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Hiatus is for Whimps…

In Communication, Griot, Networking, Self Improvement on July 3, 2014 at 7:19 pm

HiatusI’ve been on hiatus for the last 8-days and during the time, I have shot more gigs than I would on any given week. So why did I even go hiatus? To tell you the truth, I do my best work when I unplug and hang loose. I call it a hiatus, because I break from the quotidian and allow myself to produce more extemporaneously. It’s great. Also, during my hiatus’, I only do what I feel. If I feel like writing, I write — with no rules. If I feel like shooting I shoot – whatever and however I want. This time around I did not write for the last 8-days, therefore I feel justified in saying: “Hello. I’ve missed you.” Where am I now? I flew from Arizona to Texas, then drove to Kansas. I am sitting atop of a downtown building overlooking the skyline. The architect design of this tri-level deck is to be envied. Each landing has it’s own decorative ambience and individual atmosphere. And the best part about this downtown hiatus spot is the old-school toy store that’s located directly under the loft that I am residing in.  The perfect hide-out for a big kid like myself.


I’m shooting the scene and forging new deals laying conversation with a productive appeal
Signing on the dotted line of my creative will Collab’ing with others for that cinematic reel.

I’m setting up the future to be exactly what I want.
Dreams of my ancestors – validate the haunt.

I am to conquer it all, I have no pending limits
refreshing and anew
– no “film remaking” gimmicks.

I grab the essence and run it through
my creative process, then let it do-what-it-do!

Wether I’m locked up in my office or traveling abroad
I’m aware of my higher power – I’m aware of my God.

I can feel him in my presence I can feel his influence in my hair.
I am acutely aware I’m with company – though I see no one there.

So even when I think I’m on hiatus and noone within miles can see,
I can not discount, who doth surround — the creator is watching me.

And if that is the case then no harm and no foul done
for being on hiatus and kicking it with you — because its fun.

I’ve got a cup of Starbucks in my hand and fireworks poppin off in the back.
I’m chilling, no-boundary-living and guess what? Ain’t nobody mad.

Hiatus is for whimps and I ain’t one, thus I can’t stay away,
I’m Qui
Chillin in the mid-west while digitally reeling my “productive play.”

Hey! Hey! Today is a great day…
to product parlay.