Monday looking…

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QuiD_20141019While watching a Quentin Tarantino film (some years back), I learned what a Monday is. I laughed to no end and was glad to be hipped to the term.

football divider

So now I’m Monday looking and I’m happy about it.
Am I focused on winning today? Please believe it and do not doubt it.

Am I happy to be a red-based shade of brown? You better believe I am.
If you told me today was not a good one, do you think I would give a damn?

I love Mondays! And I’m not just talking about me and my kinfolk.
I love the 1st workday of the week. Work is the reason I’m not broke. 🙂

I love the 1st workday of the week. It’s my reconnect with you.
Do tell me of what your weekend was about? What did you say and do?

The COWBOYS are 6-1. I am certainly happy about that too.
The New York G’s ate defeat in the house of silver and blue.

I loved every minute of it too.
Mmm-hm, yes sir, and Ooo!

Me? I celebrated 24-years of wedded bliss with my high school beau on Sunday.
Me? ‘Seems like we’ve only been together for a few months and a few fun days.

He’s easy on the eye. He’s easy on my heart.
His fashion equals nerd. My guy is super smart.

Opposites do attract, and no I’m not saying that I’m dumb,
but when it comes to fashion sense, I’m down to yield him some.

And when it comes to adding up the cost, he does it in his head.
He brings home the big bacon. I make a little bread. 🙂

I ain’t mad at all, because I’m real good at cooking.
I’m Qui
Glad to share this intimate moment w/thee, I’m over here Monday looking.

How about you?
Start this week out laughing at the truth.
Show your teeth and push on through.
I’ve got your back. I believe in you.

  1. Go cowboys! The 2014 Thanksgiving Day game was a bust, but hey! We can’t win them all. I just really hate we gave a “W” to Philly. Ughhh!!! #DivisionBall

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