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9/26/15 — NEW NEWS: The suspect faces the music

1/28/15 –More Info. in Comment Section…

I remember Monday like a distant relative; so much has been born since. I’ve had my head in the clouds about our film festival work as well as our in-house scripts that have been in re-write and maturation over the last 7 to 10 years.

The way the film festival projects have unfolded thus far has been nothing short of magical. I’ve been a part of only one other production that worked so nicely, like clock work. The producers and the cast are outstanding. The future looks reel bright and it really seemed like nothing could bring me down. Nothing!

Wednesday started out interesting, (for lack of a better word), and it was so very close to being magical again —  so close, that I stopped to take inventory, because well, WOW! It isn’t everyday that you get to live in “magic” and it looked like I was up 2 out of  3 days this week. it seemed I caught every green light as it pertained to editing, writing and even the mundane domestic assignments; the day was lovely and then it was 9:20pm.

9:20pm — Catching up on RESURRECTION, into the second episode of three on the DVR. I’m sitting up-right in my bed and the Mr. is sitting in a chair next to me, the windows are closed and the volume on the TV is up loud enough and then I hear a “UGHH!!!” I pause the TV (because you know I keep it in my hand) and I look to the Mr. and say, “What was that?,” he didn’t hear it. I told him it sounded like someone was in my backyard.” More precisely, I told him, “It sounded like someone just jumped from my backyard fence onto the pavement on the street behind my home.” You can imagine how my guy was looking at me, seeing as though the TV was up pretty loud, he couldn’t co-sign. I asked him to go look in the backyard. My backyard backs up to a major road, but not necessarily a connecting pass-through road. A block from my home, the road dead ends.

My guy walked the back yard, and even the perimeter of our home, he came in with no report. I felt uneasy and even slighted that he thought I was ‘tripping’ or just hearing things. But then again, he calls me Mrs. Kravitz (from Bewtiched), so I suppose he’s playing the role of Abner, (her spouse).

9:30pm — I see a set of flashing lights directly behind my bedroom window on the other side of the brick fence, (Oh yeah — in AZ, they don’t do chain length or wrought iron very often. We sport prison brick walls to section off our yards). I call for Abner to PLEASE go and see what is going on. I’m hoping it’s the HOA street sweeper, but I have a feeling it’s not. I didn’t hear any sirens, so I held out hope. Abner put on his slippers and exited the abode.

3-minutes and he hasn’t come back, so I got up in jammies, robe, and hair in braids (nightly ritual), grabbed the keys and was backing out of the driveway at the 4-minute time mark. I live on the corner, so I literally just backed out and pulled up to see emergency responders and a handful of my neighbors gathered next to the rear of my home. I jumped out the car to survey the melee.

9:40pm — I see a body lying on the road, uncovered; but I can’t see the face because EMT are surrounding it. They perform CPR incessantly.

9:45PM — They put the victim on the gurney and continue CPR.  I take the opportunity to turn to my neighbor and ask, what happened.

Co-Corner Neighbor: It was a hit and run.
Me: Oh my God! So you heard that?
Co-Corner Neighbor: I heard nothing. I just saw the lights and came out. Did you hear something?
Me: I did, but it wasn’t a car. I sent my hubby out to see what it was, but he saw nothing past the brick wall.

I continued to watch as EMT rolled the body past us and towards the ambulance. It was a white person, in their late 40’s, maybe early 50’s. The tummy of the victim was going up and down because the EMT guy was doing quite the impressive heart massage to keep blood flowing while the victim lay unconscious. I thought it was a guy because there was no make up and I didn’t see a bust line, but I found out shortly thereafter, it was a woman.

Thursdays News HEADLINE:

Dobson_Canyon HITnRun 1_14_15

I will not ever forget her last sound. What a gut expulsion.

As I started for my car, to drive back into my garage just a few feet away, I met up with another neighbor. He asked me if I heard anything that made me come outside? I told him about the gut release of air that I heard. He looked me in my eyes and said,

Neighbor #2: That’s what our 3-year old daughter said about 20-minutes ago. My wife and I did not know what she was talking about. Every window in our home is shut and we don’t live on the corner.
Me: WOW.

You’ve heard that question,“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” My answer is YES and even though you didn’t hear it, somebody did. I heard it last night.


Last night I heard a tree fall in the forest. I acknowledge that tree.
The victim did not fall unheard. I heard her along with a child who is three.

Life is short, please embrace every BEGIN DAY;
And just like that – it is all gone. Much like my Wednesday.

Much like the victim.

I slept not, because her family was surely feeling the pains of being without.
I do not know them personally, but I know it’s excruciating — I have no doubt.

I cried so much this morning, that it was hard to look cool.
My kid felt the concern and postponed her start at school.

She held me and consoled me and tried to encourage my emotions to hush.
She succeeded by making me coffee and jetting off to buy me breakfast.

I am blessed. I know it, but still I can’t help but shriek
to think someone hit a woman and left her face down in the street.

Yes. She was face down. I didn’t hear the driver apply one brake.
Life is so precious, please stop and respect the accidental life take.

I’m in a much better place now. I’m stronger and onto my daily writes,
I’m Qui
Glad to have you stop by. Here’s a )))HUG((( I appreciate your life.

Live well. Live happy. Live peaceful. LOVE ALL.
You’ll only grow so majestic then one day, you will fall.

Continue to pray for the hit-and-run driver in our neighborhood.
Where there is a soul, lest it be cold, this day (for them) can’t be good.

A life has been taken. A 47-year old sum.
No one has shown face to take blame. A scared soul on the run.


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