All this MATTER! What we gone do?

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science_is_sexyI’m an artsy girl, a gadget girl, a chocolate eating, nerd loving, information gathering girl
. I am her! So it’s no wonder that at 4:00 am this morning I was up watching the SCI Chanel, grossly involved in HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS. Fascinating stuff! Did it turn me on? You betcha!

It’s no secret, that I’ve been intimately involved with a nerd for more than 2-decades now. He lives on food, water, air, math and science. Screw fashion! His cargo shorts are a 365-day fashion must in his world of A.I. life. Technology companies hold some of the greatest minds. I often sit in the parking lot in my car and watch them file into the tech campus, most of them dress in cargo shorts and nikes, most of them carry awesome swiss army backpacks that they call mobile desks. I call it a NERSE — which is short for NERD PURSE. lol! It seems to hold quite a bit of matter. Technological matter.

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Math and Science. It’s necessary at our very core.
Knowledge rules the world and this is a hell of a score.

I’m not about creationism side taking. I’m trying to understand like Hamlet,
I want to see HOW scientific particle play, began in the universes gamut.

The HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS show that I saw this morning was titled, “FIRST SECOND,” it originally broadcasted this year (2014) and it’s information line reads: “The most important second in history which seals the universe’s fate.”

Sounds good. Right? I was so intrigued, I couldn’t resist transcribing it for you. Now mind you, this is a 60-minute show, so… we’ll see how long I can keep up. Please keep in mind, that Math and Science are turn on’s for me, so technically… we could be at this all day:

 The most momentus second in history: the first. “In that first moment of creation in the first second, space and time, matter and energy – everything was set into motion.” [Ref: Michio Kaku] Space and Time burst into existence, giving birth to the universe. “More things happened in that first second that will probably happen in the entire future of the universe – no matter how long it lives” [–Ref: Lawrence M. Krauss]  This violate first second will define everything, including you. “So that very first second, understand that is the key to understanding the universe.” [Ref: Phil Plait]

Look up at the night sky, our universe. An awesome spectacle. Stunning, exhilarating, humbling. And look at all the world around us, bursting with life, with natural wonders, with those we love. All of this, everything we see, comes from one miraculous moment: THE BIG BANG!

LAWRENCE M. KRAUSS, Cosmologist — “The big bang was more than just a creation of matter. It was the creation of the universe, which means the creation of space and time.”

Creating time, space and everything is a pretty neat trick, obviously, it happen, but so far, physics hasn’t figured out how.

MICHIO KAKU, Theoretical Physicist — “We don’t know why it banged, we don’t know what bang, we don’t know how it’s banging.

All we know for sure, all the existence suddenly burst into life. This is the beginning of the first second, when time itself is set to zero.

LAWRENCE: “It’s the moment when everything we see, all hundred billion galaxies each of which contain a hundred billion stars, all of tat material was compressed in a region which was infinitely small.”

In its first second, the universe evolves more erratically than the 13.8 billion years that follow.

PHIL PLAIT, American Astronomer — “The first second of the universe, was the most important second that that universe had. And it went through more stages in that first second than it has in all the time since.

So much happens so quickly that scientist need a whole concept of time.

LAWRENCE:  “We’re human beings, one second can seem like a very short time, but in the universe, an incredible amount can happen.”

We measure our lives in hours, minutes and seconds, but they’re useless without the time stamp of creation because the big bang unfolds, almost, instantaneously.

LAWRENCE: “We have taken our understanding of what the universe was like back from one second, to a tenth of a second, a hundredth of a second, a thousandth of a second, a millionth of a second, a billionth of a second, all the way back to a time with the laws of physics as we now know them, break it down.”

That far back, time must be measured in unimaginable, tiny slivers known as planck time.

LAWRENCE: “One way of understanding how that actually happens in the first second is to think in units of the plank time. The planck time being 10 to the minus 43 seconds. There’s a billion, billion, billion, billion, billion planck times in one second. The are only a billion billion seconds in the entire history of the universe. That’s far fewer seconds in all of history since one second to today than there were from the planck time to the first second.”

By breaking time up into tiny fragments we can imaging the birth of the universe, moment by moment.

In the beginning space and time are wrapped up in an infinitesimally small spec of pure energy. As the planck time clock starts running this nod of space and time somehow burst into life.

PHIL:  “The big bang wasn’t an explosion in space, it was an explosion of space.”

As the hands of our cosmic clock approaches the first planck time all of space expands, the universe emerges everywhere at once…

FAR OUT stuff! At this point in the show, (which is only 5 minutes into it), I am captivated, intrigued and wide open in the lobe department. I’m a knowledge vampire, I biting into the juicy intricate parts sometimes and math, science and physics will take you there. So in an attempt to ‘get to the good part’, I will digress from translating and share the video with you: SCIENCE CHANNEL.



Variety is the spice of life. You can not know, if you do not research.
Knowledge– like this, is heavy, but still  it doesn’t hurt
to just know as much exists. Scientist aren’t mad hatters.
I dig them, because they understand (more than myself), ‘about the matter.’

All this MATTER! What we gone do?
Creationism + Big Bang may indeed hold some truths.

On March 13th, 2013, the Higgs Boson was a success.
Onlookers cried, as particles charged making the big bang connect.

Good news for them! Good news that’s still very much a mystery.
Who really cares, we’ll be noted as a people who dared; translated in tomorrows history.

I like the note worthy, lobe provoking mention during our time. Give science a cheer.
Paint me to be a vandal with pen, I blog to note in history that I was indeed here!

So let the documented pages of time, document that we were intelligent and pushy.
I’m Qui
and good brain on the Sci Channel is like rain. A sexy mind is wrinkly and gushy.

I don’t mean to be obscene,
but creases in the lobe are the sexiest thing.

Keep a healthy balance of Nerdism and Cool, 
As it pertains to life, ye ol’ #KnowledgeRules!!!!

So What-do-ya-know?

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