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Keep in mind, “If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.”

Dhirubhai Ambani STATEMENT


Gosh I love work on THURSDAYS  – what are your THOUGHTS on the issue?
I’m Qui
and I work for me. Have you considered WORKING FOR YOU?

Well… what are you going to do?


Tuesday Morning Special

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Ring The Bell – For The NFL


Yes! Yes! I’m so glad it’s football season
for the vibe that fans release – is my chief reason.

I’m not a STAT’s girl, but I love the unity
that comes with football season. It’s really good to me.

Though I must admit, I had to look twice
at the headline news on Ray Rice.

After the security video footage shows
his gf had taken a 1-2-punch 4-doze,
somewhere beyond the elevator door,
and then exited knees down, face to the floor.

No. It’s not good press. No gain or get-ahead.
Now Whoopi’s under review for what she said.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith apologizes for comment made on Ray Rice’s situation

Whoopi isn’t defending Ray for knocking his girlfriend out,
she’s stressing, HIT NO-ONE lest you risk being knocked out.

Be it girl or be it boy – put your hands on no man
or you too, may realize an unconscious knee-2-face land.

It’s true. It ain’t pretty.
Betting on chivalry – is a pity.

And so on this Tuesday Morning, I bid you early
to hit no man – especially if he’s burly.




Okay, please tell me that you are still watching
CBS’s EXTANT? It’s cinema-show-stopping.

Each week get’s better and better
The writing is so cold – I watch wearing a sweater.

I’m kidding. I’m kidding. It’s way too hot to cover up,
though I am still curious as to whose baby is in ‘the cut?’

Molly’s fetus is growing and the galactic ring symbols are concerning.
I mean, Molly always wanted a baby, but by an alien, isn’t what she was yearning.

Or is it an alien co-breed at all? Her friend, Alan, is acting up.
I’m trying to hear what he’s saying, but I don’t feel at ease, to trust.

We know he’s keeping something about his friend and her body.
But why not divulge all — when clearly asked by Molly?

Good God o’ mighty. I’m certainly filled with proclivity.
Dare I say, I’m scared away by good writing and cinemactvity?

I am not.
This stuff is HOT!

Infinity divider




November will be 10 years old on October 15, 2014. Besides old age, he’s suffering from the effects of Valley Fever.

It is indeed Tuesday Morning and I feel Special to be alive.
I could’ve lost my life last Saturday evening on a routine highway drive.

I’m so happy to be here, WordPress kin. So happy to be here with you.
I’m sipping a cup of jo, I’ve already eaten a waffle or two.

I’m feeling real good on this morning, though November, my dog, isn’t.
He’s still with me, for the moment; approaching a decade with me and him.

I woke up yesterday morning, preparing to do my Monday blog write
only to find November on the rectified laundry room floor, barely alive.

I did consult a vet and the vet did duly say
November has lived a good life, and his exit is on the way.

I don’t know what more to say. My kid is trying her best to be strong.
She doesn’t want to euthanize – and I concur.  Are we wrong?

We have another vet appointment tomorrow – I suppose then I’ll face my fears.
Do keep November in your prayers. I know his end is near.

And with that, I move on. Today will be the best Tuesday that I can render,
I’m Qui
feeling quite Special this Morning. I am the #PositivePushing defender.

Extraordinary Measures

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Have you seen the film EXTRAORDINARY MEASURES starring Harris Ford, Brandon Frazier and Kerri Russell? Wow! It’s great. It came out in 2010 and IMDB users give it 6.5 stars out of 10 while Rotten Tomatoes gave it 28%. I will admit it’s about a complicated situation, in search of a cure for POMPE. Pompe is an inherited disorder caused by the buildup of a complex sugar called glycogen in the body’s cells. The accumulation of glycogen in certain organs and tissues, especially muscles, impairs their ability to function normally. But that’s not entirely what the film is about. It’s about challenges, overcoming them, riding out the process and contributing to it’s positive outcome.

That’s life. Sometimes it may require us to go to Extraordinary Measures to reach any kind of a desired outcome. Whenever I think of everyday extraordinary measures, this little guy makes the cut:

Talk about ‘hammering out a situation‘ – Little man did it.
He harassed the mock kidnapper’ – until he quit it!

He’s not a big guy but his actions are to be seen and treasured.
When it comes to safe guarding the home front, little man goes to Extraordinary Measures.
hammer divider

Kids are always doing the most
so raise your coffee mugs & toast,
for this young man, Daniel Beaty is his name.
He tales a #GRIOT tale; “KNOCK KNOCK” is more than a game:

Did you cry? I did.
Oh. My weepy eye-lids…
His heart did long
for his father – who was gone.

Gone where? He told us not.
I think he was under key and lock.
I think his dad got caught up in the hell
that is a black men imprisoned and sitting in jail.

But Daniel did not say, he simply represents
The KNOCK-KNOCK game kids — it all makes sense.

He went to Extraordinary Measures
to produce this griot treasure.

Focus not on what you’ve missed, but rather what you’ve got.
Dad sewed some good seeds in the beginning with KNOCK-KNOCK.

Door Knocking divider

And so it’s the weekend again and I’m happy about it.
I awoke with surging energy and was compelled to shout it.
Me, give up on the day? Ha-Ha! No. I doubt it.
I’ll go to Extraordinary Measures to get what I won’t. I’m ’bout it.

Knock-Knock! It’s opportunity, and opportunity is good,
I’m Qui
defending the day. Give up easy? Some wish I would. 🙂

Giving up – has never been an option in my hood.

It ain’t EASY

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Whoever said, “You can do whatever you want to do in life, it’s EASY!” — lied!  A thing is only easy if you set your mind to “conquer,” and not ever because a person said it was. Go for it, but

Not Easy

CartoonCharacters 4-designer com

Recently, I had a 17-year old high school student tell me that she wanted to be in the entertainment business, preferably as a model or an actress. She stood 5’7 and no more than 100 pounds. There were no unhealthy bones protruding; she’s actually quite healthy and her size 2 frame makes her a perfect candidate to get a great price on boutique sample items.

There were many challenges in transforming this child into a junior Naomi Campbell, one of which, she walked with the front of her feet in a “Y” fashion; feet out – charm and etiquette classes came immediately to mind, as I’ve not ever seen a runway model walk ‘slew footed.’ And while that may be a minor conquer, teaching a person discipline requires “Morgan Snow-hurdle” type of energy and determination on both ends.

I provided the necessary challenge at every acting coach and etiquette session, and that’s when the 17-year old aspirer realized — it mattered not how awesome her good genes were — the height and weight of success proved to be much more complex and hardly as EASY as she thought. It dawned on her that Naomi Campbell put in work to be where she is today.

What now? The aspiring teen is seeking mall employment at JOURNEYS.


Color SHOE dividerColor SHOE divider

God bless the babies – they certainly need more strength,
if we’re counting on them to pay the future rent.

Apparently self confidence is up but work ethic is down.
That’s not a QUEEN B tiara, that’s a family love crown.

You may have “a look,” but if you don’t put in the work – proper,
no one is going to crown you a winner, but your momma and poppa.

Go beyond good genetics and put in the work. No taking gambles.
Especially if you want to walk stiletto miles like Ms. Naomi Campbell.

Sure you can do anything you want, Naomi makes it look breezy,
I’m Qui
Don’t be fooled by the work that goes in. It’s real and It ain’t EASY.


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Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 8.57.53 AMNo, I’m not talking about morning nookie or the dow’s point,
this MONDAY Rise that’s got me live — revolves around an Editing joint.

I’ve been up since 4 working on this score
and while much is done, it still requires more.

And just as I get a good groove going
I’m interrupted by that “young seed” that I’m sewing.

School starts today and I’m pretty happy, okay.
Though my 2015 SENIOR will only go half a day.

Then there’s the teenage actress, thats staying here, (from Texas).
The TBFF cinematics is the REEL deal, that connects us.

We go back a ways — at least since 2003,
when guerrilla filmmaking was gutter — and I was a beast!

I directed an adolescent crew, that could barely read or write,
and when it came time to film, they were the REEL’s delight.

Today the actress is 17 and duly all grown up
and I am learning my bargained share, because she lives in ‘the cut.’

It’s nice to baby-sit,” says my Mom, “but it’s even better to take them home.”
Work is sure and boarding’s the cure – though I look forward to being alone.

Cafe Bustelo is brewing — a happy Mom, I’ll be in a minute.
A faster pace would sure be great if the houseguest could “get with it.”

She’s sweet as pie, I won’t lie, and sharp on more things than an few,
I’m really hoping there’ll be no moping,nor “more bite” than I can chew.
Ooo! 🙂

My MONDAY Rise doth yield surprise and boy am I up for it,
I’m Qui
in my Editing suite with film footage – trying to score it.

What about you?
What did you Rise to do?
It’s MONDAY baby.

The REEL Players

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You know I fancy the BOOK of FACES, and while I may not do abstract or avant posts as often as the dramatic friends in my timeline, I do read and enjoy a good deal of it. Some of the things I’ve seen over the last week, I wanted to share with you for the sake of hugs, fitness, goodness and giggles: Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 9.30.55 AM I run into a lot of people who complain about what they don’t have: good friends, new shoes or rent. Doth they forget they are rich with life, their good health and good strength?

Negative outlook folks. It sucks to be them. Positivity radiates! Check out my man Tim: . . BlackLineDivider

So the weekend is here and you’re wearing that reversed pout. Tis the reason to celebrate – with Tim and get up to dance it out!

This child goes hard. Dancing is his game. Look to see more of him on screen, DU-SHAUNT is his name.

. divider1


Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 11.26.09 AMScreen Shot 2014-07-17 at 11.33.05 AM

Okay this little video seemed to have come out of nowhere, no theme, except for the theme music that is playing in the background of the video being shot. It seems CHRISTIAN MUSIC is playing in the background as a home owner finds a mouse nibbling on peanut butter that is on a mouse trap and then CLAMP! The trap impedes the mouse. You won’t believe what happens next. If you don’t believe in spirit — you may not be lifted by this piece. Much like the hand-drawn picture used at the heading of this piece, the mouses departure was captured:

. The spirit leaves his body between :40 – :42seconds into the video.

It’s just good to know when all else fails, the spirit won’t be trapped in a lifeless situation. I think the soul leaving the body is a show of compassion from our creator, especially in painful situations. All-in-all, after watching this video, I felt melancholy. I don’t like rats, but after I saw his little spirit leave, I had thoughts in my head of past murders that my family may have committed at the hands of childhood screams because a rat was in the house. I once watched a guy from our church and my little brother fight a mouse in a room – they were determined to evict him. After nearly an hour in the room and lots of banging an booming sounds coming from beyond the door, the church member and my brother emerged with the late occupant. I was so happy then! Today looking back on that moment, post the video, I don’t feel so victorious. I know it was the right and sanitary thing to do, so yes, I’m grateful to know his suffering was not long due to his UNTRAPPABLE Spirit.

How’d the video affect you? . cross-divider .

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 10.03.22 PM Remember the show HEROES? Where did it go? I think the cast went to China. Peep the video:

Yes. You saw it. So did I. Don’t tell me Guardian Angels are not on Earth and nigh. I’ve seen them myself. Derailing car accidents, fatal falls and failing health. Yes. I found this, also on Facebook. I think its a pretty clear Angelic look.

What do you think?


GET FIT_borderGET FIT_border

His name is Sonny and he makes unfit young guys look funny!

Stay strong good people, it’s paramount to have good health, it’s the gift that’s necessary beyond good looks, style and wealth. This fella here, has a physique that’ll make a woman sing a sweet melody, but even more astonishing over that, this fella here is beyond 70. If one maintains good health in addition to his wealth – I’m sure he loves it! I’m Qui and I think I’ll liken myself to Sexy Sonny and the lucrative Warren Buffett.

T a k e  what you want. D i s c a r d what you can’t use. In essence this is a mid month

N E W S   P E R U S E.

Remain COOL

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Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 8.32.48 PMLIFE is a “happening” thing. It is always “happening” whether we feel we are ready for it or not.

It “happens” to us all. We all go through something. We all have our challenges, the thing is, we must remember to Remain COOL.

‘Tis easier said than done,” you say? I agree, but it doesn’t change the fact that, “The best way out is always through,” — [Robert Frost]

A few weeks ago, I woke up to a beautiful morning and received a note from a friend that she was at the Cancer Treatment Center in Arizona because she recently found out she had an aggressive form of breast cancer and it is in stage 4. First thing’s first I started an instant internal prayer going with the guy upstairs and then I began to research online ‘how to yield strength’ to someone facing such an unforeseen mountain. I found a story that was highly comparable to what my friend is going through, however, the write-up offered  8 Things to Remember When Everything Goes Wrong. These 8 things are fundamental in necessity and can easily yield strength to anyone going through anything. If you click the reference link the write-up goes in detail about each bullet point, but today the details aren’t all that necessary – the points speak volumes by themselves.

LIFE “happens” to the best of us, just remember Remain COOL:

1. Pain is part of growing.
2. Everything in life is temporary.
3. Worrying and complaining changes nothing.
4. Your scars are symbols of your strength.
5. Every little struggle is a step forward.
6. Other people’s negativity is not your problem.
7. What’s meant to be will eventually, BE.
8. The best thing you can do is to keep going.

divider Abstract

I respect life and all that she has to offer,
her beauty, her chaos, her trade-offs and barters.

Everybody goes through something, be prayerful and don’t yield to ‘the fool,’
I’m Qui
encouraging thee, because I, too, need reinforcement to keep my ‘cool.

As for my friend, LIFE is happening to her right now,
I’ll be here for her, but you
Will you send up a prayer?


The interest in EXTANT

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Please tell me that you met Ethan? He’s Molly and John Woods AI son. Moreover that, have you seen the new series EXTANT that CBS premiered Wednesday, July 9th? Well, you can take my word for it, they are on some 6TH DAY stuff here; they are on some GRAVITY parallel (in character career) stuff here — and I like it.

This television series plays out a like a movie and Halle is perfect for the part. She plays Molly an astronaut who after returning from a 1-year solo mission in space is told by her doctor that she is pregnant. Apparently prior to the last mission Molly was suffering from infertility, thus encouraging the demand for the AI son her genius scientist husband co-created and programmed. This show has all of the ingredients of a good SCIFI show and I’m so glad it is born, there’s so much mystique in the storyline. I’m watching it on DVR as I type. You have no idea how glad I am to have this show in the line up. Are you watching? CBS is looking like more than a YOUNG and The RESTLESS type-of-situation right now. They can have my days and my nights if they keep pumping out stuff like this, at least until I figure out how Molly got pregnant on that solo mission?

Are you watching?
Extant - MOLLY

What about ETHAN, you ask? Good question. I’ve got all kinds of questions about his programming. Near the end of the show, he started tripping. What was with all the “NO’s” he was giving Molly, all because he dropped his ice cream cone and wanted a new one? Never mind the fact that Molly offered him hers.  What was with Ethan running off into the forest? And why did he feel the need to stop at the dead bird altar to tell Molly, “I found it this way“? Was that a “programmed response”, and if so, to what? Surely his program is not prompted to respond, “I found it this way,” after taking random and brisk runs. What sense would that make? Well, I’ve got the DVR set for next Wednesday because I’ve got way too many questions.

Extant - ETHAN




AI is progressing along well, therefore, I’d like not to think
that much like dinosaurs, humans are on the chop block of ‘extinct.’

However, in its early show stages, I think the writers may be leading us there,
shock tv may be dead – but human extinction is new reason to prep with care.

AI will not replace us. We are the programmers of the heart.
How could we let this happen if there was ever any chance, from the start?

EXTANT is just getting started. The first broadcast aired this week,
I’m Qui
Kudos to the shows creators; the concept is reel sweet,
and alas our Hump Day heaps will be blessed with more network treats.

Watch EXTANT on CBS, Wednesday nights 9/8

Miz Qui on Ms. Quad

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Oh good Lord! I love the show, “MARRIED TO MEDICINE.” Are you watching? This reality show stars 7 super fabulous black women:

married to medicin_SM

LR: Mariah, Lisa Nicole, Dr. Heavenly [DDS], Dr.Jackie [OB/GYN], Quad, Toya Dr. Simone [OB/GYN]

Yes. I love each and everyone of them, though I seem to relate to Quadria [of Memphis, TN] more. It’s not just because she’s of southern roots, as all of the women reside in Atlanta, GA, so the relative between Miz Qui and Ms. Quad will have to be chalked up (on-the-surface), to the equivalent of two women who run fabulous circles around the letter Q.

Do you know Quad

MsQuad - Married to medicine

Mrs. Quadria Webb-Lunceford

She is fiercer than fire, Reco has given her the nickname Ms. Funky Town, which is interesting in itself, since I am from the original Funky Town, aka Fort Worth, TX. Now I don’t know what Quad has done to earn herself the name Ms. Funky Town, but again, because I dig her up-front style, I will have to conclude that she is indeed a fair representative of the the nickname.

HISTORICAL 411: The up-front and in-your-face attitudes of the FORT WORTH townspeople was great for squashing funky attitudes that often rode through their town. If a stranger showed up with a “funky” attitude, it is said that the stranger would drop it quick because the townspeople of Fort Worth would happily ‘get with you’ on the issue. Now Quad is not from Fort Worth, but she’s only proven to be one that will “get with you” if you come at her side-ways. Ha! I like her style. She’s so #Couture.

Quad is the wife of a Psychiatrist, and is the newly wed in the group. However this firecracker is holding her own across the line and especially in the business category. Things will be getting prettying RUFF for Ms. Quad soon, though not to be confused with ROUGH, she has officially launched her PERFECT PUP COUTURE line for our beloved furry babies and the line up is #CanineChique.

The Married to Medicine Season 2 Finale went out with a bang and a bark – it ended with a fashion show for Quads pup couture line. In fact, my Tanner was eyeballing a few of the pieces for himself. Surely such style is befitting for the pup of a filmmaker. It is quite obvious that Ms. Quad and Miz Qui love the pups! Another commonality, dare I say? heart divider

As Hump Day comes around
Tanner is feeling stylishly sound.
I’m feeling a bit voluptuous and round,
though Quads workouts yield idea to shed pounds.

I like her style
she’s got all of the wields
that a risk taking business woman like myself
comparably uses to pitch projects charted to reap wealth.

Miz Qui on Ms. Quad is a bias title, indeed.
I’m higher on this woman’s persona, than a user would be on weed.

As far as the rest of the cast is concerned, each woman has it going on,
though I’m sure to put my pen next, on Miriah and Dr. Simone.

There’s so much drama going on in that medicinal scene.
There is no head honcho afloat — each woman is a queen.
But does Miriah know what that means?

Me? I’m Miz Qui and I promise to God,
I’m Happy to Hump this day with my GF Ms. Quad.

More on those “medicinal women“…

Happy as all get out

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Why not? After all it is UP TO YOU!

HAPPY Monday

Today is your day, tomorrow is not promised to thee,
I’m Qui
Make this Monday all that you want it to be.

Me? I’m already in route,
no room for second guessing or pout.
Peace and Love! Be Happy as all get out.