I’ve got PLENTY

In Communication, Griot, Music on February 7, 2015 at 8:45 am

Bicycle CARD faces
Wisdom in spades and rarely without a smile,
An up beat card trumps walking a dead beat mile.

Proverbs and parallels – you understand them for the most,
then Qui comes along and serves up the daily griot.

Not too heavily twisted, but the contents therein
are strength to a strong man whose destined to win.

If you want it, you can have it.
When life hurts – just laugh at it.

Pimp yourself and be your own supplier;
Taking care of self will take you higher.

Energy does not dissipate; you are rarely without any.
But if you feel a little low, take comfort to know
your girl Qui has PLENTY:

Good morning good people! It’s a beautiful day.
Thank you so much for dropping by my way.

I appreciate you and I honor your life.
Now get out there an win – stiff arm the strife.

Stay focused — in your lane and you’ll swiftly blow by many,
I’m Qui
Invoking verbs via encouraging words, for you: I’ve got PLENTY.


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