That dude Riario

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DaVinci and Riario Remember last month when I talked about those DD episodes on STARZ? Now please tell me you saw Saturdays episode?


Well if you haven’t seen the last episode, then stop reading here.
kill the DVR’s secret — and a spoiler via griot is near.

After finding themselves in the new land and in chains, Riaro and DaVinci are both involved in a challenge to save their lives. They weren’t pitted against each other by the new land governors, but placed on the same team. The governess places DaVinci’s hand inside of a ceremony box frame where a poisonous snake lie dormant for snack,  as she charges Riaro with his portion of the challenge that is to save both their lives. In paraphrase, Riario would be placed in a corn field with 3 other warriors whose sole purpose is to kill him. He must kill each one and return with the antidote for DaVinci. If he fails, both of their lives will end. Riario showed up.

Now if you’re a follower of DD then you surely know
that DaVinci and Riario are less friend and more foe.

Still Riaro rose to the challenge and fatally delivered each warrior to the ground
though the last blow, that would render antidote to his foe, involved taking Zita down.

Zita, is Riario’s mocha maiden voyage mate. Zita is his friend.
A new respect for Riaro is birthed at my mocha sisters end.

Blake Ritson is the name of the actor who portrays DaVinci’s nemesis so well,
I’m Qui 
digging That dude Riario from DD and couldn’t resist to tell.

When a challenge comes up this week, paint your chest and get right to it.
I’m confident in all that comes my way – after seeing Riaro go through it.

Are you watching?

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