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You know I fancy the BOOK of FACES, and while I may not do abstract or avant posts as often as the dramatic friends in my timeline, I do read and enjoy a good deal of it. Some of the things I’ve seen over the last week, I wanted to share with you for the sake of hugs, fitness, goodness and giggles: Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 9.30.55 AM I run into a lot of people who complain about what they don’t have: good friends, new shoes or rent. Doth they forget they are rich with life, their good health and good strength?

Negative outlook folks. It sucks to be them. Positivity radiates! Check out my man Tim: . . BlackLineDivider

So the weekend is here and you’re wearing that reversed pout. Tis the reason to celebrate – with Tim and get up to dance it out!

This child goes hard. Dancing is his game. Look to see more of him on screen, DU-SHAUNT is his name.

. divider1


Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 11.26.09 AMScreen Shot 2014-07-17 at 11.33.05 AM

Okay this little video seemed to have come out of nowhere, no theme, except for the theme music that is playing in the background of the video being shot. It seems CHRISTIAN MUSIC is playing in the background as a home owner finds a mouse nibbling on peanut butter that is on a mouse trap and then CLAMP! The trap impedes the mouse. You won’t believe what happens next. If you don’t believe in spirit — you may not be lifted by this piece. Much like the hand-drawn picture used at the heading of this piece, the mouses departure was captured:

. The spirit leaves his body between :40 – :42seconds into the video.

It’s just good to know when all else fails, the spirit won’t be trapped in a lifeless situation. I think the soul leaving the body is a show of compassion from our creator, especially in painful situations. All-in-all, after watching this video, I felt melancholy. I don’t like rats, but after I saw his little spirit leave, I had thoughts in my head of past murders that my family may have committed at the hands of childhood screams because a rat was in the house. I once watched a guy from our church and my little brother fight a mouse in a room – they were determined to evict him. After nearly an hour in the room and lots of banging an booming sounds coming from beyond the door, the church member and my brother emerged with the late occupant. I was so happy then! Today looking back on that moment, post the video, I don’t feel so victorious. I know it was the right and sanitary thing to do, so yes, I’m grateful to know his suffering was not long due to his UNTRAPPABLE Spirit.

How’d the video affect you? . cross-divider .

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 10.03.22 PM Remember the show HEROES? Where did it go? I think the cast went to China. Peep the video:

Yes. You saw it. So did I. Don’t tell me Guardian Angels are not on Earth and nigh. I’ve seen them myself. Derailing car accidents, fatal falls and failing health. Yes. I found this, also on Facebook. I think its a pretty clear Angelic look.

What do you think?


GET FIT_borderGET FIT_border

His name is Sonny and he makes unfit young guys look funny!

Stay strong good people, it’s paramount to have good health, it’s the gift that’s necessary beyond good looks, style and wealth. This fella here, has a physique that’ll make a woman sing a sweet melody, but even more astonishing over that, this fella here is beyond 70. If one maintains good health in addition to his wealth – I’m sure he loves it! I’m Qui and I think I’ll liken myself to Sexy Sonny and the lucrative Warren Buffett.

T a k e  what you want. D i s c a r d what you can’t use. In essence this is a mid month

N E W S   P E R U S E.

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