CHANGING up the SIGN language…

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Dale Hansen said, “IT WILL CHANGE,” just like HE DID:

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You know I’m from Texas — it’s always in my mouth
and I know first-hand the nastiness of racism in the south.

I still love the place, I call it home
and Dale is one of the reasons WHY I can’t leave it alone.Bad Sign language in TX

Racism is strong, but not just in the state of Texas.
Unfortunately, it’s a degree of commonality that connects us.

Unpleasant at its core – it is a thing that is taught.
We knew that all along, but why would such a view be sought?

Dale Hansen was sold it, but wisdom came along and taught him better.
Brave was he to voice the “see” – ol Dale is a WISE go-getter.

Majestic in character… I really don’t know what else to say.
I was moved and brought to tears when I watched this clip the other day.

USA All The Way

Yes. I love Texas. I love the United States.
I love our collective unity. I hate the division of race.

Ignorance is what it is and “it will be replaced one day,”
I certainly agree with the wisdom in Dale Hansen’s recent say.

Gosh darn’int, I think I’m gonna cry again,
I’m Qui 
Racism is a war we can win!  Let’s start with family and friends.

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