The LEO Roared and…

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Leo and The Lion

Alex (the lion) did it first in MADAGASCAR but the leo inside of President Obama DID IT last night.

Remember Alex?

Most folks liked it, judging by BING PULSE poll last night. Me? I found it to be a key address on so many levels. I dug it prodigiously. Any chance you caught the STATE OF THE UNION (SOTU) address Tuesday evening? It was a true party to the ear canals, brain lobes and eyes (including the third one).

You know me, if it’s good intel, I can’t eat it alone and not share, so let this HUMP DAY find us humping the SOTU and rehashing the good that dwelled therein.

President Obama did not get a 100% approval rating at anytime on BING PULSE last night, that I observed, but he stayed consistently in the high 80’s and low 90’s. It was beautiful. Without further adu, let me share the SOTU address with you:


God knows all that I want is to hear a little good.
I heard the applause resounding from so many neighborhoods.

I saw the smiles on their faces and the locks of their knees
when they stood to applaud often to the words of President B.

I was happy y’all — so happy to be alive to see high leveled polls,
to think that me and my Republican brother have a SOTU we can both uphold.

No, it wasn’t a perfect address and it didn’t hit every mark,
but my God, anytime is a good time to give bipartisanship a start.

I am happy today — on this day that is personally, still a very large hump,
I’m Qui
Happy to be kicking it with thee – I’m bidding you Peace, Blessings and LOVE.

Get on out there and win. Today is all about you!
Me? I’m already digging you for dropping in to peep my view.
‘Love you.

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