Columnist relies on DNA to get into the game – Literally

In Communication, News, Self Improvement on December 22, 2014 at 6:54 am

Okay, I am certainly the proud mom today. My mini-me has her own fashion column in her high school newspaper and I am so proud that I couldn’t resist sharing her recommendations with you:

Wilson Headline Cropped Complete

Wilson FASHION Column

Dequota is currently a senior ready for her 2015 graduation walk from high school and into higher education and while she’s an excellent writer and hosting personality, her degree endeavor is Law. Watching the development of her journey is truly something wonderful to write about. There’s certainly no need to even think about breast enhancements today — my chest is sticking out so far. 🙂

The literary genes do not stop,
I’m Qui
and Dequota is a chip off of my own block.

I am grateful because good DNA totally rocks!
H A P P Y Monday

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    The #FASHIONBug is rising up in me as we approach SPRING 2016 and I’m reminded of this awesome piece. It’s inspiring me to clean out my closet and start anew! Join me! ❤ — CupCake Chique

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