Acting an Abbott

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L-R: David Tom and Burgess Jenkins

L-R: David Tom and Burgess Jenkins

What is this? What in the Y&R world is going on?
I thought the love was back — but so long to ‘that jones?’

I see David Tom is once again hanging up his birthright shoes
and Burgess Jenkins is stepping forward, in an attempt to ignite the fuse.

Aye-yai-yai! Caramba! Please tell me who Billy Abbott is.
Who is it that fathered Chelsea’s first child and made Vicky Newman his?

David Tom’s portrayal had been out of place, though he was finally making a change.
The way the CA team is recasting the role makes you wonder – ‘Who is to blame?’

And now in the role of Billy Abbott is another new guy that I’ve never seen before.
I really hope he nails the part; Billy Abbott needs a longevity score.

Wouldn’t life be interesting, if we didn’t like our LIFE circumstances – we could just yell cut?
I’m Qui
closely watching Y&R because the ‘casting line’ has been acting up,
and I’m not surprised that it all surrounds around an Abbott.

#GottaLove #Y&R


QE - bill maher

 Whose your PCP?
Not your Primary Care Physician, but your Preferred Candidate Politician

The Primaries popped off last night, and the counts are rolling in
with November being 4-months away, let ‘seat shake up’ begin.

Bill Maher’s been relentless in FLIPPING DISTRICTS like an eager teen at a college beer pong party.
Now the citizens will flirt with grading a politicians worth — My goodness, oh my and good lordy!

Are you watching the race? Which PCP whilst you choose?
Those who DON’T VOTE in The Primaries are the ones who alone – stand to LOSE.

Don’t let ‘one of them’ be you.
Stay Tuned

divider blk_south

QE - vergeAnd so it’s Hump Day again – where’s the camel when you need him? Yo!
It seems his career was way shorter than than ol’ hump-back Camel Joe.

Remember him? I hated the icon, but then again, I’m an asthmatic and I don’t smoke.
Weed however, never bothered me, so I list it under toke.

Speaking of toke, Marijuana was trying to make it onto the AZ ballot in November as well,
with their enthusiasts in place, at a real laxed pace… their attempts seem to be shot to hell.

I don’t think it’s going to make it. Signatures for the petition have not been rolling in.
None of my ritzy neighbors seem to mind – they shrug shoulders and keep tokin.’

What does it mean?
The dough rolls in for Colorado’s green.

green divider

black girl blowing a kissMy goodness gracious I’m informed and ready to act a productive nut,
I’m Qui
Humping a carefree Wednesday, though not quite Acting an Abbott.

It takes much more dough – to pull off an Abbott show.
Content I am, to kick it with you. Thanks for digging my flow.

  1. You Rock! THANKS for the well wishes, I’m pulling for us too — the “HOUSE” is “FLIPPING” out! lol! 😛 #FlipADistrict baby! Knowledge is KEY! 😉

  2. Here is hoping that we move a few of those crazies out of the House in the fall. Lord, I am tired of the Tea Party.

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