A jamming weekend

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FALLBACK was 1 of the 9 bands that reigned at The 2014 PLUGGED IN Concert. Website broadcast COMING SOON.

FALLBACK was 1 of the 9 bands that reigned at The 2014 PLUGGED IN Concert and they ROCKED the house! Web broadcast COMING SOON.

Friday night, was the PLUGGED IN Concert showcasing 9 bands of reign–
then Sunday brought with it, talent and gimmick via those VMA’s.

I jammed my way right though it; rock, popped and rapped out loud.
The youth know best, no need to stress – it’s what their music is all about.

Fun, fun and more fun. It’s quite the nifty trick
It’s what they do when they’re with their crews – no word of politics.

And that’s a good thing to me. They’ll get to it soon enough.
Cherish the days of fun and raves, before politics comes up.

A jamming weekend has no limit, to any particular age.
Please feel free to skip NEWS TV to get down at a get-together or rave.

Let go and think about nothing. Like you used to when you were a child.
Lifes mundanity hails its vanity – though I bid you to let go and go wild.
Ooo child.

Life is whatever we make it.
If you have an opportunity to jam – do take it.

Post A jamming weekend dashes in a winning Monday.
I’m Qui
Jamming productively – and encouraging you to press play.

Start with this JAM of the day:

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 8.56.55 PM
A jamming weekend

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