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Today I woke up to another awesome documentary. This one was Lance Armstrong: Stop at Nothing and it was dope. I mean literally. Have you seen it?

Showtime pushed the documented legacy on me at 5am this morning. I woke up to drama because I’m a history eating Moma and I just can’t refuse.  I much prefer a documentary over news. I understand a docs view could also be skewed, but with so many news clips – it paints a pretty compelling view. Without further ado, let me share it with you:

UPDATE: THE VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED and the holders account was suspended. In fact, the entire existence of the broadcast has suddenly become difficult to obtain via search engines. I guess that little ol’ documentary made a bigger splash than the empire expected it would. Nevertheless, the following link touts access to it. Good news: Showtime is the network broadcasting the documentary, so check your listings and DVR it. I don’t know who produced the piece, but I’m thinking sales have just gone up.

Sure I lived through the debacle and I was duly pulling for Lance.
I pushed aside the haters who said that he didn’t deserve criminal chance

to race in a tour again,
and by the end
he had won seven.

when the legend becomes fact
print the story like that,
and God will straighten out it before heaven.

bike divider

What is done in the dark will soon come to light,
And since Lance was doping, are those wins still his right?

Integrity Today – can indeed be over run by selfish passion.
I missed Lance’s signs because I was focused on compassion.

I was pushing and pulling for #TeamArmstrong, because his trials were in the light.
I couldn’t believe folks wouldn’t let him breathe when all he wanted to do was ride.

A psychopath couldn’t have done it better, I suppose.
Lance had ol’ Qui by the hook of her nose.

I was a little concerned when he lost Sheryl Crow.
Sheryl is my girl, why would she choose the ‘doe [door]?

I started to slow down my rally and blinded feel
To look more into the man who pushes the wheel.

Was he pushing something more? I decided to embrace my concern.
Integrity is not a show you put on, Integrity is earned.

Once he did the Oprah interview, I really didn’t know what to think.
After 6 answers in a row of YES [to fraud], my anxious tummy did sink.

But still Lance did not admit to all things, he left Betsy Andreu holding the bag.
Why not come clean with the mates of your team? His attempt to bury was sad.

The pain of this story has hurt his mother pretty deep.
His mothers a beautiful woman, supportive and sweet.

His former team members have been burned on the bumb.
Lance’s empire of strength could suddenly yield none.

How do I feel now? Now that the 2014 documentary has had its way?
I’m Qui
A well informed she, concerned about the future of our Integrity Today.

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