.
The ACA is for you – so work it.

A Blessing on the way – please be a blessing to others.
And beyond hugging and loving your kids, call your dad and mother.

It’s GOOD FRIDAY, dear kinsmen, and it’s so good to be alive.
I’m Qui
And the ACA has just announced it’s half a million up – from 7.5.

THIS BLESSING is not in disguise.