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It ain’t right – but it’s Real Life RICE

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Janay n Ray riceMatt Lauer took Janay Rice and her mother head-on in a TODAY SHOW interview on the Ray Rice domestic abuse case and my goodness. I learned so much. One of the main things that set me off beyond seeing Mr. Rice put his hands on Janay and knocking her out cold, was when, at the press conference, Ray yielded his wife the microphone saying, ‘I think Janay has something she wants to say,’ and then she apologized. That did it for me. I was both offended and humiliated for her and I felt pretty strong about Ray being a coward. I really couldn’t believe he brought his wife to the press conference because he felt like “she needed to apologize too.”

Well thanks to Matt L.’s interview, Janay has made it very clear that team management suggested the idea that she apologize and gave her the gist of what to say. football divider Fried Rice. Because this was the decision of the NFL team after seeing the full tape — the tape they originally pretended that had not seen. Now I’m thinking — the NFL and the Ravens are on that cowardly BS and advised Ray to make his second mistake, (the first being hitting Janay). #Fried

Rethinking It All. Speaking in hind site, Ray Rice was very forth right and apologetic in owning up to his part in his own life and career debacle. I can respect that. We are human, we all make mistakes. I loathed the very fiber of the idea, that Ray would suggest that his wife apologize on national television for getting (in Chris Tuckers words) “knocked the f#!k out.” It was sickening to see. I wanted to reach through that screen and knock him out, but at the risk of missing him and busting my television up, I restrained myself. 😉

With more facts coming to life, it is clear, Ray was set up for the okey-doke. Raven management apparently gave Ray the impression that if he apologized and begged for his job, he would be okay. So, he went public (with a cowards stance and wife on hand), the public stoned him, and then the NFL ultimately cut him — when they knew full well, that up until that point, they were “with and for” Ray Rice and had conveyed to him as much.

Betrayal. Yep. It happened. I loathed Ray for a cowardly press conference that he was recommended to do by The Ravens… his peeps. He thought they had his back and all he had to was… well, basically what they told him to do. How do you think Ray felt when they suspended and indefinitely cut him? I’d imagine pretty alone. He had just lost his lively hood.  Thank God he didn’t loose his wife. How much can a man take, for making an (early life) mistake?

Wisdom. We all make mistakes. We are judge nor jury. We are spectators of their life. I admit, unfortunately, I didn’t know Mr. Ray Rice, until the domestic abuse issue came up, so I wasn’t a fan or a hater of his work – and I wasn’t shy about expressing that I by no means was a fan of him hitting his wife, or having her apologize for being hit. But when a man realizes the err of his ways and then expresses the err of the ways of those that were guiding him — I call it wisdom.

It is always wise to face terminal defamation head on. Don’t think so, ask Bill Cosby and what he’s going through behind rape allegations from 13-years back.  Bill was very quite and non-public when he went through this debacle in his life. He did not face the press and say anything to the fans about it. Looking back on that situation today, I am thinking that if he had pulled a Ray Rice and talked to a younger Matt Lauer, we probably wouldn’t be talking about his yesterday today.
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I am not perfect and I’m not the one to judge.
No man is perfect and we all need a hug.

Janay isn’t as battered as much as she is perplexed,
she thought if they did what “they” said, Ray would keep his career connect.

Janay doesn’t look submissive or frail.
Janay looks like she could give a man hell.

Janay and Ray were intoxicated on the day he knocked her on her toosh.
Coke was in the car when the police pulled over 26-year old G.W. Bush.

We elected him to presidency with no terminal whimpers of the mans past.
I hope history’s record and the NFL will offer Ray Rice’s career the same gas.

Good morning baby! It’s a new day packed with promise and love.
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