Call me: The Watcher

In Communication, Griot, News, Self Improvement, TV Shows on January 12, 2015 at 5:46 am

relaize VISIONDr. Dre and Eminem aren’t the only watchers around here, this weekend I watched 3 videos that demanded my short attention. One video laced me up with game/encouragement, one twirled me around and the other yielded me wisdom.

Wether you’re a dreamer in route to formulating your life, mid-stride in lifes dance, or just in it for the long haul – todays view is for you!


Steve Harvey’s Dream Advice:

Dance with John Lindo and Stephanie Batista:

If you don’t watch this couple through to the very end, you’ll miss the real treats of Johns feet. 🙂


Last but least while you’re healthy and strong,
I wanted to share a word with you to help you live long.

I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce you to a very cool soul,
He’s wise, dark and handsome, a #Leo –  113 years old:

output_DFrRTDMeet Bernardo LaPallo, his birthday is just two days behind my own (August 17th), except he was born in the year 1901. Bernando says beyond eating 5 foods that he believes has contributed to his good health, he says his longevity is attributed to just two things: “obedience and moderation.”

Goal figure. The one thing that has eluded me since I moved out of my parents home is “obedience.” I just will not obey the commands I set for myself as it pertains to my diet. I am constantly buying frosted mini wheats and telling myself to only eat them at breakfast, only to wipe the crumbs from my bed the morning after I’ve eaten them dry in a cup before dozing off to sleep. I suppose eating a cup of mini wheats is better than eating a handful of cookies before retiring, but Bernardo says, if you’re really interested in a quality life for the long haul you should consider incorporating these foods:


eyeglass divider_long

Happy Monday to everyone! Take the good and outweigh it against the bad.
The next time you feel vulnerable, smirk before you laugh.

If you plan to live a nice long life please plan to dance in stride,
eat your veggies, resist a heart-heavy and I’ll see you at 20 x 5.

Short not your dreams out by thwarted and weak thinking,
Lest you be a guest upon a ship thats full of holes and sinking.

Take Steve Harvey‘s advice and then dance like the winning couple,
I’m Qui
Reading it all, taking it in and executing on the double.

When it comes to clocking good, I’m a sure fire clocker,
hence the name I’ve given myself. Indeed I am “The Watcher
executing #SelfImprovement.
Join me!

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