Life is a Game that must be Played.

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Especially if you are on the Cowboys roster. How ’bout them Cowboys today?!!!!

CowboysWIN Sept28_2014

Fab5Freddy coined the phrase for me in 2006
and I’ve watched its thruth all in Lifes mix.

Yesterday was a good day, because my COWBOYS drove the lead,
and got many of Americas fans higher than sour kush weed.

Question not thee of my knowledge of seed, though what you should really know,
is besides my dad having cancer, the Cowboys found the answer and delivered the the gold.

Yes. Good game is to be sold and they sold the game yesterday.
They hit-it again, they gave us a win and today is another good day.

And Life is in motion already, post Saturdays early morning bump.
Yes, the cross country coach and I had words – the situation was verbally crunk.

It was 6am so we weren’t drunk, but we did disagree,
She was bullying my kid, and I couldn’t let that be.

I reminded her to act professional and not treat the kids so personally.
She’s “the mean coach, who never lets it go,” and that doesn’t work for me.

Kids tip toe’ing around her, because she’ll kick you off of the team.
I had words with her and removed the threading at the seams.

Not only would she not stress my kid out beyond this point,
but I asked my kid to disrobe the uniform, so we could exit the joint.

I also requested of the coach a meeting with her and the athletic director,
that’s when she ‘Jeckle and Hyded’ me with this change in mood deflector:

Coach A: Qui, why don’t we just drop this and we let your kid get back on the bus.
What? I’m thinking to myself, after you just made a molehill a fuss?

ME: Coach, you don’t want her to go. She aggravates you on site. Every time you see her you see opportunity to bully.

The coach denied what I said, but then several athletes got off the bus to corroborate the foul actions of the coach towards my daughter, as well as another student. Again, I requested the meeting with the athletic director.

Coach A: Qui, let’s forget this happened. Your kid is back on the team.
She then beckoned for my kid to get on the bus.
ME: (To my kid) Why go? She doesn’t want you to go. She doesn’t even like you. It’s up to you. Do you really feel comfortable going with her?
KID: No. Personally, I really don’t.
Coach A: Come on. Get on the bus. We’ll let this go.

My kid looked at the Coach, as was I, and you could see the underlying desperation in her eyes to let this go, but she had been so foul up until the point I asked for the meeting. The kid, out of compassion for a situation looking bad for the coach, said, I’ll go.

Before I could get home, my kid texted me and said once she stepped up onto the bus everyone applauded her. She also texted that Coach A entered the bus after her and set directly behind her while the applause was going on. After Coach A sat down, she bowed her head and started crying.

I felt horrible about the stresses the coach must be under, but it is not okay to bully children in any capacity when you are in an authoritative position. My kid said the coach did not make eye contact with her during the entire meet. When I picked my kid up from the meet, she said,

KID: Mom, the boys and girls cross country team members said you are their hero!

I’m behind the wheel, at at light, leaving her school, when she says this, then she starts smiling and waving, beyond my view. I turn to the left, (towards the drivers window) and I see a car sitting next to me, with a (white) lady and a cross country athlete (girl in uniform like my daughters) in the front seat, they are both smiling big and waving at me. I smile even bigger and wave back. I turn to my daughter and said,

ME: What’s going on?
KID: I told you mom. You were the talk of the meet. They said you are their hero. So many parents have had to speak to her about her behavior, and she’s always denied it, or found someway to divert further action. I’m so glad you’re having that meeting with the athletic director.

Me… thinking to myself. ‘Oh my. I think the Coach just asked me to drop the meeting?’

I don’t think the coach is going to schedule the meeting. I’m not wanting to add to her stresses, however, I am a filmmaker, so I did film the conversation that we had Saturday morning at 6am just in case there is a future meeting and we need to recall the moment.

I’m not sure if the cross country team took the win Saturday, but I chalked it up to a win in progress. Hopefully the coach will take the 2-week fall break (that we are on) and relax, think and regroup. The children love her and we, (the parents) love her for her coaching efforts, but not ever at the expense of undue stresses being incurred by our athletes or herself.

Together we’ll work this thing out. I am in for the WIN!

football divider

Happy Monday WordPress kin.
I’m back on the scene to ‘do it again.’

I’m back on the scene permeating a blue hue.
I’m happy as all get out – talking to you.

I’m busy on my editing job. I’m busy loving my neighbor.
I’m busy smiling and nodding my head, emitting encouraging vapors.

I’m a huge Monday lover. Laugh out loud [w/me] and give me a )))HUG(((,
I’m Qui
Happy about the WINS. Standing firm on ground – not ever the rug.

Fab5Freddy said,
“Life is a Game that must be PLAYED”

And history says yesterday, ye ol’ Saints got slayed.

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