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mUsiC. I love you.

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music quintetThen there are those days when you totally want to be alone. Like today. It seems the closer we get to the homegoing of my dear friend Tina Reese, I have been thinking and soul searching, enjoying the details of life, appreciative for everything, and YES – I’m especially appreciative for YOU! )))HUGS(((

mUsiC. I love you, for providing the sound tracks that have helped me to drift off into a more creative mood. Those angry orchards provided the perfect segue into my “zone out” time. You love variety, don’t you? Sure you do. Let’s jam some strange this afternoon. 🙂

Portishead – THE RIP

poRTishead isn’t strange, but this feeling I’m fighting is.
I’m saying goodbye to a dear friend, who 9-days ago did live.

So, for a few brief moments, I put on some music
that was successful in diverting me from route ‘lose it.’

mUsiC. I love you. Without provocation or rational reason,
I’m Qui
Doing what I can to get by. Folks, this is quite the rough season.

Talib Kweli – GET BY