Having FAITH on Y&R

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Y&Rs FAITH 2015

[L-R] Alyvia Alyn and McKenna Grace

Yep! They did the switcheroo on us again. I had faith in the possibility casting agents  would do as much after seeing little Faith Newman (Alyvia Alyn) run away from home earlier this week and spit some lame sounding script line to Avery about being “scared of her Daddy.”

Now I know she’s not the script writer, but her line delivery was horrendous. She almost implicated that Nick Newman was up to unsavory and inappropriate actions, when what she meant to imply is the sadness that she was feeling because her father refuses to  marry her mother (Sharon Newman) for the umpteenth time.

The line delivery made me feel like I needed to call CPS, but having been watching the storyline closely I knew what little Faith was trying to say – still it didn’t sound good .

The Y&R Christmas broadcast reeled the view of a new Faith in place: actress McKenna Grace. Actually, McKenna is an old Faith given a new shot. The casting agents had used McKenna before to manifest the role of Faith, but after a brief storyline gap, Faith was returned being portrayed as as Alyvia.

I’m really glad McKenna is back on the show. It takes a certain kind of comprehension and chemistry to deliver some of the complex lines that the Y&R writers produce. Working with child actors isn’t easy and I’m sure being a child actor is no easy task either, irregardless chemistry trumps. The actor must have an understanding/comprehension of complex situations and delivery the line on-point or the scene is a bust and someone may end up calling CPS…

Welcome back McKenna. I look forward to seeing you in Y&R dimension.


Did you see the Christmas broadcast? Did you see the scene?
If you did — then you visually know what I mean.

I didn’t fall in love with the line and I didn’t feel compassion for the deliverer.
I felt like calling CPS and having them (for Faith’s own safety) remove her.

Faith was hiding under a table, hugging its leg and looking crabby
when Avery asked what she was afraid of, Faith responded, “My Daddy.”

Then the soap went to a break and I was like what?
Thank God it was a good family friend asking Faith as much.

If a perfect stranger received Faith’s response,
I’m sure CPS would have quickly come.

I didn’t know how to feel about the role that Alyvia was playing.
but putting McKenna in the game, means line-execution slaying.

I think Y&R is well on it’s way to birthing us another adolescent actress that we will love,
I’m Qui Signature Logo
Good morning to thee, I thought you could use a Y&R )))HUG(((.

Hug me back. I’m a hugger —  this is not a phase.
And by all means get back to having a Merry & Happy Holiday!

  1. Well I personally thought Alyvia Alyn was one heck of a little actress and very charismatic! She has a bright future ahead! I’m sad to see her leave! She was very believable. I feel the script was written poorly not that she executed the scene inappropriately. I’ve already seen her in an Ego commercial. Hoping nothing but the best for her. I’m not overly impressed with McKenna Grace, she seems really stiff and bland. Guess we’ll see how this goes..

    • You know Angela, I think you are right – that was a stinker of a line. So much so, it seems Alyvia was given another shot AFTER McKenna came in again. Both ladies are truly amazing. I mean, really — CHILD ACTING IS NOT EASY. Kudos and a LONG CAREER to them both!

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