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My Morning Jo

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Monday 2This morning I wake up to a ROLLING STONES literal whoa —
they didn’t vet a rape story and the allegations really blow.

So many details, so juicy and so thick,
to think they could be fiction, is kind of.. well, sick.

To think they may be true and can not be confirmed
is to only tell a story for the victim to be re-burned.

A sensitive subject is quite a messy one today…
The stone stamped and rolled away before they vetted her say.

Morning Joe was talking about it — it’s all about “the vet,”Monday 3
God bless the headlines about last weeks protests.

I won’t recall the stories or why we’ve taken to the street,
but I wish someone would look deeper into the police murder heap.

I wish Dorian Johnson had been given as much belief
when he was testifying about Mike Brown dying in the street.

The Rolling Stones took a victims word and ran straight for the hills.
Dorian’s Johnsons eye witness account, said Darrin Wilson killed.

Dorian’s story was picked up by no one, who sided with him, and just ran.
Rolling Stones published the gang rape, seeking sales at newsstands.

I’m sipping my jo this morning and looking at Morning Joe,
Joe just said Ferguson documents were whitheld from court – yo!

IMG_2529Protests ruled the weekend, but not just for Michael Brown,
but every single civilian who by police brutality has gone down.

That is why we’re marching in the street, arm-in-arm.
Police are on the defense – they’ve rang the “offense alarm.”

They asked DeBlasio to apologize to the boys in blue on their NY beat,
for saying he’s concerned about his bi-racial sons well being on the street.

Really? How insensitive can you be officer, sir,
that DeBlasio should apologize during this black killing stir?

Police brutality isn’t a black issue – it will by in large, effect the majority.
But before it does, let’s eradicate the thugs wearing blue, abusing authority.

I’m with Mayor Deblasio — it’s time for an honest conversation,
and not just in NY, but all over the nation.

Yes, it’s Monday already and my morning jo, has been on point,
I’ve sipped leisurely while watching Mika and Joe’s morning joint.

Monday1Then they ran news about the FURRY convention being evacuated last night;
Joe explained the FURRY’s to Mika — she burst into laugher and ran off site.

Blushing feverishly. Do you know the furry’s story?
Full costumes parallel a more intimate glory.

I think it’s a 21+ kind of cute — but it’s not my forte. So what do I know?
I’m Qui
Glad to be alive and poised on this day to thrive – I’m starting with my morning jo.

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