The beauty of it is…

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News on October 31, 2014 at 6:31 am

Considering all things:

Be still for GOD
The beating heart, the steady blood pressure —
lifes highs and lows, its surprises and treasures…

Considering all things including the dangers of the highways and by-ways,
makes me believe in the greater power whose allowed life to go safely my way.

I am blessed this morning to be alive
I was happy to take breath and open my eyes.

I’m happy right now because love is in the room.
Today I feel encased, Love surrounds me like the womb,

and The beauty of it is… I didn’t do anything to deserve to feel this way,
so the happy me connects with thee, because you’re apart of my “daily mainstay.”

Hey-Hey-Hey! The weekend is upon us and I’m up @ 4 with MORNING JOE,
Cokie Roberts is a pleasant guest but the political headlines blow.

No Land’s Man is a new book on popular shelves
written by Aasif Mandvi — and it’s funny as “L”.

Me, in nightie and heels at 4 in the morning feels like “Yo!,”
I’m Qui
and The beauty of it is… Life is in progress – Lets get it. Let’s go!

For you and me, dear friend,
this day is a WIN!

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