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Still Gift Wrapping? Rap-It-Up!

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Martha Stewart Gift WrappingGood morning fellow wordpress’ers. )))HUGS((( Happy Holidays, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and almost Christmas. It’s another beautiful Monday in the world of Qui and I am so glad you could meet me here. I’ve got a ton of things to do today.

#1. All custom christmas gifts have been handmade by yours truly and are ready to be gift boxed, wrapped, and boxed again before mailing USPS.

#2. (as if #1 isn’t going to take all day long), Must  do Christmas shopping for in-house family members. As much as I love spoiling those dear to me who aren’t so near to me, I think I better pay attention to the folks that live with me. After all they can see me making, wrapping and shipping off gifts to others. Note to self: Don’t make your family move away to get a gift. Therefore, I’m going Christmas shopping. I really like these people.

#3. Music. I’ve got to get some new music, so I’ll drop in on BEST BUY.  My first choice to shop for good music is, (hold on to your hats), the corner store or the BIZARRE, but I haven’t found a good ethnic bizarre in the Phoenix metroplex yet. I’m originally from Dallas/Fort Worth and the Bizarre’s are the biz-ombs. Perhaps I’ll consider establishing one in the future, but in the meantime I need some music to get me going, so after hitting Jill Scott, Erykah Badu and Lauren Hill up, I slid on over to FB to see if I could find an unknown, rapping homegrown whose reflecting-on-his-own and I found this fella:

Jeff Berwick interviews Rob Hustle

The last young rapper, who dared to be so telling in his music, ended up meeting the same fate that he rapped about, in September of this year:

Charles “Mista Dee” Smith

I pray Rob Hustle lives a long Griot-Telling life.

#4. Upgrade electronics. You wouldn’t believe I have not updated my phone contract in a year and I haven’t bought a new mobile device in 3-years. Also, my primary MACBook Pro is a few years shy of being a decade old. She’s running strong, but she ain’t what she used to be. I’m not even thinking about turning her in or off, but I do think it’s wise to start looking for a new laptop device. No one and no thing lives forever, therefore, I’m in the market for a new film camera, and editing software as well. I’ll be sure to turn up my new as loud as possible, as to not be distracted by all of the dollars ringing up at the register. An electronic upgrade is necessary.

Yes. I’ll be busy all day for sure, because once the gifts are gotten, I’m back to Wrapping It Up and mailing them out.

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Have you been good this year? Have you anything new to wrap about?
Wrap up the “no good” with the trash and take it all out.

Rap about what’s real in your life and your neighborhood.
Even if you’re real life reflection isn’t all to the good.

Rap about whats real and wrap-up the love up and share,
I’m Qui
Happy Monday to thee I’m happy indeed. Glad you stopped by and yes I care.
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