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TakeIt2015 entered into my life in full motion
and found me ashless; already lotioned.

No punches have been pulled and I’ve been rolling.
Helping other reel folk — I’m seed sewing.

The world continues to turn and I’ve kept my stride and pace,
Monday will find me at a funeral saying goodbye to my ancestors face.

1/31/15 — he would have turned 90. He served in WWII and shared with me, his genes.
His name was Lee Andrew Carter – I’m his grand daughter and he’ll be missed on the scene.

An OG – if there ever was one, whose mind was clear and whose heart was fair.
Oh no, I wouldn’t dream of not going to the party, thus Monday, I’ll be there.

My desk looks 50/50, nothing is stacked too awfully high,
though I do have a ton of editing to do. #MyLife. I can not lie.

I love it – I’m not kidding. It’s what calms me and keeps me sane.
5-4-3-2-1 Action! I do love my choice of career game.

I lie to you not I have not been watching the news. I ain’t feeling it.
Politics are sold to the rich who don’t know me and are poorly dealing it.

I stay up on all that is necessary, but the rhetoric, I can do without.
Politics is fun but can be over done and has been known to make a few pout.

So, no NEWS PERUSE this time, I’m content and happy in my soul
to talk about the feeling in Phoenix – as we welcome the Super Bowl.

The vibe is pretty easy. I like it, folks are smiling.
The radio boasts of party and hosts – Phoenix is about to be wilding.

I remain happy to be here – I plan on appearing at a spot or two.
Life goes on with the beat and that song, so please enjoy it and do what you do!

Wether you’re pulling for Seattle or New England the game is gonna be a treat.
We anticipate no more Deflate Gate. I pray no one plans to be “the cheat.”

I’ll call no names, because that would be shady.
Good luck to Russell Wilson & ol’ Tom Brady.

It’s time to put my rear in gear: Qui in full:  front and center – in fashion,
‘Looking forward to being party spoiled and bringing ‘that southern girl’ ACTION!

And so today is Friday and the weekend is on us like Ooo Wee!
I’m Qui
Doing me, enjoying the Super Bowl scene and celebrating the life of an OG.



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hUmpDayToday is hUMP day – where’s Mike and that damn camel?
Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! My hot cup of jo just robbed my tooth enamel.
Thank God I’m not smoking and wearing flannel.

It’s day THREE in our work week and I’ve been on my reel timeline.
I’m up before dawn, cutting the lights on and waiting for the sun to shine;
as long as I’ve got life, the time is mine!

GEICO Hump Day Camel Commercial – Happier than a Camel on Wednesday from Andrew Neiburg on Vimeo.

It’s SUPER BOWL week here in ol’ Phoenix and no – a sister ain’t single,
but I’m about to hit the road to enjoy the non-cold and do a mix and mingle.

Twinkle, twinkle – it’s beautiful outside today, son!
I’m Qui
Ready to hUMP ME; so DO YOU on 5-4-THREE-2-1.

Oh and

)))Hug somebody today!(((
I’m out.

That’s COLD, man

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Arizona WinterAs the eastern seaboard grapples with winter: a city slayer,
we are learning that we must indeed respect ol’ mother nature.

I’m not knocking her age, but her ecological wisdom is more
than the meteorological knowledge that we struggle to pin point and score.

Charting her path can be quite the hit or miss scene,
Just ask those who chose to bet on BLIZZARD 15.

We thought it would hit NY, NY like it did in the twenties,
but it decided to drop in on Maine and give her land plenty.

It’s pretty intense out there – the “east coast foot chase” is banned.
Cuomo and DeBlasio said to get off of the road – it’s just That COLD, man.

So as far as snow: NY has received less than 10
while Norwich, CT has taken 26 inches to the chin.

Mannituck, NY has accumulated 25″ of snow
and Sandwich, MA has 18 and likely more to go.

Islip, NY has tallied up 18
and Providence has 10 on the scene.

And then there was Arizona – that dry desert land,
Far from the east coast, we get no snow; Now — That’s COLD, man!

I don’t want it all, but I do miss it a little.
I’m originally from Texas, I’ve seen snow DRIZZLE. 🙂

I’ve surely lived through a 1/2 inch to 2 inches of snow, and we embraced the day.
The world shuts down from the Alamo to Funky Town when snow hits the Lone Star state.

snowman pimp

Such cold weather wimps!
‘Scraping up flurry to build snowman pimps.

Old man winter and mother nature has it sewed up today across the eastern seabord land,
I’m Qui
sitting Arizona, where ‘pleasant weather’ is up on ya.’ Hmm. Now That’s Cold, man.

Sitting upright in my bed, with a cup of jo watching satellite news,
sending heat your way, via my Arizona hues.