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“I hate to get legal and everything,
but when they removed my child — the alarm did ring,” —

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Law Knowledge B4 college

This high school student has her mind on her rights, the constitution, the law and tomorrow…

About a week ago, my student journalist/We Are The People minor/child student was filming a “verbal incident” between a student and a public school security officer inside of a public library. My daughter, with rights on deck and iPhone in hand began to film the incident. The head librarian, Ms. O, saw her doing so and yelled that she stop recording because it is against the rules and kicked my daughter out of the public library.

Rules & Rights
My daughter inquired of the rules and was told that she absolutely may not film in a public place. She then asked for a copy of the rules and was refused a copy. My daughter questioned if she indeed has the right to film in a public place and asked the librarian if her “rights” were somehow altered after walking into the door of the facility? — at which point, the librarian had my daughter held by security, while she called for back up. The head librarian then had my daughter removed from the public library premises by 2 public school male security officers, yielding her no reason as to why.

Minor Abduction
The officers put my daughter into a public school facility vehicle, drove her away from the public library drove her between two buildings and stated they were doing so to “question her.”

My kid tried to call me, but I was in route to pick her up and did not hear the call. She called my husband in terror, put him on the speaker and told him she was being driven away somewhere – she didn’t know where nor did she know why. After a brief back and forth on the speaker phone between my husband and the security officer driving. My husband ordered our daughter to get out of the vehicle, but the kid said the vehicle was in motion. My husband spoke profanely to the driver and the vehicle came to a halt. The security officer felt “disrespected” and left the vehicle, and walked away towards the pubic school administration office (which is relatively close to the public library).

I texted my kid because I was in the public library parking lot, looking for her. She came running to the car from another direction – not from inside of the public library and this is the story she told me.

Hairy. Huh? I know.  And we are aware that we are very blessed to have our daughter with us today, because this situation could have gone any way. Who knows what the intentions were of the security guards that drove her off of the public library premises?

I know you have questions, so let me run down a few I think you may have, like:

1. Did I get out of the car and take care of the situation ON THE SPOT?
I sure did. The time was approximately 3:30pm. I went into the public library and addressed both the female security that detained my daughter and the head librarian. They admitted to having her removed. Having no rules to in paper or url form to support their claim that iPhone filming in the public library is against the rules, but both agreed they they were appalled seeing the two security men leave the premises with our daughter. The librarian also added that such violation had nothing to do with the public library but the public school administration. She then directed me to a building south of the library building that is the administration office and told me to take my issue up there.

2. Did I go to the school administration office?
Right away. School let out at 2pm, it’s now about 3:40pm, the incident happen at 3pm, (after school hours), so the administration office personnel was scarce. I was told someone would call me to handle the situation.

Long story a little shorter,

The senior principle ended up telling my daughter that the library was in violation for kicking her out of the library and that her issue is not with the school but with the public library.

3. Did I go to the police?
I went to the police, they advised me to seek council as they were shocked that someone had removed my child from a public library and dropped her off between two buildings.

4. Did I call an attorney?
I did.


I hate to get legal and everything,
but when they removed my child — the alarm did ring.

Administrative finger pointing, buildings not adjoining – whose burden is it carry?
Removal of my daughters rights and then of her person — was not necessary.

There was zero minutes elapsed between my daughter telling me that story and me asking questions.
I got the run around and so I’ve found, I’ll get no answers without channeling a legal profession.

No Arrest? No. Primarily due to the reason of “no assault.”
Now, I’m holding my husbands left fist, so that no case (for him), will be caught.

I’ll keep you in the loop of the VIOLATION OF RIGHTS drama that is amidst.
Miz Qui don’t take no mess behind her law abiding kids.

I have The Right to Write About what happens in my life, be it present or past,
I’m Qui
and if this weren’t happening to me, I would still be a tad bit mad.

Mainly for one reason:
1. If my child had not jumped out of the vehicle and ran to me, or if during her run she had been intercepted by another – with foul intentions, and never made it the car, Do you think ANYONE WOULD HAVE TOLD ME what happened to MY DAUGHTER?

Today, I could have been blogging about something else, far more somber. I am grateful. I am outraged. I have The Right to Write About…

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