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nostalgicSo I’m up sipping my favorite cup of jo, and I flip the channel to a throwback broadcasting station and catch the tail end of CURLY SUE. Remember Curly Sue starring James Belushi and little Alison Porter?

I love comedy. I love that film. I miss that day. I miss Curly Sue. Where did she go?
Well, her real name is Alisan Porter and she’s currently starring in the role of mom. No, not on MTV’s 16 & Pregnant, she’s 31 years old for goodness sake. Time flies when you’re having fun. I know James Belushi is doing well. He’s conquered quite a few tv series since Curly Sue, but we haven’t heard a peep from Alison. So after landing on Curly Sue this morning, I took the liberty of researching Alison, and I find,

Click the picture to read the remainder of the short write up on

Click the picture to read the remainder of the short write up on

Alison is doing well.

Changing the channel, I went over to another throwback station and caught an old broadcast of ONE LIFE TO LIVE, and Yasmin Bleeth was in the scene. Do you remember Yasmin? OMG! No one could make looking unsure or insecure look sexier than Yasmin. I don’t know if it’s her eyes, or her cute little nose, but she had a way of smoothing over trouble and avoiding ownness with “that look” — and it worked.

Remember Caroline on BAYWATCH?

I wasn’t a Baywatch fan, but Yasmin brought me to the beach.
I do miss the days of camera-to-face with little Ms. Yasmin Bleeth.

So what happened to ol’ Yamin? Is there a screenshot of what’s she’s been up to?
I’m afraid not, with all the history she’s got, I researched no big conclude.

I learned:

click the wikipedia screenshot to read more about Yasmin...

click the wikipedia screenshot to read more about Yasmin…

So, she’s married with children and her spouse looks like a dreamy hunk,
but after reading the small print, ye old treasure, could be junk.

I pray that he is not. There’s no news stating he doesn’t love her.
However they met at rehab’s debt — Yasmin fighting a substance that hugs her.

Her hubby’s never drugged her, but he, himself is fighting.
I wish it weren’t true, (these words I am typing),

but it is and so I share them with thee.
Still I miss Caroline and LeAnn. I miss Yasmin Bleeth.

And so the weekend is upon us and wouldn’t you know,
I’d find a moment to run-up on it, to be NOSTALGIC with Jo.

Of course I’d find a moment to kick it with you
and liberally share this artsy girls view.

Thank you for dropping in and sipping with me!
It’s the weekend baby, lets improve upon history.

“Television FAME is only for 15 minutes.
Your life is a series and baby, YOU’RE IN IT!”
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