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Life is a Game that must be Played.

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Especially if you are on the Cowboys roster. How ’bout them Cowboys today?!!!!

CowboysWIN Sept28_2014

Fab5Freddy coined the phrase for me in 2006
and I’ve watched its thruth all in Lifes mix.

Yesterday was a good day, because my COWBOYS drove the lead,
and got many of Americas fans higher than sour kush weed.

Question not thee of my knowledge of seed, though what you should really know,
is besides my dad having cancer, the Cowboys found the answer and delivered the the gold.

Yes. Good game is to be sold and they sold the game yesterday.
They hit-it again, they gave us a win and today is another good day.

And Life is in motion already, post Saturdays early morning bump.
Yes, the cross country coach and I had words – the situation was verbally crunk.

It was 6am so we weren’t drunk, but we did disagree,
She was bullying my kid, and I couldn’t let that be.

I reminded her to act professional and not treat the kids so personally.
She’s “the mean coach, who never lets it go,” and that doesn’t work for me.

Kids tip toe’ing around her, because she’ll kick you off of the team.
I had words with her and removed the threading at the seams.

Not only would she not stress my kid out beyond this point,
but I asked my kid to disrobe the uniform, so we could exit the joint.

I also requested of the coach a meeting with her and the athletic director,
that’s when she ‘Jeckle and Hyded’ me with this change in mood deflector:

Coach A: Qui, why don’t we just drop this and we let your kid get back on the bus.
What? I’m thinking to myself, after you just made a molehill a fuss?

ME: Coach, you don’t want her to go. She aggravates you on site. Every time you see her you see opportunity to bully.

The coach denied what I said, but then several athletes got off the bus to corroborate the foul actions of the coach towards my daughter, as well as another student. Again, I requested the meeting with the athletic director.

Coach A: Qui, let’s forget this happened. Your kid is back on the team.
She then beckoned for my kid to get on the bus.
ME: (To my kid) Why go? She doesn’t want you to go. She doesn’t even like you. It’s up to you. Do you really feel comfortable going with her?
KID: No. Personally, I really don’t.
Coach A: Come on. Get on the bus. We’ll let this go.

My kid looked at the Coach, as was I, and you could see the underlying desperation in her eyes to let this go, but she had been so foul up until the point I asked for the meeting. The kid, out of compassion for a situation looking bad for the coach, said, I’ll go.

Before I could get home, my kid texted me and said once she stepped up onto the bus everyone applauded her. She also texted that Coach A entered the bus after her and set directly behind her while the applause was going on. After Coach A sat down, she bowed her head and started crying.

I felt horrible about the stresses the coach must be under, but it is not okay to bully children in any capacity when you are in an authoritative position. My kid said the coach did not make eye contact with her during the entire meet. When I picked my kid up from the meet, she said,

KID: Mom, the boys and girls cross country team members said you are their hero!

I’m behind the wheel, at at light, leaving her school, when she says this, then she starts smiling and waving, beyond my view. I turn to the left, (towards the drivers window) and I see a car sitting next to me, with a (white) lady and a cross country athlete (girl in uniform like my daughters) in the front seat, they are both smiling big and waving at me. I smile even bigger and wave back. I turn to my daughter and said,

ME: What’s going on?
KID: I told you mom. You were the talk of the meet. They said you are their hero. So many parents have had to speak to her about her behavior, and she’s always denied it, or found someway to divert further action. I’m so glad you’re having that meeting with the athletic director.

Me… thinking to myself. ‘Oh my. I think the Coach just asked me to drop the meeting?’

I don’t think the coach is going to schedule the meeting. I’m not wanting to add to her stresses, however, I am a filmmaker, so I did film the conversation that we had Saturday morning at 6am just in case there is a future meeting and we need to recall the moment.

I’m not sure if the cross country team took the win Saturday, but I chalked it up to a win in progress. Hopefully the coach will take the 2-week fall break (that we are on) and relax, think and regroup. The children love her and we, (the parents) love her for her coaching efforts, but not ever at the expense of undue stresses being incurred by our athletes or herself.

Together we’ll work this thing out. I am in for the WIN!

football divider

Happy Monday WordPress kin.
I’m back on the scene to ‘do it again.’

I’m back on the scene permeating a blue hue.
I’m happy as all get out – talking to you.

I’m busy on my editing job. I’m busy loving my neighbor.
I’m busy smiling and nodding my head, emitting encouraging vapors.

I’m a huge Monday lover. Laugh out loud [w/me] and give me a )))HUG(((,
I’m Qui
Happy about the WINS. Standing firm on ground – not ever the rug.

Fab5Freddy said,
“Life is a Game that must be PLAYED”

And history says yesterday, ye ol’ Saints got slayed.

The Sweetest…

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Sometimes I rock this jam
picturing me as the starring ham
that’s all in love.
Far from Sir Prince’s crying dove

Framing this day with no invoking beef.
Today I feel like 1998 – Ms. Lauren of Fugee.
Ooo wee and yes indeed.
So sweet.

Beyond what happened to the strength of her career
Life is still hers, so for that — I yield a cheer!

LaurenHill Love2014

Warm as the sun dipped in black…”
I listen, reminisce and admire the days back…

Sweet prince of the ghetto.”
Good MEMORIES taste like Armoretto.


This day is shaping up early to be one of the sweetest,
I’m Qui
with arms wide open, ready to love, sip and heed this.

It’s a moment.
Dare you feel and jump on it?

It’s The Sweetest thing…

Being fed beyond the good egg…

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Egg whites vs Whole EggsI opened the breakfast menu and couldn’t quite decide
if I’d like white or whole eggs– scrambled or fried.

Then mom looks up, with her stylish specs on her nose,
and shared with me an article that an ‘egg-head’ had wrote.

It wasn’t about taste preference or the style of my breakfast delight,
but an informative piece about WHOLE EGGS vs. the WHITES.
And the author writes:

“There’s this persistent idea that we need to lower blood cholesterol by lowering the cholesterol we eat, but as research has evolved, it’s shown that dietary cholesterol doesn’t have a big impact on blood cholesterol,” says Precision Nutrition coach Brian St. Pierre, MS, RD, CSCS. “There are many corroborating human trials, but in one by Dr. Jeff Volek at University of Connecticut, subjects ate three eggs a day every day for 12 weeks and had no significant increase in blood cholesterol.”

Our bodies produce cholesterol naturally, it’s a key component in the structure of our cells, but how the body handles dietary cholesterol is even more interesting in light of the AHA’s recommendation: “There’s a feedback loop,” explains St. Pierre. “When you eat more cholesterol, your body will absorb less cholesterol and produce less. Conversely, when you eat less cholesterol, it will absorb a higher percentage and produce more.” [Ref. Source:]

Pretty interesting stuff! I was so glad to read…
then I ordered my eggs in the fashion that I pleased.

My breakfast was great. The establishment yielded a substantial feed,
I’m Qui
Happy HUMP DAY to thee! I had to ‘egg you‘ with the read.
Interested in knowing more? Check the link: Should you stop ordering egg whites?

A Cool Monday

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A Cool Monday 20140922I woke up this morning to no alarms,
yawning to the wake of natures charms.

I’m out here in Chanlder, a Phoenix neighborhood
where the heat of brimstone is always good.

Me? Go outside? In the summertime? I wish I would.
I take D3 — avoiding a deficiency — is understood.

Though as Fall approaches the desert, the mornings are again grand.
About 8 months out of a year, Arizona feels like an island.

But if we’ll just rewind to a morning last week,
I could have used this beauty at our triple digit peeks:

DIY A/C — $40

Now make no mistake about it, it will be hot this evening still.
I’ve got central a/c, so it’s no thang to me, but $40 to avoid heat is CHILL!

And so it’s Monday again. Filled with promise and opportunity.
I wore the weekend out! I did little else but ME.

My kid was away on a senior trip with the cross country team
and me and my sweetheart journeyed Phoenix, seam-to-seam.

We went and we saw; exploring the city’s dimensional show
and ended up in the cut of one fantastic: PAPA JOE’S.

You don’t know? Oh! I’m from the South and it’s been my mouths wish
every since I’ve been in the desert, to find some steady catfish.

There are no catfish farms around here. In this heat? They wouldn’t survive.
But upon finding PAPA JOE’S FISH-N-QUE, my dreams ‘came all-the-way LIVE.

No jive. I ate at the dive. I had a good time.
Will I go back? As sure as I’m writing this rhyme!

Ooo good lawd, the weekend was good to me, and I didn’t touch ‘the reel.’
I had a good time, the sun was on shine and the a/c stayed on chill.

I also mingled at BOURBON JACKS to see a friend off to another state.
I was sure to sip the cape cod but forwent ordering a plate.

The benefits were great!
I work hard, and then play.

1-day of rest, congregate and pray
and ti’s my journey to this Cool Monday.

I won’t need a sweater, this morning is sure to warm up.
I’m Qui
Enjoying the breeze with a little CAFE BUSTELO in my cup.

Opportunity is yours. Sip-sip it up!

a cup of jo
peace and love.

Sore GUMS yield No Yum

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Not this gum... MY GUMS!

Not the GUM I’m talking about tho…

It’s been since May that I’ve been dealing with the issue of sore gums. I’ve been dating my dentist, steadily this year, as I had several cavities that survived the recession with me — so I definitely wanted to take care of those.

While dating the DDS, she informs me that I need 2 gold crowns on the lower/rear right and left molars. They were shot. So she filled quite a few cavities in one day and scheduled out the two crowns. I had one installed in May and one in June and my gums have been unbelievably sensitive every since. At one point they were so sore, that I was barely chewing my food before swallowing and developed the worst case of indigestion pain. It felt a lot like IBS because the food was not broken down properly for stomach process. I took Probiotic Digestive Enzymes for a few days and they broke down the food and assisted in painless passage. However, the sore gums persisted and eating food became more and more of a luxury. I imagine my attitude suffered quite a bit as well, I remember snapping at my kid and hubby when they complimented me on the dinner that I had prepared that I could not eat. After I apologized for my rudeness I made a smoothie and went to bed.

Well, we are now in the month of September and my gums are sorely beyond approach — with any type of food. Even bread is too coarse of a chew. You’d think I’d be on my way to changing my name to “Skinny,” given that I’m not eating as well as I normally would, but the truth is, I’m still as amp as I was before all of this happened, so no dice on changing my nick name. 🙂

So last night the pain kicked up strong while I was eating a bean and cheese burrito.  I could only eat half of it before hitting GOOGLE to see WT?. Am I allergic to burritos? On the contrary.

Long story short, at 10:22pm last night, I researched food allergies, and found nothing. Then I researched medication allergies, because I’m an asthmatic and take a rescue inhaler whenever necessary, not to mention the occasional ibuprofen and over the counter [OTC] sinus medication.  I have had asthma and poor sinus’ forever and have been taking the aforementioned meds at least for 2 decades on-and-off. So what has changed? What is new? I totally forgot about the new medicine my old doctor put me on in January of this year. I left her practice this Spring and found a new doc that doesn’t quite believe in over medicating when there’s a natural fix to prevent an issue [blood pressure and cholesterol]: diet and fitness. The new medications written to me were Amlodipine Besylate and Atorvastatin.

I don’t have a long history of high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels, but because of my Grandmothers history with the following conditions coupled by diabetes, I am a perfect candidate to follow suit (per DNA).  After 2-years of on-and-off, slightly elevated blood pressure and high triglycerides I decided to “give in” and take the pills my former doc advised me to take.   It takes a while to fully get into your system. They have been in my system for 9 months now and I have been having problems with my gums for the last 4 months, but chronically for the last 21-days.  Sore gums are a side effect of the prescribed drugs.

Thank God for the drive of research to know thyself. I was relentless in finding out what was going on with my body. I kept going back to my DDS office and she was over-the-top with kindness (at absolutely NO CHARGE) for the last 2 visits, because she’s genuinely concerned about my comfort level. Dr. Hilarry Douglas is the best!   Still, what I have not done is told my new physician/doctor about the sore gums, because I was so sure it was a dental issue.  That doesn’t seem to be the case a all in light of the new drug interaction information I’ve dug up.


Just when I thought the my teeth were failing
I researched my meds and then gripped the railing.

For at least 2 long months, I have been doing my thang,
out in public, trying to tough-it, while my gums were inflamed.

I knew not the cause and considered it a food allergy,
but it was nothing of the sort – it’s my medicine history.

I’m not sure what will become of the meds, my Doc doesn’t like them anyway,
I’m Qui
Working out and eating smarter. Ain’t no room for “medicate.”

Time to get on the GAZELLE burn some calories and play.
To you, sweetheart, Have a winning and knowledgable day.

Me? With new wrinkles in my brain, I’m well on my way.
Knowledge of self – Live your best life today!

PS… This is pertinent information to combat the sore gum route,
I started oil pulling, with coconut oil in my mouth.

It truly works wonders, if you’re mouth is tenderly sore.
It eradicated most bacteria and I wasn’t in as much pain anymore.

Following my morning and evening oil pull, I’d rinse with warm water and salt.
Good old sodium cleaned it up and commanded the tenderness to halt.

I also used ground cloves as instant anesthesia
It worked better than any RX. I call it an instant pleaser.

Before you shove that old iPhone up…

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Shove it up into your JUNK DRAWER into an intimate corner of your JUNK DRAWER – please consider what future use it may be good for. While watching GOOD MORNING AMERICA this morning, Becky Worley explored the uses of our old iPhones as Apple prepares to unveil the iPhone6.

A new phone — it’s like Christmas! And your old phone? Yeah, you just put it in a drawer, never to be used again. Right? But hold on, this thing is still a really powerful device. Jennifer Jolly (USA Today) says don’t retire it – repurpose it.

Jennifer: Don’t ever throw that old phone away. There’s so much that you can do with it.

1. Start with NAVIGATION: The HUDAWAY App. It lets you download a roadmap from home and then it projects directions onto your windshield.

2. Next – Want to keep tabs on your home remotely? Well the iPhone still has wifi access and a pretty good camera..

Jennifer: So, you could  buy a $300 security camera or you could just use your old iPhone.

3. The PRESENCE App fires up when there’s motion and it sends you alerts, pictures and videos. Smart!

4. Beyond burglars what about keeping tabs on your baby? The CLOUD BABY MONITOR App runs off of any device with wifi and a camera including an iPhone or even an old tablet, and you monitor it from your new phone.

Jennifer: You can do things like record video, you can turn on music so that it plays a lullaby, you can talk to them.

Now think about the future, lots of new devices are coming out for a smart home that’s wifi connected. From music systems to temperature control to lighting — all of these are controlled by your phone.

What if you and your device are out of the house what do Grandma and the babysitter do? Well, goto the old phone. Remember your old iPhone has a huge hard drive. Great for permanent music stations, also keep in mind that you can find similar apps that do the same things on Android phones. So don’t put your old phone out to pasture put it to work.” [original broadcast – Today 9/17/14]

home divider

Good morning WordPress kin!  I’m at it again
considering replacing my 2nd iPhone friend.

I’ve long been an APPLE fan; product manufacturing was the best.
I own 5 iPhones, spanning a couple of generations; varying in depths.

I own an efficient iPhone 4 and reliable AT&T 4S.
Though all three of my 5S’s seem to rock capacity best.

Unfortunately as of late, iPhone has been falling off and I’ve got fears,
because I’ve only had this last 5S for less than two years.

17-months, to be exact, and it’s already falling apart,
Siri loses her way in GPS regardless my charting the start.

The operating system is moving terribly slow and my recent call list is inaccurate.
Though I do have a nice case and microfiber towel, that makes it look immaculate.

Just like the other iPhone 4’s that were replaced by my (dimming) iPhone 5’s,
I am being hooked by Galaxy’s look: their smooth operating system & design.

I don’t think an iPhone 6 will make it into my household, this time,
thus I’m excited about it’s future uses grind.

Not sure about the Samsung Galaxy either, I’m merely on the browse,
I’m Qui
Before you shove that old iPhone away, consider PRESENCE, HUDAWAY, or CLOUD.

MARVEL’ed at the Diversity

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Did you check out the video? If you did, now you know,
that Ol’ Spiderman has a different melanin glow.

He’s still ol’ ‘Spidey‘  with the capacity to quick-web his foes,
but it won’t be Peter Parker in the future Marvel shows.

His name is MILES MORALES and I like the characters view.
I’m MARVEL’ed at the diversity. I think it’s pretty cool.

Thank you MARVEL COMICS for characterizing the real world.
I’m also intrigued at the character birth of the heroine Muslim girl.

Ms. Marvel – Kamala Kahn is but a teen heroine, herself.
I appreciate Marvel for shaping tomorrow and doing so in stealth.

Well, I suppose, it’s not “in stealth,” because surely everyone can see,
but comic book fans don’t include prejudice bans – they rock in unity.

We all should take a page from Marvel, and give it an honest run.
I truly appreciate the beauty and diversity that exists at COMICON.

Leave it to Stan Lee and Marvel – they are so progressive-bound.
Gosh I love ’em so much that I had to give them a pound .

My name is Qui
and you can call me “Easy,” —
for I truly am MARVEL’ed at MARVEL’s Diversity.

Photo Credit:  AP

Photo Credit: AP


Interviewed by the future – For future use

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The ChildrenCurious Teen: Is partying all that you do Ms. Qui?

Ms. Qui: Pretty much.

Curious Teen: But how? How do you do it?

Ms. Qui: It’s all in the way that you set it up, my dear.

Curious Teen: Set what up?

Ms. Qui: Life.

Besides being an energetic, creative free-spirit that reels exciting personalities in all day, I am indeed an avid partier.  And to be honest, I really can’t help myself. Life is so… exciting!

blue_diamond divider

The kid sat upright, lifted his brow and  erected his back,
he said, “Ms. Qui. I love the fact that you get down like that.

Whenever I think of you, in my creative minds eye,
I think ‘Jabbawockee’ — [from that Star Wars sci-fi].”

Oh my!“, I responded, “A Jabbawockee? How could it be?”
I know them from blowing up Randy Jackson’s  ABCD.

I was a fan of the dancing Jabbawockeez, so I broke into a dance move.
He stopped me and said, “That’s what I’m talking about — you’re all party and groove!”

I replied, “I don’t understand what you mean by the parallel that you’ve made.”
He said “Those tiny bears on Star Wars – they were all party and little behave.”

He continued to say, “I’ve been watching you, and quite a lot,
and I’d love to posses a fraction of the zest that you’ve got.”

The Jabbawockee inside of me is apparently vibrant, alive and awake.
A master at the art of living, draws little distinction between his work and play.

My work is so much fun; the obvious enjoyment can not be hid.
I thank God, I am blessed to work “reel production” with the most talented of kids.
Disney’s not the only one that can identify an adolescent whiz!

He’s actually looking at my life and charting his vibrant and productive future.
There’s a bit of a gap between adults and teens, though Ms. QUI’s view is a suture.

Ooo yeah! I like the way he sees me, no need to bear hues of bitter blue,
I’m Qui
to have been Interviewed by the future – For future use.

It’s the weekend babies! Let’s party like…
a Jabbawockee!
No worries. You Deserve it!

Like white on RICE… Ray Rice.

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This ain't the rice Unc' was talking about...

This ain’t the rice Unc’ was talking about…

When Whoopi Goldberg came under fire for the comments she made on THE VIEW about ladies not putting their hands on men, I understood her position and seconded the wisdom. We were responding to the strongly edited version of Ray Rice’s [then] fiancé falling face first from the elevator after “allegedly” being in a back-and-forth [hand-to-hand] altercation with Ray inside of the elevator. The footage was shown from the outside as the couple entered the elevator, then again from the outside as the doors opened again and Janay (the fiancé’) fell face first into the lobby.

The headlines implied that that was all of the footage available for review and so the story took off in a half hearted light. I agreed with Whoopi that women should not lean on chivalry when you decide to lunge and belt a dude, especially a burly dude. I don’t condone fighting so if I can advise a young girl or two to keep her hands to herself, I will. However, that was not the case with Janay Rice.

Once inside of the elevator, it appears that while Janay is pressing the elevator buttons, when Ray Rice approaches her, closely. Janay flails her left arm as if to ward him off (sacred space). Ray then throws a left jab that lightly brushes Janay’s head, but only because she stepped out of the swing of the punch (stepped to her left). After Rays near-miss swing, he steps back and Janay, comes towards him, with her purse strap on her right shoulder, before she gets into Rays face good, he swings another left punch, that lands smack in the center of Janay’s jaw and it’s LIGHTS OUT baby! Janay’s lifeless body hits the steel railing at the rear of the elevator and she goes down. Out cold. It is only then, that the elevator doors open and Ray aggravatingly lifts Janay by the waist and drags her half way out of the elevator doors, then he drops her, face down in the lobby w/her legs still in the door way of the elevator. In fact, the elevator doors attempted to close, but Janay’s legs deterred the action.

Thanks TMZ Sports! Had TMZ not obtained the rest of the hotel footage and leaked it to the press, the NFL and Ray Rice would have gotten away with implying that Janay attacked Ray on the elevator and that Ray HAD TO knock her out to stop her attacks. Nope. That absolutely did not happen and now Ray looks like a monster. I think he might be. He had very little regard for his fiancé as she layed out cold on the floor from his punch. In an attempt to further suppress the truth , Ray did a televised press conference before the release of the full video footage and apologized to his teammates and fans whilst Janay was sitting next to him, shouldering half the blame (yes – she made an apology statement too).

Why would Janay shoulder half the blame? This is what has women up in arms today. Why would the NFL, and any other aiding counsel advise Janay to attend the conference and shoulder the blame of Ray Rice beating her up and it being caught on video?

I am not pleased with the NFL today and Ray Rice is a coward.

Even after the remainder of the video footage surfaced and the Ravens cut Ray and the NFL suspended him for a year, he continues to say, “He and his wife are working this out.” He and his wife? If Ray doesn’t see that he is 95% of the problem in this domestic abuse situation, I don’t think I trust his clarity of mind or moral. His lame attempt to act as if both, he and Janay, are to blame for him cold clocking Janay is shameful. It is not the stance of a strong man. It is the stance of cowering soul. The “I’m not taking all of the blame, because you know I have a temper,” excuse is a pussy.


Ray is lucky that Janay is not my sister and that my brother is not her brother, because my brother would be on that Like white on RICE… Ray Rice. Method Man agrees with me and you know how Solange Knowles acts when you mess with her sister. So…

Suddenly a ray breaks through past-headlines and shines a new and respectful light on JayZ and his response to Solange kicking the guts out of him a few months back, because he was perusing to “side chick” a Miami rapper, Liv. It was unnerving seeing Bey’s little sister wailed on the rap mogul, but at least, he did not wail back or cold clock her. Now, on that note, a few years back (2009-2010) there was a gif circulation social media where Jigga slap/tapped a chick who was clowning in his face (holding him up), as he appeared to be exiting a venue via back stage, or behind the scene. There wasn’t ever much of a story that followed that gif, but it exists, there were no bruises, retaliation or need for legal council or rehab. Obviously Jigga keeps his hands in his pocket and is excellent with his mouth. Congrats Beyonce! Enjoy that.

We’re praying for Janay.

football divider

My goodness gracious, that ran me hot.
I was just beginning to like the NFL a lot.

LADIES: Roger Goodell is testing our patience,
by insulting our intelligence and I, for one, hate it.

Campaigning for more ‘WOMEN [to] Love the NFL’ and selling us jerseys
while watching Ray Rice’s assault surveillance tape and deciding to bury.

My, oh my. And you want me to believe
the NFL had not seen
the video tape acquired by TMZ?

You can tell by Ray’s actions, that he’s done this before,
because his immediate response was NOT to drop to the floor

to check on Janay, or take her vital signs.
It’s as if this was “a norm” in the state of his mind.

So many times,
the tape has been on rewind
and replaying in my mind…
I conclude Ray Rice ain’t too kind.

He ain’t too strong neither.
When Janay apologized, I didn’t believe her.

She’s a battered woman. A bit confused in her thoughts.
Ray punched the merchandise, and 1-month later, he bought.

This is life, not a bodega and if you punch her, you go to jail.
I’m Qui
Forgoing Uncle Bens, Ray Rice and the got doggit NFL.

They’ve got nothing for me but merchandise sell.
Go to hell…

PARTY’ing with INTEL Nerds – [a tale to be heard]

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INTEL Party Sept5_2014So I’m coming up on year 4, residing here in Arizona and mingling with INTEL,
and Friday night, they threw a party that captivated me, for quite a spell.

My date is an INTEL family member and I know that you’ve heard,
I’ve got a thing forhigh intellect, back-pack wearing nerds.’

Those fashionable cargo shorts – that they all love to wear
Is a no-no in other professions, but for nerds, they are fair.

Now, back at the party — I attended on a Friday night,
The nerds were dressed up, the ballroom decorum was tight,

My date went to fetch me a Cape Code – shaken over ice,
when a dude looking-to-dance approached me — looking nice

His name was Larry and he’s been employed w/INTEL for 8 years.
His dancing moves, were quite the groove and I found myself in cheer.

The moment we hit the dance floor, Larry did a 360 spin,
that’s when I knew, this evening was going to be a sure win.

How long has it been since Larry enjoyed a good party?
I, too, let loose to party-produce and we rocked it! Good Lordy!

The DJ was ok. He wasn’t consistently on ‘jam throttle,’
but he did start the party off by spinning V.I.C.’s WOBBLE!

Apparently in these parts,
many are taking to heart

that while AZFSM is inside most gadgets, they know how to throw a good shindig too.
After all, they’re the one’s who hosted President Obama when he came through.

That was in 2012 and I attended that too!
INTEL has got it going on like Wooo!

My dates name is Dedric and he’s a good soul,
He watched me work the dance floor and applauded my rhythm stroll.

I’m originally from Dallas, and parties go hard in the South,
jamming from Uncle Luke, Lil Jon and V.I.C.’s party mouth.

If you’re into line dancing and the WOBBLE, you should’ve come out Friday night.
I’m enjoying INTEL in AZ. Their calendar shindigs are quite the delight.

PARTY’ing with INTEL Nerds – is where the fun truly resides,
I’m Qui
and Good Monday Morning! From the weekend, I am still high.

I networked, DANCED and enjoyed good vibes.
PARTYing with INTEL Nerds is all-the-way LIVE!

Qui @ President Obama LIVE SPEECH at Intel 1-25-12

Qui @ President Obama LIVE SPEECH at Intel 1-25-12