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A Fabulous Day

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Break out the wine glasses and ring the alarm!
Today my friend, Fab5Freddy was born.

Life hasn’t been all shade and he definitely doesn’t throw any,
though when it comes to lending wisdom, he always yields plenty.

Every year at this time you can usually find me giving up plenty of dap
to the man journeying through his legacy plan – that dude from Yo! MTV Raps.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAB 5 FREDDY! May your new year be as Fabulous as yesterday,
I’m Qui
Heralding the moment, your parents got-on-it, to get you here today. Yay!!!

Today is indeed A Fabulous Day!
Join me now and CELEBRATE!

Happy Birthday FFF 2014


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“5 days of work and 1 whole day to play
come on everybody, lace your roller-skates today!” De La Soul, SATURDAY


Hi! I’m Qui – XOXO

I miss the unified bounce and the social roll.
I miss the days of “self expression” and De La Soul.

There are a million things to do, let your mind run the weekend gam mot
and if you need theme music to do it – reach for ol’ Diggable Planets.

[They] be to rap what key be to lock,”.
My name is Miz Qui and I just won’t stop.

E-40 came in to fuel my win when YAY AREA dropped.
I kept it on loop, “We be to rap what key be to lock.”

This weekend is my weekend to be good to myself.
I think I’ll buckle in and tend to my health.

A trip to the gym? Or perhaps I’ll join a line dance class?
ISO something key to do – no time kick rocks or suck ash.

Today is Friday and I’m duly excited it.
Happy about the future, I couldn’t help but write it.

Life is looking good. Look for the good in your life.
Prayer beats stressing. Be a blessing. Strike the strife.

Take care of yourself and rejoice if you’re blind to sorrow,
I’m Qui
Come jam with me. I’m really looking forward to life Tomorrow…


Breaking News about Break-In Clues

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Qui n GladysKravitz

Recently, I have noticed a rash of “break-in” posts on the awesome Facebook group page: OCOTILLO FRIENDS. Immediately my mind went to the major cross roads at S. Alma School Road and Ocotillo. On that very corner, directly behind the draped temporary fence with the crane towering 40 feet above it, is a major construction site, employing people from all over the metroplex. The new construction fact has also drawn many to move to the area. Mindful not to complain blindly – the signs are all around us.

Please help yourself to a clue or two. They’re FREE and you may find them comforting::

Clue #1: Construction sites always bring with them – scores of temporary workers.
The construction on S. Alma School Road is at least a 2-square mild of construction space, and is surely the temporary working s a lot of commuting guest workers.

LOCK UP your car. Use your garage. Be wise about your surroundings and what’s going on. I can not tell you how many stories I have read about where my neighbors are “weirding themselves out” chasing unrecognizable cars out of their neighborhood, calling the cops because a car has been driving slow on their street, etc., etc. and I agree with them, it looks unsettling to see an unrecognizable car in our otherwise recognizable neighborhood, but it’s not a mystery. It’s likely a lost construction worker, his transportation ride, or maybe it’s a worker taking a slow drive admiring the connecting neighborhoods near the job site. Who knows? All the same, play it safe, lock your stuff up and put it away.

Clue #2: Just as construction brings new and exciting structures to an area, it is also brings with it new families to move into them. Many times these families come with bored kids.

Remember back-in-the day when kids would TP (toilet paper) or egg a house? I do. Both have happen to me because I had children in the home that were targeted by zany peers, in the name of fun. I didn’t like it, but I lived through it, cleaned the egg off the window and de-TP’d the trees in my front yard. It was fun. Yay! and I get it. They’re kids. Well, the Ocotillo suburban has a awesome amount of budding teens and t’weens who have very few recreational outlets availing in their new city.  So for kicks, we’ve also been subjected to “trash can kicking.” It’s so much fun to wake up and see your trash can spilled over in the street before dashing off to work at some dark and ungodly hour. KIDS. They don’t mean any harm. They’re bored. They’re yours. Don’t be so quick to call the cops about an offense, until you check in with your kids.

I noticed 4 bicycling teen boys on a “deviant beat,” one evening when I was making a late run. I asked them about the trash can kicking – they told me ‘they weren’t the one’s doing it,’ and that ‘the one trash can that I had just witnessed of the young guys knocking over – was a mistake.’ They apologized and picked up my neighbors trash can. They were so busted and looked so cute and slightly startled, by the black woman presence approaching them, that I did not charge them with blame, but rather I charged them to KEEP WATCH of our neighborhood. I then informed them that “someone” has been running around knocking over trash cans. They didn’t look too shocked, but they accepted the charge and for the last 3 months (at least), all trash cans have remained upright on all pick up days. They are good kids – they are just bored and I’m Mrs. Kravitz (from Bewitched).

Another interesting event that crossed my path in the quiet community of Ocotillo Lakes was a courtesy visit from a cop to inquire if I had seen anyone stealing my neighbors tailgate. The tally was up to two in only 9-days. Oh my! Where are my NEIGHBORHOOD WATCHING bicycling teens? I wonder if they saw anything suspicious, because I did not. The officer also told me that it’s a childhood prank – kids break them off for fun.

Would it be asking too much of Arizona to construct a SIX FLAGS or WETn’WILD?  How about an ALLEY CATS or a PUTT PUTT (with outdoor but tarped go-karting)? How about more youth recreation marketing and commercials? I don’t know, but I think that if we don’t invest some additional cash into something for the teens to do, we will be investing plenty of extra cash on replacing tail gates, etc. It’s a NEIGHBORHOOD investment. A topic of discussion at the next town meeting…


Paranoia is setting in, and everyone is looking around.
There are more and more break-ins as construction breaks ground.

Pranks are being pulled on your block and responsibility hid…
Keep in mind, the neighborhood is filled with new and bored kids.

Strange cars are perusing your neighborhood;
you assume they’re casing and are up to no good.

Construction workers are not Carnie’s and it should not be assumed
that because they’re on your street, that your safety is doomed.

I moved here from Dallas, TX 3 1/2 years ago
and had a neighbor still my push mop before I could get in the do.’

That was a clue to me — mischief waits not for construction workers or the kids,
I’m Qui aka Gladys Kravitz 
sharing Breaking News about Break-In Clues, that should not be hid.

Mischief is mayhem. It is what it is.
LOCK UP, LOOK OUT and INVEST in the kids.

A jamming weekend

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FALLBACK was 1 of the 9 bands that reigned at The 2014 PLUGGED IN Concert. Website broadcast COMING SOON.

FALLBACK was 1 of the 9 bands that reigned at The 2014 PLUGGED IN Concert and they ROCKED the house! Web broadcast COMING SOON.

Friday night, was the PLUGGED IN Concert showcasing 9 bands of reign–
then Sunday brought with it, talent and gimmick via those VMA’s.

I jammed my way right though it; rock, popped and rapped out loud.
The youth know best, no need to stress – it’s what their music is all about.

Fun, fun and more fun. It’s quite the nifty trick
It’s what they do when they’re with their crews – no word of politics.

And that’s a good thing to me. They’ll get to it soon enough.
Cherish the days of fun and raves, before politics comes up.

A jamming weekend has no limit, to any particular age.
Please feel free to skip NEWS TV to get down at a get-together or rave.

Let go and think about nothing. Like you used to when you were a child.
Lifes mundanity hails its vanity – though I bid you to let go and go wild.
Ooo child.

Life is whatever we make it.
If you have an opportunity to jam – do take it.

Post A jamming weekend dashes in a winning Monday.
I’m Qui
Jamming productively – and encouraging you to press play.

Start with this JAM of the day:

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 8.56.55 PM
A jamming weekend

PLUGGED IN and Turnt Up

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I just want to start this morning off by saying:

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 5.44.02 AM

TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?!? Click pic to PLAY Video


The other reason that I’m on fire, and woke up feeling flight,
is because The PLUGGED IN Concert is going down tonight!!!

Recently I wrote About The 80’s and of the music of the time,
MTV, Rock n Roll and Rap immediately came to mind.

Plugged IN Concert 2014Well when this PLUGGED IN event was in pre-production and in the audition stage,
I saw the talent and deemed it valiant; reminiscent of those 80’s days.

I remember waking up to Headbangers Ball and getting YO! MTV Raps, on the weekends.
I remember thinking Motley Crew, Metallica and De La Soul were my personal friends.

It was a beautiful adolescents begin and to good music I am still kin,
which is why I’m excited about tonights concert: PLUGGED IN.

If you’re in the Chandler (Phoenix) metroplex this eve and you’re looking for something to do,
please know, there’s a seat for you at the concert and — It’s FREE too!
(Donations will be appreciated)

I am turnt up, for REEL, for QUI FILMS will be reeling the show,
I’m Qui
and I woke up like this. I’m giddy-beaming. Come with. Let’s go!

PLUGGED IN and Turnt Up
I’ll save a seat for you in the cut.

Visit the Chandler Center for The Arts website for more info:

The EXTANT of things…

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Extant dillusionsIt’s a good thing I brought up EXTANT, because tonight is a 2-hour broadcast.
Set your DVR and do set it fast,
for on the EAST COAST, it has already started
and less than an hour from now, it’ll all be departed.

Are you watching?

Also, in keeping with the loose meaning of EXTANT
I think the perfect segue is “breath versus pant.”

So you survive Hump Day during the 9-5,
duly thanking glad that you’re still alive

then just at 5, a new list of demands —
please be reminded to breathe and not pant.

Panting will surely cause your blood pressure to rise.
Instead breathe and exhale the most creative surprise.

Surprise yourself in your work-ethic response;
Consider yourself a skilled fish in an pretty quaint pond.

Remember it’s your duty to survive and surpass all.
Let EXTANT be your new beck that seekers do call.

Plugged IN Concert 2014Suit up! There’s a party going down and QUI FILMS will be reeling the mix!
Please tell me you’re coming out to Chandlers PLUGGED IN Concert event?

It’s free to the public, so if you’re going to be in the Phoenix metroplex
you definitely want to click this link and come out to JAM and connect.

Plenty of networking will be in the house – for networking is way cool.
Come out and meet the good folks at Green World or Rock n Roll High School.

Come ROCK OUT to the teen bands that you’ve surely heard
will be performing Friday night along side of INJURY RESERVE.

Yes! I will be in the house. Friday is only several hours away,
I’m Qui
and we can’t get to Friday without a little mid week word play.

is the word of the day!
(drop in on the show too)

A Handful of Tuesday

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Heidi stars in The Car Wash 2014Day 1 has passed — you’re so not a beginner!
Be like Heidi today, and show up as a spinner.

Inspired by everything chique and posh,
Heidi is inspired by the coin op car wash.

I suppose it’s an okay look – if you’re not from a suburban hood.
Otherwise, the choice is a hot faux pas and that can not be good.

Twirl, twirl,twirl. Twirl away your mundane troubles,
But if you’re not Heidi, this garment will yield you double.

Fashion or not, the USA can be quite the supportive nation,
so join your favorite celeb in donating to the ALS Association.

Tyler Perry has done it, and Ben Affleck has joined the likes.
Their challenging all to donate after succumbing to a bucket of ice.

When folks need assistance, toss economics and say screw it!
Donating has never been so fun, watch Oprah and Kerri do it:

ALS Ice Challenge 2014

It’s always good to be a good friend and to be there for those who you love, until the end, 
So whilst you’re considering the ALS challenge – think of the co-found Corey Griffin.

After raising thousands of dollars in recent weeks for an ALS suffering friend,
He dove off of a Nantuckett establishment into Straight Wharf and to his end.

TaHandsUP DontShootke a moment of silence for Corey and then bend a knee in kind for Michael Brown.  
The violence in Ferguson County continues to thrive and every night, mayhem goes down.

It ought not be a racial issue. Officer Wilson knows what he did.
I’d like to think folks would take to the street, if he’d shot any race of kid.

However, as of late, the trigger happy, seem to point, aim and shoot at target: black.
Pray for Mike’s Mom, like you would your own – they’d give anything to have him back.

I’m grateful to have life and good health today.
I’m grateful for helpful folk that do cross my way.

I’m grateful to have a voice, especially on the WordPress mic,
I’m Qui
taking nothing for granted
, in this present thang’ called LIFE.

One day you’re here and the next day you’re gone.
Happy Tuesday kinfolk – jam this UGK song:

Erotically Speaking

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2014 qui reps 2004_frame

I’ve been ‘doing it’ since I was 25 – it’s genius and sick,
I dress in lingerie and spit about LIFE and POLITICS.

The events always sell out, I’m for the people. I’m with you.
You’d be delighted to find, it’s a call to the mind, and many relate to what I do.

Today is a special day for me – there’ll be no politicin.’
Today is my birthday, and for the LIVE STAGE I’m itchin. ‘

I’m people and vibe digging … we’re all mature here.
I just want to spit a few bars for the par and hear the people cheer.

I want to know where your minds is? I want to know what you’re doing in life?
I want to know if you’re still grown enough to burn the oil, no toil, at midnight?

Are you still with me? Put the kids to bed.
I’ve got a word to share – it’s a call to the head.

Put your thinking caps on and call them Jimmy, if you want to.
I just want to know there’s still a clear channel between me and you.
Us two… we used to…
Ooo! What we’d do…


Do you remember Qui Entertainment in 2004?
When eroticism was kicking down the door
and my finger tips, lips and hips,
those Freudian slips… If I was liquor I’d be a strong sip.

Yes sir.
Do stir
and sit a while.
Ooo child.
This grown folks stuff is so very, very mild.

My literary wilds.
Give them a punned thought and they’ll make you smile.

I miss you.
Had to stop and kiss you
and tell you,

It’s my birthday baby! It ain’t nothing you can’t handle,
I’m Qui
Keeping it 100. Thanks for helping me blow out these candles.

This birthday is twice endearing to my heart
It’s the decade mark of Qui Entertaiment’s start.

We go way back.
I’m a grateful kat.

Kiss-Kiss, Meow
and Ciao, for now.

A Happier Intent

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As my birthday rolls around and I prepare to celebrate,
I recognize there are others who cease to resonate…

Robin Williams fell by the way side — headlines read “Comic down!”
And don’t forget to send up a prayer for the slained teen, Michael Brown.

Life is short, I’ve seen and heard.
Depression kills,” says Iago, the bird.

Cops killing unarmed black men is also a hot topic.
God forbid and karma is real. Dear officer, please stop it.

August is the month of good times and fun,
Yesterday has passed, it’s time to get you some.

Wallow not in the sorrows of the day or the moment.
Just give it to God — He’s already on it.

A Happier Intent is what I have charted.
I’m that Leo miss, all inclusive; big hearted.

Sometimes guarded, but I’ve learned to let them down.
Good recognizes good and I give “Good” a pound.

Today is Hump Day, and I can not complain
I woke up in Arizona to thunder and rain.

What a rare moment this is, I am happy for sure.
God knew we were dry, so he sent us a cure.

A Happier Intent, I’ve got great plans today.
There’s just 2 more days before my birthday.

I’m excited about it all – I’m ready to ball. Yep! Yep!
I’m ready to sing CALIFORNIA like my man Mos Def:

I’m going to take my celebration further west
A Happier Intent deserves Cali’s best.

This hump day deserves a compassionate understanding,
I’m Qui
and a Happier time is what I’m commanding. 🙂

I love me some LEO’s

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Painting by REED HOUSTON © 2014

Painting by REED HOUSTON © 2014 – Click the pic to visit his work.

I can’t say enough about my Summer loves,
all of the co-mingling and all of the hugs.

Summers have always been my favorite season,
August 15th is my primary reason.

I’m a sunshine baby – don’t you know?
Meow and Prrr, I am Ms. Leo.

The weekend was great – a real sonic boom!
I’ve been misbehaving myself in the LEO’s ONLY room.

I love me some LEO’s, we are very entertaining folk.
We’re full of advice, be it warm or nice and known to yank your yolk.

We love you tho, and we love you big.
Do us wrong and it we’ll split your wig.

Oh. I kid – we’re nice people, not quick to fight, we roar.
And when it comes to reaping success, those LEO’s are charged to score!

I love me some LEO’s – it’s an all encompassing thang’,
Those Lionesses run the yard, those Leo males rule the mane.

Loyal to the bone, we prefer to rule the heart.
Quick on the take – Leo’s are known for being smart.

We’re known for being sarcastic, quick witted and quipped with words.
I’m Qui
And I love me some LEO’s. Good morning world, and now you’ve heard.

As not to be completely bias, I do want you to know,
I also love those Pisces, Sagittarius’, and Virgo’s.