Being fed beyond the good egg…

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Egg whites vs Whole EggsI opened the breakfast menu and couldn’t quite decide
if I’d like white or whole eggs– scrambled or fried.

Then mom looks up, with her stylish specs on her nose,
and shared with me an article that an ‘egg-head’ had wrote.

It wasn’t about taste preference or the style of my breakfast delight,
but an informative piece about WHOLE EGGS vs. the WHITES.
And the author writes:

“There’s this persistent idea that we need to lower blood cholesterol by lowering the cholesterol we eat, but as research has evolved, it’s shown that dietary cholesterol doesn’t have a big impact on blood cholesterol,” says Precision Nutrition coach Brian St. Pierre, MS, RD, CSCS. “There are many corroborating human trials, but in one by Dr. Jeff Volek at University of Connecticut, subjects ate three eggs a day every day for 12 weeks and had no significant increase in blood cholesterol.”

Our bodies produce cholesterol naturally, it’s a key component in the structure of our cells, but how the body handles dietary cholesterol is even more interesting in light of the AHA’s recommendation: “There’s a feedback loop,” explains St. Pierre. “When you eat more cholesterol, your body will absorb less cholesterol and produce less. Conversely, when you eat less cholesterol, it will absorb a higher percentage and produce more.” [Ref. Source:]

Pretty interesting stuff! I was so glad to read…
then I ordered my eggs in the fashion that I pleased.

My breakfast was great. The establishment yielded a substantial feed,
I’m Qui
Happy HUMP DAY to thee! I had to ‘egg you‘ with the read.
Interested in knowing more? Check the link: Should you stop ordering egg whites?

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