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Erotically Speaking

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on August 15, 2014 at 9:28 am

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I’ve been ‘doing it’ since I was 25 – it’s genius and sick,
I dress in lingerie and spit about LIFE and POLITICS.

The events always sell out, I’m for the people. I’m with you.
You’d be delighted to find, it’s a call to the mind, and many relate to what I do.

Today is a special day for me – there’ll be no politicin.’
Today is my birthday, and for the LIVE STAGE I’m itchin. ‘

I’m people and vibe digging … we’re all mature here.
I just want to spit a few bars for the par and hear the people cheer.

I want to know where your minds is? I want to know what you’re doing in life?
I want to know if you’re still grown enough to burn the oil, no toil, at midnight?

Are you still with me? Put the kids to bed.
I’ve got a word to share – it’s a call to the head.

Put your thinking caps on and call them Jimmy, if you want to.
I just want to know there’s still a clear channel between me and you.
Us two… we used to…
Ooo! What we’d do…


Do you remember Qui Entertainment in 2004?
When eroticism was kicking down the door
and my finger tips, lips and hips,
those Freudian slips… If I was liquor I’d be a strong sip.

Yes sir.
Do stir
and sit a while.
Ooo child.
This grown folks stuff is so very, very mild.

My literary wilds.
Give them a punned thought and they’ll make you smile.

I miss you.
Had to stop and kiss you
and tell you,

It’s my birthday baby! It ain’t nothing you can’t handle,
I’m Qui
Keeping it 100. Thanks for helping me blow out these candles.

This birthday is twice endearing to my heart
It’s the decade mark of Qui Entertaiment’s start.

We go way back.
I’m a grateful kat.

Kiss-Kiss, Meow
and Ciao, for now.