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If you like it – Put a DATE on it

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put a date on itBeyonce once said to all of the SINGLE LADIES that if a man likes you enough – he should put a ring on it, well recently Denzel Washington said something similar in an impromptu speech he gave to budding thespians after reviewing their craft. His advice is strong, it’s direct, and it’s the ‘game changer‘ ingredient:

Life is tricky, still you can have whatever you want.
God gave you vision through dreams, and it’s okay to flaunt
that you have passion inside. Sometimes you want to shout it!
But the vision is just a dream, if you do nothing about it.

Everything in life is attainable. Open your heart so that you can receive it.
Think you need additional mental support? I suggest you read THE SECRET.

Life. She can be tricky but once Denzel W. hits the stage,
even the universe pays attention and moves right out of the way.

It’s not just a skill Mr. Washington has – he’s encouraging you to hone it,
I’m Qui
and Dreams really do cone true, but first, you have to Put a DATE on it!


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The weekend was long enough

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Reaching Out...

Reaching Out…

The weekend was long enough that I got plenty of rest in,
In between mixing and mingling with distant and visiting kin.

We started our Memorial Celebration Friday morning by supporting a Purple heart troupe
that was posted up in front of Basha’s hoping to receive shoppers left-over loot.

I was not shopping at Basha’s, but when I saw the Veterans booth in place – I dipped in
to buy a bottle of Dr.Pepper and get additional change – to make a veteran grin.

As I inserted the folded cash, the veteran began to “appreciate shower,”
and told me that ‘God thinks as much of me as he does’ and then gave me a paper flower.

That was an awfully nice thing to say – a gesture fit to adore,
with humility I smiled, knowing the whole while, “Pshhh! God thinks way more!lol!

What a break-out beginning, I proceeded to celebrate the weekend in fashion
by THANKING every veteran I came across; a genuine and humbling action.

I gave my life a little more thought and realized there was more that I could do,
so I called my USAF Vet dad and offered him to relocate over a state or two.

Dad’s permanent address is still in Texas, and he could use a newer view.
The weekend was long enough for me to not only convince Dad, but his wife too.

I know this is only the beginning but if the weight of Memorial Day is really that strong,
t’is the perfect time to do all that you can to say thanks. Charity begins at home.

God bless me and my good heart, Dad accepted the offer and is gearing up to go.
In a few short months, I will return home, with Dad and Stepmom in tow.

And here we go – life and her challenges will be new again.
The weekend was long enough that I went for the ‘off-the-cuff’ #WIN.

No details are written in stone – this all happened on yesterday.
Today is a win – I’m excited to begin – manifesting good all the way.

I’m not just doing this to help dad out – I’m doing this with my own future in mind.
Careful — how you treat your elders, for in the future, such is yours in kind.

Alas, the weekend is over and Tuesday is duly staring me in the face,
I’m Qui
Happy about it all. I’m on my mark, and ready-set, for this race.

Running for the #WIN
at this new weeks begin!

When I get my legs back under me…

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faintsWhen I get my legs back under me…

ish is going to go down!
However my first task, is to keep my ass
up off of the cold, hard ground.

So I thank God for ‘my boy.’ He’s always got my back.
I became a little weak at the thought of a mashadi hack.

Once off the court, I was pissed; from heaven-to-hell in rank,
for them catching me on film, passed out — and I ain’t drank.

What the L-you mean? That knife was 3 feet long,
so When I get my legs back under me… I’m going strong,

towards the house, to change my clothes. These fools done’ got me dirty.
I was on my way back out to the court, but my boy said he was thirsty,

from carrying me home – I guess. But no worry’s — none at all.
When I get my legs back under me, I’m hitting the court to play some ball.

You don’t think that mashadi guy will be there – do you? I ain’t trying to get cut.
I’m Qui
griot fiction-story telling she – making fun of the dude falling on his butt.

Reel Life

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FilmProjector_ReelTapeAnd so with the release of Bey’s little sister kicking Jay-Z in the gut,
Solange is now a night show favorite; the absolute jokes butt.

The reason for the fight isn’t one that the family will soon tell,
and any publicity for little sister is good vs. no new record sells.

Disagreements and fights happen to us all – it’s not a rich mans tout.
Living and learning, loving and burning – is pretty much what it’s all about.

So Bey, Solange and Jay are working-it-out & determined to Twit out no squawk.
If you’re interested in living a quality life, peep Tyrese Gibson’s talk:

He’s not talking about Beyonce, he’s not talking about her little sis,
He’s not slam dunking on Jay-Z because he knows that would be a miss.

Tyrese is wise in his video ramblings, in fact, he unselfishly does it to share,
effectively implying ‘when you need encouragement, he’d like to be there.’

He’s in and out of court these days, regarding child support, per his baby’s moma.
She wants more cash, thus Ty’s life takes its own dash of “common drama.”

His inspired video-byte-posting idea has become a Facebook staple.
You ask why some people do what they do? It is simply because they are able.

wendy-williamsThat brings me to T.I. and Tiny – they are able to do quite a bit.
Between the hip hop power couple are kids that total about 6.

It was in the news a few months back that the relationship was falling hard,
when the two got into a heated debate backstage at the Grammy Awards.

Recently Tiny went on the Wendy Williams Show to dispel rumors that the seas are rough,
and couldn’t leave the WW spotlight without talking about her boobs and her butt.

Wendy asked if they were real, if Tiny chose the knife to keep appearances up?
In short Tiny said, ‘she’s not s’ked of the cosmetic edge – it’s great for a nip and a tuck.

T.I. continues to rock massive venues and his hits list is sure.
As sure as Chili dropping news about a TLC Australian tour.

She told Wendy all about it, and at 43, her skin is still glowing.
Chili also happened to mention of the tour, that Lil Mama is not going.

It’s hard work going on tour, singing and dancing on a fly.
But TLC did it all the time and never short-winded was Left Eye.

Kerry Washinton + HusbandLil Mama has performed with Chili and T-Boz before
and omitted an entire line of rap lyrics on the LIVE floor.

TLC was like, ‘Oh no! That can’t happen no more.’
Therefore LM won’t be making the upcoming tour.

Last but not least – in this line up of ‘life so crazy,’
is the April 21st delivery of Kerry Washington’s baby.

Alas! Isabelle is here and Kerry Washington is a mom,
I’m Qui
and Life is to be lived, for reel. What an experience. Its the bombs!

Call for the DOCTOR

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SolangeKnowles on-her-game “Send for the pied piper to pipe our rats away!”
that’s a popular line Langston Hughes used to say,

in a favorite poem of my mine that he published when black authors were nearly stealth,
and still I was caught off guard by Karl Rove’s take on Hillary Clinton’s health.

Please call the pied piper! I think a rat is gnawing at Hil’s 2016 vine
— Just another desperate attempt by the elephant, in hopes to gain a little shine.

Surely Karl isn’t a comic – if he were we’d be throwing tomatoes and rotted cabbage.
For the rumors he’s putting out on Hill – I have to say he’s the one with brain damage.

Karl is no stranger to foul play or making up headlines to change up thangs…
Surely you remember the “racial child” rumor he put out on John McCain.

Still I have no beef with Karl Rove – he talks like he’s as high as a helicopter.
He should diagnose his own game, before playing Hillary Clinton’s doctor.

Somebody call 911! This girl is having a fit on Jay-Z’s vest.
Few had a front row seat to what Beyonce and the Body Guard saw best.

It was an upscale gala exit, there was Jay-Z, Bey, Salonge and the Body Guard,
once the doors shut on they elevator they entered, Solange went hard.

TMZ leaked the elevator video footage – it looked pretty nasty and rough,
Solange wailed on Jay-Z’s white blazered torso, before kicking him in the gut.

What?! No. Say it ain’t so. Is Solange ‘high as a helicopter?’
For all of the energy she let-off on Jay, I’d say she needs a doctor.

But if you watch the footage long enough, you can’t help but make the fit,
that Beyonce is a silent spectator because – Jay-Z deserved it?

I have no idea what the fight was about, but reactions speak volumes.
Jay-Z was in protective mode minus the necessary violated fumes.

You know what I’m saying? If you haven’t seen the footage, you can see it here.
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn, or her sister’s – if she is near.

Happy Hump Day dear kinsmen – t’was the headlines that I could not refuse,
thus I made a spur of the moment, you-don’t-have-to-own-it or condone it, News Peruse.

Today I feel fantastic. The back of my shirt says, “No one can stop her!”
I’m Qui
so very glad to be here with thee with no reason to Call for the DOCTOR.

Have a
Fantastically Healthy & Productive Day!

Getting Back To It

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Getting Back To it 2014

Good Morning Arizona! I know you wonder what it is that I do?
So in an effort to keep you in the loop, I wanted to run this by you:

Our Teen Film Production Crew is moving into production:
script reads and rehearsals keep good vibes eruptin’.

My kid is a Producer, a confident filmmaking kid from Texas;
She’s doing all that she can to rustle up a roster of good looking Extras.

She can’t help but be on the ball, if she intends to keep her dressing room star,
because another crew member has racked up 40 interested Extras alone – so far.

It’s a business of swift moves and you can’t take your eye off of the ball.
We’ve also had to move our rehearsals out of the comfort of Gangplanks hall.

I’m dealing with 7 teen filmmakers and their volume can effortlessly rise,
and what I’ve found in the open park round is that ‘it’s all good‘ under the skies.

Besides, 2 of their scenes will be filmed in the park, so I’m taking the opportunity to block.
Our SUMMER SIZZLE Concert scene – must be shot on the playground green, before it gets too hot.

I’ve already made contact with the folks that are supporting our MASQUERADE BALL scene,
I’ve got to give it up for Deb Hoogestraat and the Ocotillo Golf Course team.

Today I meet with the filmmaking teens at about 6’o clock.
Our outdoor meets are perfect, the sun’s dock has ceased to be hot.

I’ve got two new teens showing up today to add to the spice of the script.
I’ve got to sew up my kids favorite pants, because last week they ripped.

I’m also courting a realtor, because I’m looking for a new place to lease,
I’m sending out positive vibes. The Secret encourages my release.

I’m sending good vibes to you. I pray the good of your week is just starting,
I’m Qui
A lover of fresh beginnings and melancholy at scene partings.


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Quis Mothers Day Gifts 2014Hello family, friends and WordPress kinsmen:
I am a blessed recipient of this awesome weekend!

My kids said they love me and my guy footed the bill.
The things they wrote in their homemade cards were of a loving appeal.

There were flowers on the marble top and a dress on the divider.
Compliments surrounded me – hailing me a fond maternal provider.

My God, My God. I wasn’t sure if they were even paying attention,
God knew and shared with me a clue, via their thoughtful mentions.

Yes! This weekend found me surrounded, my hands up to increase the capacity of our group hug.
I’m Qui
Thankful to be of the gender “she” and re-engerized by all the Mothers Day love.

I pray your weekend has been just as loving, you don’t have to be a Mom.
Everyone deserves this wonderful feeling, be it Lisa, Coty or Tom.

Hug on your Moms today
by physical motion or a kneel and pray.

She loves you!

Do you know Theresa Caputo

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I love her! Big Hair and sixth senses – she’s got it down!
When it comes to being a “Medium Socialite” – she wears the crown.

Theresa-Caputo-LongIsland MedWho doesn’t miss family that has moved on from the physical world?
Theresa Caputo is a very special girl.

For me, watching her show is like going to class,
— me thinking, “I’m not crazy? Thank God and alas!”

Energy is real dear children. I feel it all of the time,
and every so often, I sense memories that are not mine.

It usually happens when I’m in the company of others
that I pick up on their late and still beloved mothers.

I’m not limited to female spirits, boisterous males have come through
talking to me, as if our conversation was in-process and imminently due.

Telling me things that I felt were (pretty much) a familiar miss,
shortly thereafter I find out the messages belongs to my big sis.

Her childhood friend died 4-days prior to showing up in my bedroom.
He was alive, boisterous and full of vigor; no dead-man doom.

I simply relayed the message and I haven’t seen him since,
but others have surely dropped by. I’m in tuned with my sixth sense.

Do you know Theresa Caputo? She’s a teacher regarding spiritual intuition.
She’s pretty phenom and has it going on – to the point that I had to mention.

We’re rarely ever alone, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,
When you’re loved ones pass on, they are free to travel with the wind.

So it does not matter, you’re not crazy when they cross your mind.
Go on and strike up conversation and you’ll sense their response in kind.

You’ll hear them with your heart via conversations from the past,
I’m Qui
Reminding you that flowers die, but energy seems to last.

Nope! You’re not crazy. But then that — you already know.
Get closer to your sixth senses, tune in to Theresa Caputo.

She’s the LONG ISLAND MEDIUM – a socialite many would love to meet.
You don’t have to travel or get in line to see her, tune into TLC.