A Cool Monday

In Communication, Griot, Networking on September 22, 2014 at 9:16 am

A Cool Monday 20140922I woke up this morning to no alarms,
yawning to the wake of natures charms.

I’m out here in a Phoenix neighborhood
where the heat of brimstone is always good.

Me? Go outside? In the summertime? I wish I would.
I take D3 — avoiding a deficiency — is understood.

Though as Fall approaches the desert, the mornings are again grand.
About 8 months out of a year, Arizona feels like an island.

But if we’ll just rewind to a morning last week,
I could have used this beauty at our triple digit peeks:

DIY A/C — $40

Now make no mistake about it, it will be hot this evening still.
I’ve got central a/c, so it’s no thang to me, but $40 to avoid heat is CHILL!

And so it’s Monday again. Filled with promise and opportunity.
I wore the weekend out! I did little else but ME.

My kid was away on a senior trip with the cross country team
and me and my sweetheart journeyed Phoenix, seam-to-seam.

We went and we saw; exploring the city’s dimensional show
and ended up in the cut of one fantastic: PAPA JOE’S.

You don’t know? Oh! I’m from the South and it’s been my mouths wish
every since I’ve been in the desert, to find some steady catfish.

There are no catfish farms around here. In this heat? They wouldn’t survive.
But upon finding this lil FISH-N-QUE, my dreams ‘came all-the-way LIVE.

No jive. I ate at the dive. I had a good time.
Will I go back? As sure as I’m writing this rhyme!

Ooo good lawd, the weekend was good to me, and I didn’t touch ‘the reel.’
I had a good time, the sun was on shine and the a/c stayed on chill.

I also mingled at CANYON JACKS to see a friend off to another state.
I was sure to sip the cape cod but forwent ordering a plate.

The benefits were great!
I work hard, and then play.

1-day of rest, congregate and pray
and ti’s my journey to this Cool Monday.

I won’t need a sweater, this morning is sure to warm up.
I’m Qui
Enjoying the breeze with a little CAFE BUSTELO in my cup.

Opportunity is yours. Sip-sip it up!

a cup of jo
peace and love.

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