Exit – Stage Right

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Lee Andrew Carter August2014We partied at word of his exit – you could feel the love all-on-ya;
he’s a southern boy at heart, so I put on some Jay Electronica.

Exhibit A is the first song that I jammed and then I moved more into
The jams that Sam Cook, Max Roach and James Brown used to do.

Lee Andrew Carter was an OG – TRUE – and I share his genes.
He was a bit of a fashion guru – he kept his hats and boots clean.

You knew when he was on the scene – Entrance: Stage Left
Wisdom from Texas to California and he kept it ‘fresh to death.’

He walked an incredible line.
Scaled lifes wall as if he had an ivory vine.
Those genes are mine.

He taught me a lot about life — “Always on love, do place your bet.”
He was a compassionate man, a soldier, a WWII vet.

A charming man — he maneuvered and contributed to earths scene,
He birthed of his loins Michael Carter, Joe Gordon and Marva Jean.

She was that redheaded queen.

I told her how foxy she was the last time I saw her, here in Cali.
She reminded me of my big sister Yodi and my small framed Daddy.

Lee Andrew had a big impact on the lives of the Gordon 4, I’m kid #2.
We were told awesome tales of how he came, saw and made it through.

1975 California Family Trip

Lee Andrew Carter is at the TOP LEFT hand corner. Qui is located at the bottom middle – right area, wearing a white fur coat.



I first layed eyes on him in 1975.
My fam and I travelled from Texas to the Cali skies
and the world was fine.
Lee Andrew was on shine.
The time was mine.
A babe in his legacy vine.


I was happy, wide eyed and bushy tailed in a white fur coat.
Chinchilla Qui: eyes are still wide but now a lump in my throat.

The time is still mine but the OG who started this family life
has answered his last call and taken the Exit – Stage Right.

That lump in my throat will dissipate
as I continue to revel in the great

legacy that has been laid out for every child: be it son, friend or grand daughter,
Put on your hats, dickies and/or your sharpest boots for OG LEE ANDREW CARTER.

Integrity. Wisdom. Love and Charm.
Death is a part of life. Ring no new alarms.

Please take your place in this DNA family vine
And represent what he taught ya: It’s MILDEW OR BARBEQUE time.

LA wasn’t about mildew, so I reckon we better get to stepping
in love, honor, integrity and truth – the way Lee Andrew Carter was rep’ing.

When it comes to his legacy, to me: It’s EVERYTHING!

Life is a funny thing. Will she be long or short? Who knows. Maybe.
So I live this thing like I’m a child of the queen; the offspring of ol Moms Mabley

Life is stemporary, live well, love many and LAUGH often.

  1. Thank you for everything cousin. You are an awesome woman with a unique gift set. Keep on moving – keep on work – and never stop until you drop.

    I Love You
    Min. Andre T. Moore Sr.

    • Aw shucks! Hello family! )))HUGS((( How are you and your lovely songstress wife? It’s good to hear from ya’ again. The Eulogy was beautiful as was every song you and your better half belted out. It was a real home going party that The Captain aka LA would have loved. I am encouraged to keep on keeping on — this is just my blog page, you should see what I do for REEL:
      5-4-3-2-1! Action!
      Let’s stay in touch Andre! XO!!

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