It ain’t EASY

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Whoever said, “You can do whatever you want to do in life, it’s EASY!” — lied!  A thing is only easy if you set your mind to “conquer,” and not ever because a person said it was. Go for it, but

Not Easy

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Recently, I had a 17-year old high school student tell me that she wanted to be in the entertainment business, preferably as a model or an actress. She stood 5’7 and no more than 100 pounds. There were no unhealthy bones protruding; she’s actually quite healthy and her size 2 frame makes her a perfect candidate to get a great price on boutique sample items.

There were many challenges in transforming this child into a junior Naomi Campbell, one of which, she walked with the front of her feet in a “Y” fashion; feet out – charm and etiquette classes came immediately to mind, as I’ve not ever seen a runway model walk ‘slew footed.’ And while that may be a minor conquer, teaching a person discipline requires “Morgan Snow-hurdle” type of energy and determination on both ends.

I provided the necessary challenge at every acting coach and etiquette session, and that’s when the 17-year old aspirer realized — it mattered not how awesome her good genes were — the height and weight of success proved to be much more complex and hardly as EASY as she thought. It dawned on her that Naomi Campbell put in work to be where she is today.

What now? The aspiring teen is seeking mall employment at JOURNEYS.


Color SHOE dividerColor SHOE divider

God bless the babies – they certainly need more strength,
if we’re counting on them to pay the future rent.

Apparently self confidence is up but work ethic is down.
That’s not a QUEEN B tiara, that’s a family love crown.

You may have “a look,” but if you don’t put in the work – proper,
no one is going to crown you a winner, but your momma and poppa.

Go beyond good genetics and put in the work. No taking gambles.
Especially if you want to walk stiletto miles like Ms. Naomi Campbell.

Sure you can do anything you want, Naomi makes it look breezy,
I’m Qui
Don’t be fooled by the work that goes in. It’s real and It ain’t EASY.

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