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Acting an Abbott

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L-R: David Tom and Burgess Jenkins

L-R: David Tom and Burgess Jenkins

What is this? What in the Y&R world is going on?
I thought the love was back — but so long to ‘that jones?’

I see David Tom is once again hanging up his birthright shoes
and Burgess Jenkins is stepping forward, in an attempt to ignite the fuse.

Aye-yai-yai! Caramba! Please tell me who Billy Abbott is.
Who is it that fathered Chelsea’s first child and made Vicky Newman his?

David Tom’s portrayal had been out of place, though he was finally making a change.
The way the CA team is recasting the role makes you wonder – ‘Who is to blame?’

And now in the role of Billy Abbott is another new guy that I’ve never seen before.
I really hope he nails the part; Billy Abbott needs a longevity score.

Wouldn’t life be interesting, if we didn’t like our LIFE circumstances – we could just yell cut?
I’m Qui
closely watching Y&R because the ‘casting line’ has been acting up,
and I’m not surprised that it all surrounds around an Abbott.

#GottaLove #Y&R


QE - bill maher

 Whose your PCP?
Not your Primary Care Physician, but your Preferred Candidate Politician

The Primaries popped off last night, and the counts are rolling in
with November being 4-months away, let ‘seat shake up’ begin.

Bill Maher’s been relentless in FLIPPING DISTRICTS like an eager teen at a college beer pong party.
Now the citizens will flirt with grading a politicians worth — My goodness, oh my and good lordy!

Are you watching the race? Which PCP whilst you choose?
Those who DON’T VOTE in The Primaries are the ones who alone – stand to LOSE.

Don’t let ‘one of them’ be you.
Stay Tuned

divider blk_south

QE - vergeAnd so it’s Hump Day again – where’s the camel when you need him? Yo!
It seems his career was way shorter than than ol’ hump-back Camel Joe.

Remember him? I hated the icon, but then again, I’m an asthmatic and I don’t smoke.
Weed however, never bothered me, so I list it under toke.

Speaking of toke, Marijuana was trying to make it onto the AZ ballot in November as well,
with their enthusiasts in place, at a real laxed pace… their attempts seem to be shot to hell.

I don’t think it’s going to make it. Signatures for the petition have not been rolling in.
None of my ritzy neighbors seem to mind – they shrug shoulders and keep tokin.’

What does it mean?
The dough rolls in for Colorado’s green.

green divider

black girl blowing a kissMy goodness gracious I’m informed and ready to act a productive nut,
I’m Qui
Humping a carefree Wednesday, though not quite Acting an Abbott.

It takes much more dough – to pull off an Abbott show.
Content I am, to kick it with you. Thanks for digging my flow.

Getting Back To It

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Here we are alas – where we’ve always prayed,
Alive and well, again to see another day!

It’s Summertime here in ol’ Chandler,
the school break is a blur.

The children will be starting school in the month of July;
They just got out at the end of may — oh my how times flies.

Noticing the sun, my compass pointed due North,
I’ve dedicated this Summer to a film festival course.

There’s a Teen Film Organization that I may have mentioned before,
where the children congregate weekly to produce a film festival score.

I am the Program Director and there are decisions that need to be made.
7 have made the established crew, but who will make the film grade?

Each has been casted, some in lead and some supportive roles.
Now they’ve moved into ACTING COACHING – the way we polish up gold.

The Acting Coach sessions are a hit! Children receive so easy,
I pray this is an indication that our film production days will largely be breezy.

No additional drama, other than that, that is scripted in.
This isn’t Hollywood, but to not follow protocol would be a sin.

I’m shaping tomorrows #ReelMinds, and I’ve gotta say, it’s looking pretty good.
The program is proving to be reel sound, not to mention it’s FREE in the Chandler hood.

The program costs nothing and the kids learn the X-Y-Z’s
of how to produce a film by networking in a community.

It’s working and I’m thrilled – Mondays are the days that we meet
to talk about film production, while we socialize and eat.

Today will be no exception. We are going to have a grand time,
we’ll professionally mix and mingle, then “s’mores and bonfire” bind.

We’ll go over the VidBytes that the teen filmmakers have produced so far.
I’ll encourage individually and collectively, for each crew member is a star.

And then I’ll move on to marketing – it’s not easy pushing any project
from it’s pitch to final draft script – an idea that you haven’t shot yet.

However this is the nature of the business and exactly what I do best,
and so I’m off to gain visual exposure, building an audience for ‘what’s next.’

I’m utilizing the classifieds to broadcast auditions and ISO editors with a good grip
to help manifest the teen film project – in exchange for training and an internship.

Social media will play it part, I’ll be posting notices everywhere:
Facebook, Ebay, and Twitter –  in  filmmaking and love, all is fair.

Then I’m off to do a little traveling – the state of Texas and Kansas are calling.
I’ve been hiding in Arizona’s mountains for a while – I think I’m done with the stalling.

What is life if you don’t travel? It’s boring and lacking networking connections.
I’ll be lugging luggage through airports this week, because networking is my affection.

I’ll return back to Arizona soon enough and the film game will shift into high gear,
I’m Qui
and while the weekend was fun “Getting Back To It” is exactly why I’m here.

I really did miss you over the weekend.
There’s nothing like Getting Back To It amongst friends.



Attraction WORD CLUSTERStaying focused is KEY and Qui is my name.
It’s my challenge to blend the two as one in  the same.

Oh it’s a trick to pull off, but not a bad way to chart your plans,
So I look like ‘the secret,’ every time I stand.

Affirmations start my day. How are you starting yours?
Let me suggest a few quotes for you, to help improve your score:

1. The feeling of love is the highest frequency you can emit.
2. There is a truth deep down inside of you that has been waiting for you to discover it, and that Truth is this: you deserve all good things life has to offer.
3. You get to choose what you want, but you must get clear about what you want.
4. Asking is the first step in the Creative Process, so make it a habit to ask.
5. You must believe that you have received. You must know that what you want is your the moment you ask.
6. In the moment you ask, and believe and know you already have it in the unseen, the entire Universe shifts to bring it into the seen.
7. How it will happen, how the Universe will bring it to you, is not your concern or job. Allow the Universe to do it for you.



This week, move away from your comfort zone,
Once you do, you’ll find that you’re anything but alone.

Being safe is one way to play,
but being too cautious will cause you to miss the day.

You can’t go out to play without your socks and shoes,
if you contemplate too long, it’s the day that you lose.

You’ve got to think about it, and at some point you need to strike.
Prioritize: Getting Back to doing WHAT you really like.

You may have snagged that job out of necessity
but have the times yet changed to what you wanted them to be?

If they have not, and you are still waiting for your life to leave plane,
consider making “RISK TAKER” your new middle name.

Risk taking isn’t only for stock brokers, rich guys or kids in their 20’s.
Risks are for all and the universe offers us plenty.

You want to go for that opportunity? I say take the risk.
You used to be so fearless – we’re Getting Back To It!

Life is short, Live BIG. You deserve it and it’s all ABOUT YOU,
I’m Qui
I really did miss you, it’s glad to be back, doing what I do.

T is for Tanners Troubles

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Help! Somebody ring the bell! Call 911!
Tanner is in trouble and the look isn’t fun.

tanner STRESSED bw

Update at the bottom of the story

The usual ritual: Tanner, (my 2# chiuahuah) and I are usually up watching Morning Joe together (on DVR) as I sip a cup of jo, and this morning was no different. What was different is when Tanner got up to leave his beloved pillow to jump on the couch with me. Tanner isn’t allowed on the couch, so I didn’t understand the charted attempt. I made eye contact with the little guy and gently said, “No,” but he didn’t go away. He just stood there for a minute and then his posture started to deteriorate in front of me to a paralytic state. His right hind leg retracted first, then the left leg. Tanner tried to do a hand stand, but couldn’t pull it off and began to tilt over to the left. I started freaking out! “Tanner, what’s wrong?” I was trying to have a conversation with the poor pup. I started to massage him. I offered him water (for God’s sake), but he couldn’t drink it. His eyes were open, but his mouth was paralyzed – he saw the bowl, but could do nothing about it. (Now that I think about it, what made me think he would take a sip of water in that state? Human antics. When someone is in physical trouble, we always offer them a glass of water).

Well, it’s been two hours later and Tanner is still out for the count. Why haven’t I taken him to the vet? Well, this isn’t my first rodeo with a paralytic chihuahua. This happened to me a few years back with my beloved Chippy. Chippy was fine, running around the house playing with my daughters and then all of sudden he wasn’t fine. His tiny chihuahua body seemed to be going through spasms of some sort and physically Chippy became unresponsive. I called my husband at work, (he’s an engineer by degree, but was also an EMERGENCY RESPONSE TECH at the time),  he’s the calm one I run to when I’m in a panic. My husband told me to massage him and see if that works — when it did not I insisted on rushing Chippy to the Vet. Once at the vet’s the nurse confirms that he’s spassing out and is indeed semi-paralytic and said that the doc recommends an over night stay, and an IV. I inquired about the cost of overnight observation and the nurse estimated it to be about $800. I was strapped for cash and pretty sad about it. As I sat in the car trying to figure out a way to make this happen, I noticed it had been at least 5-hours since all of this first started. I called my hubby and informed him of my situation and conveyed that I was fresh out of ideas. He asked me to bring Chippy to his job. Once inside of the job’s parking lot my hubby walks over to the car to lay eyes on Chippy, the moment he called Chippy’s name, Chippy snapped out of the spastic grip and ran to the car window to greet him as if nothing had happened– and my world was happy again!

Total paralytic time: 5.5 hours.
Remedy: Time.

I didn’t get it then and I don’t get it now. Tanner is frozen and spassing. I have done a thorough body check and there are NO TICKS. I have contacted my Chihuahua Circle Of Friends and none have any concrete advice for me, except to wait it out at home or at the vets. It seems to be a degenerative issue, something small dogs are likely to suffer, (though I’ve heard of this happening to medium sized dogs too). The good news is that Tanner doesn’t appear to be in any kind pain. He’s sleeping and I’m sitting right here next to him, watching his every move.

I just want to be a good pet parent. I’m truly doing my best.
I could use any good advice to help Tanner past this test.

If you have any information to share, please send it on the double.
I’m certainly at wits end as it pertains to Tanners Troubles.

Grateful am I that Chippy made it through,
I’m Qui
with todays query: What will Tanner do? Stay tuned…

UPDATEdivider blk_south

[@11:11am] Just when I was starting to reconsider my “wait it out” watch,
Tanner stood up and began to walk.

This is the first time that this has ever happened to my little man,Tanner is BETTER I’ll make an appt. with his vet, for a neurological scan.

But I am really hoping that it’s just a small dog’s knack,
and that just like in Chippy’s case – it never comes back.

And so we conclude this tale, just like we did the last.
My chihuahua had a spasm spell, a few hours later – it passed.

Total paralytic time: 3 hours.
Remedy: Time.

Today I am happy, though I am not as ‘patient of a person’ as I’d like to be.

Thank you for all of your good vibes, things have worked out for Tanner & me.

Mid-way Through…

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output_0LkN4vSo Dylan is how old, — about 40? And today is a good a day for a day player to drop in on Y&R and claim that Ian is infertile and could not possibly be the father of Nikki’s first born Dylan McAvoy. What does it all mean? Well Mid-way Through we find that the drama continues to compound…

As Paul lay still in a hospital bed
Summer is stuck up in her head

Thinking Austin is misunderstood and that he’s great
when he’s the one who shot Paul the other day.

Summer and Austin are still on-the-run,
he knows it’s big trouble, she thinks it’s fun.

Paul is in need of a liver transplant in short order/quick,
and the lack of matching donors is making Cricket sick.

Just at a point when she and Paul were talking babies
he ends up in a med-induced coma, in a situation “maybe.”

So Niel proposed to Hilary and her ring is super huge
But Lilly get with the “welcoming crew”? She’ll simply refuse.

And every time she see’s ol Hil’, she’s giving her the blues,
for making their lives a living hell; Hil’s the devil’s muse.

There is no shame from the other woman to the one who ended things so messy,
so Hilary holds no punches back whenever she runs into Attorney Leslie.

Leslie left Neal before the alter and married a man we never heard of,
then brought him back to Genoa City as if for giggles and love.

It’s weird. It’s weird and weirder still. I don’t like it y’all,
but things get even weirder as we discuss the lineage of Paul.

If Dylan is not Ian and Nikki’s son, then ‘Who must the father be?’,
I’m Qui 
and I think the server of Dylan’s DNA isn’t related to the I but perhaps the P.

The world is full of movers and shakers who definitely ‘do what it do,’
I like the look of things on Y&R, I’m already hooked Mid-way Through

Let’s Do It Again

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Morning HappynessAt 4:45 am the alarm clock started to play
an R&B oldie by Sir Marvin Gaye.

Straight up in the bed – I duly did sit
with stretched limbs, I leaned over to duly stop it.

A few wiggle-of-the-toes, then on the floor and I am walking,
My brain is awake, my body’s on auto – too sleepy for any squawking.

A short walk to the shower, livened up the day,
Cafe Bustelo is brewed — and energizes my way.

Snap! Snap! I’m awake and in production mode, there is so much to do.
I have to shore up some film editing before meeting with the teen crew.

Teen Film Auditions went well this weekend and I’m sharply watching two
who showed up and showed out, relaying the script like it was their truth!

That’s what it’s all about! That’s show business my friend!
Sure more auditions are on the books, but these two are getting in!

Ah! The power of good talent, it will definitely connect ya’,
Teen Producers know this well and forward all talent to the Director!

I am she, the Program Director, and I am very pleased.
Filmmaking has its challenges, but the teens do it with ease.

And so today I awake with a smile on my face, because much has been done.
Now grant you, there is more to do, but my God, it’s so much fun.

Today I am giddy about the weeks plans. I’m feeling so very able,
I’m Qui
Jamming “Let’s Do It Again.” This weeks theme song is by The Staples:

Last week was great!
I’m looking forward to this weeks plate!


In News on June 13, 2014 at 7:55 am

It’s fully June in Arizona and I couldn’t refuse
to light another short wick of NEWS PERUSE:

Liv the Rapper

First thing’s first, it’s Friday fa’ sho’,
and I’ve come up on some good stuff, that I did not know.

Remember when Solange kick the guts out of Jay-Z the other day,
well there’s a lady twitting out to Bey, “a counter” on the say.

Her name is Liv and she’s a Miami rapper
who’s implying Jay-Z tried to be a potential tapper.

She told this juicy info to LIFE & STYLE Magazine,
then backed it up on Twitter – for an additional sheen.

I ain’t mad, and she wasn’t over the top – though she did admit,
she turned Jay down because of his ‘married crown’ – she called it: #RealWomanSh%t.


I’m a creative chic with a real tight seam
and Shondra Rhimes advices I “Ditch the Dream!”
What does it mean?

Scandal is tops – Shonda is pretty much at a point where competition can’t penetrate her,
With digital pin she created a new spin called:  HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER!

(click the link to see the show trailer starring Viola Davis)

divider websets-bar

CBS chimed in Tuesday night, but only for a few words-worth well,
to bring me up to speed on what I’ve missed with my boy, Dave Chappelle.

He’s been on hiatus from the job, for quite a spell.Chappelle and Letterman
Chappelle appeared thicker in stature but looked quite well.

When Letterman asked Chappelle if he regretted leaving his Comedy Central Show?
Chappelle said, technically, he never quit – he’s just 7-years late, yo!

Letterman and Chappelle joked around for a few more minutes, nothing to really make you holler,
then he asked if the Half Baked star was happier with or without the $50-million dollars?

Dave Chappelle responded…click here


Bey & Blue Ivy and J-Panorama

Self hate isn’t anything new but it’s back in the news
as it pertains to Baby Knowles-Carter and her “mane blues.”

Now, Blue Ivy is hardly blue, but the onlooking public is ripping
in forums about her hair. I think the public is tripping.

Is it really necessary for Blue to have a hairdresser
who hangs out with The Carters & later turns “confessor?”

I always advice people to keep other folks out of their business and homes.
And now I’m asking criticizing black folk – to please leave Baby Blue alone.Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 7.09.50 PM

She is 2 – for Gods sake! Let her live and be happy.
It’s good to know your roots — and her roots are nappy.

I like nappy hair. I have a head full of it, myself.
What does Blues hairdo have to do with her parents wealth?

NOTHING. Nothing at all.
I think the sensational-pull is a filter stall

to keep the flames fueled between Bey and Jay-Z.
It’s hard to be cool at home when being blasted with so much heat.

Yes, it seems a collection of black people, have gone to CHANGE.ORG
to petition that Bey comb Blue Ivy’s hair. Come on! My good Lord!

It’s sad, as all get out, that our community doesn’t like her hair.
It’s an ancestral root issue and to Blue — it’s not fair.

Bey & Blue Ivy 2Beyonce buys her hair, and buys the best grade.
Should she do the same for Blue? Even Allah should forbade.

There’s no need to glue-in or sew, or even ponytail or braid
a childs hair, who works NO WHERE, just to win the love of the day.

The same people who are complaining will also be the very ones,
who’ll accuse the Carters if Blue is committed to the salon instead of fun.

You can not please everyone – so why even try to give?
Plus, Bey’s got enough on her plate – dealing with Jay “on Liv.”

The stress and pressures of life are real – and 2 of these peruses were on the Carters,
I’m Qui
and I lit the wick, it was faint and quick – though among black folks, the flames fan harder.

Successful people always DO what others DON’T

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Success Planning

“Success is to be measured not so much by the position
that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.”

Booker T Washington

There’s a fine line between success and failure. On one hand you have to have some serious faith and guts to step out of the box of comfort and do your own thing – win, lose or fail, this is apart of the success process. On the other hand you have – the fail of wisdom and rationality, the fail of caution and perfect timing should you step out on your own under-educated to the traps and pitfalls that are sure to meet you on your journey. So where are you on the line?

I was reading FORBES magazine yesterday and came upon an article titled: “12 Things All Successful People Do“, and think it’s the perfect insert to help you steady your successful course. The piece starts out by saying,

This is due to the fact that successful individuals aren’t just born — there’s a lot more that goes into the equation. Through my experience, I’ve found those who are highly successful have a lot more in common than we may think.

On the hunt for success? Here are some habits to take note of:

1. Boldly fail.
2. Set goals.
3. It’s not always about luck.
4. Carefully track your progress.
5. Don’t wait to act.
6. Connect the dots.
7. Harness your confidence.
8. Commit.
9. Be alert.
10. Persevere.
11. Communicate like a pro.
12. Display humility.

It’s an easy list. Right? I know what you must be saying, “Well thanks Qui, for expounding on each bullet point!” To that, I’d like to say, “You’re welcomed,” then I’d like to promptly share this link:

The link will explain it all, in far greater detail, so enjoy!


While you’re researching your course, I’d like to put this in your ear,
Success is for you. There’s nothing to fear.

My brother is an athletic Coach, and he’s always one to say,
You can not hit the ball – if you don’t step-up to the plate.”

You control your destiny and your fate. Go after it in full.
Start today. Get it out of the way; “Time is non-refundable.”

Coach Joe G said that too! Coach Joe G is my little brother.
We are linked to success by our choices and not our father and mother.

Blood is thicker than water, but knowledge rules the day.
If you are a go-getter in your field, adjust the 12 Things on your plate.

There’s a fine line between success and failure, as stated by Booker T. Washintgon,
I’m Qui 
Covering 4×3 on my own terms in success and fun! I bar none!!!

Inspired to Journey

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I sat down with my girlfriend at Starbucks on a Thursday morning and she starts her conversation off by saying, “So I’ve rented a mansion. A 14-bedroom mansion on the beach…” It came out of nowhere. I tried to internally assess the situation, and was just about to conclude, that my gf is having a “mid-life crisis or breakdown,” when she slipped me a flier and it read:

june flier pt 1x
June flier pt 2 NIGHT LIFE _rev
Whew! I was relieved that she wasn’t having a breakdown in front of me and quite intrigued. My girlfriend is an independent go-getter, like myself. She doesn’t wait for things to happen to her in life, she carefully plans and precisely executes. She inspires me. I like her style.

I took the flier, looked it over and researched the Outer Banks. It looks sweet. I’m fairly new to self improvement retreat adventures, yet I’m head over heels with excitement.

I’m a videographer and independent filmmaker,
I’m a positive go-getter and a bit of a risk taker.

I’m highly cautious before dancing, though, I do love a good beat.
I’m looking forward to tweaking my plans at the upcoming retreat.

No kids in this mansion – not on this Spring Break course.
And I hear the cook is phenomenal, a foodies comforting pallet score.

I understand the location is remote, so 4×4’s are necessary,
and that wally world won’t be close, so we should be inclusive of what we carry.

This is a pretty cool opportunity but we are not an exclusive crew,
there are a few more rooms available, so I’d like to offer them to YOU!

The thing about a “retreat” is that you don’t want to invite someone you don’t like.
Well I only hang out with go-getters — inviting you, is a pleasure and a delight!

Yes, I called you a go-getter! Birds of a feather do flock together,
I’m Qui
‘Looking forward to re-inspiring my own journey, taking in the view and enjoying the weather.

Now, about that Night Life

Humpin HAPPY over here

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10334454_10152511834142780_841683288658071241_nThis morning I woke up and I was happy about that.
I had a meeting at 10 that equaled a win and I was happy about that.

Lunch time found me with a latte in hand, sitting on the patio where I now stand.
Mingling in good company with folks that I love. Thanking my stars and my God up above.

I’m Humpin HAPPY over here – I’m so glad to be in good health.
I’llness sought me out, but my vitamin regimen helped to keep me stealth.

I could use a little  more physical activity in my life but there just aren’t enough hours in a day.
I’m seeking a route to successfully workout the burning of more cals into my beloved everyday.

Hip! Hip! Hooray! I’m open to dancing and considering indoor hiking.
My mind is open and my body is hoping the opportunity will yield to its liking.

You see, I’m not an athlete, I’m a writer, a chic with a camera and tripod.
My nails may not be acrylic’d out nor is the gym etched in my bod. lol!

I’m a pretty active chic – I’m always on the go and hauling equipment with.
I usually show up to film the show, hi-5 and throw in a few cool quips.

I’m the chic enjoying her day for everything that it is and everything that it is not.
I’m Qui
Staying inside for most of the day, because ol’ Phoenix is pretty hot.

Regardless of the outside temps- I’m Humpin HAPY over here!
I bid you good energy that you’ll need for that #WIN that’s near.

Russell said DO YOU

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Russell Simmons DO YOU 2014

I’ve already finished the book, “DO YOU! 12 Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success,” it’s a great solo read, but in my effort to ‘grow along with you,’ I thought it would be cool if we at least got through the first three chapters together. If nothing less, to render us that, “book club” feel. No – I’m not Oprah, but I am moving into my OWN, so let’s get to it.

Execute knowledge whether or not you went to college.Recap:

Law #1 See your vision and stick with it
Law #2 Always DO YOU

Chapter 3 reads,


All the things that truly matter — beauty, love,
creativity, joy, inner peace arise from the mind.


Russell Simmons starts the intro of this chapter off by saying, “I don’t belong to any particular religion or sect. But I owe much of my success to finding time for prayer and meditation in my life.”

Page 69] IT SEEMS THAT W H E N E V E R we turn on the TV, listen to the radio, or pick up a magazine, we’re bombarded by the message that our life will improve once we get our bodyin shape. It’s a potent message, witnessed by the millions of people who get up every day and trudge off to the gym, hoping to find happiness through getting their abs flat, their chest bigger, or their butt tighter. And while ti’s fine to get your body in shape, I would suggest that it’s more helpful to get your mind toned first. Remember, your mind is your most powerful muscle. A six-pack on your stomach won’t really make ou happy unless you’re also keeping your mind in shape through prayer, reflection, and self-study. How you look on the outside doesn’t really matter if you don’t have your spiritual self in shape first.

One of the best ways to get your mind in shape is through the practice of meditation. while physical exercise makes you stronger by building things up– like muscle or stamina — the mental workout that you get through meditation makes you stronger by clearing things away. It clears away the distractions of the world and gives you the clarity to see and the focus to pursue the God-given visions that will be the foundation to your success. Building up your body or your bank account will bring you short-time happiness, but you can’t take those things with you on your journey through life. No matter how many weights you lift, eventually your bod will sag. No matter how much money you make, eventually it will lose it’s value and its appeal. But a clear and focused mind will last a lifetime. Getting your mind in shape is nothing less than the key to sustainable success in the world.

Before I embraced meditation, I used to have a hard time falling asleep because there was so much noise in my head. And by noise I’m not talking about car alarms, policed sirens, or the dog next door barking too loud. No physical noise was keeping me awake. Instead, it was my emotions that wouldn’t let me sleep. It was the noise bouncing around in my own mind that kept me from being at peace.

You might have experienced it yourself. Even though all you want to do is fall asleep, you can’t seem to turn off the conversation s taking place inside of your head. And to make it worse, it’s usually trivial stuff that’s keeping you awake. You’ll replay something someone said to you at work. You’ll worry about whether you locked your car door. You’ll worry about whether your gaining weight. I spent many nights lying awake like that, worrying and stressing over a million different things coming in and out of my mind. Was my new record going to sell? Did I get the right deal for one of my artists? Was that girl I’d been sweating ever going to call me? It was like there was a soundtrack playing in my brain tha tI couldn’t turn off. Those are common examples, but there are also bigger terms that we can use to describe noise. Doubt is noise. Criticism is noise. Insecurity is noise. The past is noise, just like the future is noise too. These are the sounds that slow us down.

Indeed, I eventually realized that all the noise in my head was doing more than just keeping me awake at night. More importantly, it was drawing out the most important voice any of us has, which is the voice of God inside us. The truth is, when you can’t hear God inside of you, you’re always going to struggle in life. there might be stretches when things are going good and you feel like you’re happy. But without that connection to your higher self, that happiness can’t last. Sooner or later that noise will creep back into your mind and you’ll be listening to the world, instead of the God in you.
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No LONG STORY SHORT, this book should be read in detail
Sometimes you have to DO YOU and shoot the rest to hell.

I mean it when I say, stay in concentrate and be strong,
the journey is not for the faint, and if you’re lucky – you’ll go long.

“Only the good die young” – Billy Joel said it in a song.
But I didn’t buy into the lyrics; ol’ Billy Joel is wrong.

Bound to the charge with skill, talent and integrity,
I’m Qui
Siding with Russell on this one. DO YOU and I’ll DO ME.