MARVEL’ed at the Diversity

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Did you check out the video? If you did, now you know,
that Ol’ Spiderman has a different melanin glow.

He’s still ol’ ‘Spidey‘  with the capacity to quick-web his foes,
but it won’t be Peter Parker in the future Marvel shows.

His name is MILES MORALES and I like the characters view.
I’m MARVEL’ed at the diversity. I think it’s pretty cool.

Thank you MARVEL COMICS for characterizing the real world.
I’m also intrigued at the character birth of the heroine Muslim girl.

Ms. Marvel – Kamala Kahn is but a teen heroine, herself.
I appreciate Marvel for shaping tomorrow and doing so in stealth.

Well, I suppose, it’s not “in stealth,” because surely everyone can see,
but comic book fans don’t include prejudice bans – they rock in unity.

We all should take a page from Marvel, and give it an honest run.
I truly appreciate the beauty and diversity that exists at COMICON.

Leave it to Stan Lee and Marvel – they are so progressive-bound.
Gosh I love ’em so much that I had to give them a pound .

My name is Qui
and you can call me “Easy,” —
for I truly am MARVEL’ed at MARVEL’s Diversity.

Photo Credit:  AP

Photo Credit: AP


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