Feeling Nostalgic

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Casa Blanca

Remember CASA BLANCA!!!

Happy Friday to you! (right off the back)
I woke up this morning feeling a Casa Blanca track.

I woke up this morning, a reminiscent “cinematic ma’am,”
and rolled over to my guy and said, “Play it again Sam.”



.divider blk_southHe doesn’t play the piano and he doesn’t sing either,
but when it comes to nostalgic romance, he’s a giver – I’m a receiver.

He didn’t sing the hook, but he did hum the song.
Life is good on this Friday. We’ve got it going on!

I’m Feeling Nostalgic about November. Believe or not I’m still crying.
The kids are in mourn too… to be strong for them, I am trying.

There’s no denying, I’d like to take him for one more walk,
or sit on the porch while he listens and I talk.
He was a such great listener, he never squawked. 🙂

I’m doing much better today. I am one rebounding Moma.
Still, I woke up feeling that joint by Sam in Casa Blanca.

What’s on your mind today? Express yourself through dance, song and write,
I’m Qui
Feeling Nostalgic… and that’s okay, for now. Right?

Enjoy the weekend,
I’ll spend the next 24-hours NETWORKING with friends.
Ciao bella, until we meet again…
Qui Kisses

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