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Qui_Future Concentration Apr2014Did you ever play that child hood game called CONCENTRATION (not the board or card memory game)? It was a sing songy game that included synchronized hand clapping between two or more lads. The sing-songy words of the game are:

Doody wop! [clap-clap-clap]
Pick it up. [clap-clap-clap]
My name. [clap-clap-clap]
Your name. [clap-clap-clap]
People. [clap-clap-clap]

The moral of the game was name introductions.  Once it was your turn to speak, you’d say:

My name [clap-clap-clap]
Is [clap-clap-clap]
Qui [clap-clap-clap]

Then the others would chime in and say:

Hello [clap-clap-clap]
Qui [clap-clap-clap]

and we’d move on to the next person in line to introduce themselves. It was a great social ice breaker and charged each kid to concentrate on new introductions. When building upon a new foundation (adolescent mind or a business), concentration is key.

As an adult who owns her own business, I have very few friends in my career circle of whom I can clap hands with in a game of productive and creative concentration. I’m okay with that. Concentration is flexible. I spend a lot of  it on my reel journey, with the confidence that destiny is being served and that my work will be here to help propel you to the next level – tomorrow.

5-4-3-2-1 it’s all about ACTION with me! I’m focused on #The Future.

Concentration1 happy divider

Good people, I am concentrated and focused on my purposeful journey.
Every man should live out his purpose before resting on the gurney.

It’s good to embrace others, but not more than you embrace yourself.
Stay concentrated in your purpose and worry not about the wealth.

Your purpose is a good one, look at your actions and figure out what it is.
Then concentrate on self improvement and use your good vibes to build a bridge.

Concentrate on your purpose and put into it what you’d like to receive in life.
I’m Qui
Concentrating on my purpose, and the advice that I divvy via these griot writes.

I pray they yield you productive thoughts – for this is my bridge construction.
Concentrate on the good and brace yourself for the good eruption.

Me? I’m just a positive pushing Ms.
and there is absolutely  no toll to use this bridge.

I bid thee safe passage on your journey relation.
It’s good to mix and mingle but live in Concentration.

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