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News Peruse – A Pastel Blue

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Politics, Self Improvement on March 30, 2015 at 8:52 am
Tom Hanks and Pete Scolari are NOT THE 2 MEN THAT WERE SHOT AT today - trying to enter the NSA campus, but they men were in drag...

Tom Hanks and Pete Scolari are NOT THE 2 MEN THAT WERE SHOT AT today – trying to enter the NSA campus, however the men were in drag.

So here we are alive and well to see another day,
some of us are thinking of work and others about play –

Whichever you’re doing and really either way
the news is at hand and here’s my griot say:

Ted Cruz made his presidential run announcement last week
and he continues to be the topic of discussion as we speak.

Jeb Bush is in the running too, though he hasn’t made it official;
however by the campaigning he’s doing, do we really need a whistle?
It’s pretty official.

This just in: A man dressed as a woman is fatally shot
trying to enter the NSA campus — this is a NOT.

He was dressed as a woman as was his partner riding shot gun.
A life has crossed over in Fort Meade, MD as many other lives begun.

Early reports say it wasn’t a “terroristic” plot, but categorized as “local criminal”.
It’s always terroristic these days — the whole trend is a lingering dismal.

Gunfire rang out and one drag dude made it out alive.
Security found a weapon and drugs in the duo’s ride.

President Obabma, however is on his way to the Kennedy Institute
he’s slated to speak to all who choose not to put him on mute.

Actually he’ll be there “dedicating the new EDWARD M. KENNEDY Institute for the US Senate designed as a museum and a learning center,” says Tamaron Hall.
His last year & a half of administration shows the presidents approval is on the rise instead of being on the fall.
I love the progress that we’re making y’all.

Tomorrow is the deadline for the Iran Deal framework to shape up.
Talks are in Switzerland where Andrea Mitchell was avail to show up.

She said talks are about Irans uranium intentions.
I’m glued to the tube via satellite news mentions.

Andrea says so far, there’s “No real signs of progress.”
So much for smooth framework… and now I digress.

Any who in other news, Indiana Republicans draft new legislation
The Republicans win BIG in losing relations.

The new draft will legalize discrimination
towards the gay population.
#BoycottIndiana is heavily trending in Twitter nation.

Businesses are waiting to see what the state is going to do,
the NCAA said they too are watching, pending their next move.

No one wants to do business in or patronize hate.
Republicans are trying to “slip a little” onto your plate.

God bless the leaders of this obviously smart nation.
ACA is a LAW and still some are stumped on gestation.

Republicans don’t get the ACA to VOTING BOOTH relation.
Folks are singing up for health care and voter ID’s with no hesitation.

Spring is in the air and I love her refreshing views,
thus this NEWS PERUSE was crafted in the calmest of Pastel Blue.

Blue is also the foundation color of the Dallas Cowboys, the Mavericks and the Democrats alike,
I’m Qui
Excited about life, assembling ourselves together and piercing the darkness with light.
Differences make us unique, so I ain’t mad. We’re alright.

Don’t Judge Too Quickly

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Dont be too quick to judgeDon’t Judge Too Quickly why a person does a thing.
Who knows why the bell tolls, or what makes a person ring?

I do not know a thing about the pilot that crashed the German plane.
I do not know if he was in his right mind, peacefully sound or sane.

I am duly doleful for every single life that was lost
and believe that karma survived – the responsible will pay the cost.

I do not know the specifics, so I will not be quick in judgment to yell timber.
Also, Don’t Judge Too Quickly the motives of the SAE member.

Just don’t. He either will or he won’t understand what is at hand.
He is perfectly poised to change the noise – positioned to lead the band.

Life is at hand and must be looked at closely.
I’m in it for the positive networking – mostly.

I’m spectating and playing the observative role.
I’m a people-watching person. I’m a reflection of your soul.

My view? Most are fashioned from the same hue – society is the mold.
From her we have learned what is hot enough to burn and what has gone cold.

Don’t Judge Too Quickly what you yourself have shaped.
We’re all different models though from the same make.

This thing is a give and take and I choose to take this one as a high day!
I’m Qui
Up at the crack of dawn – forfeiting the yawn, I’m excited about another Friday!

Don’t judge — Just live

H A P P Y.

And it DON’T STOP…

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on March 25, 2015 at 8:21 am

Its Party TimeWatching my 17-year old daughter grow up, travel with me, relate with me, weigh in with me, and even begin with me has been a beautiful experience and especially over the last 2-weeks [Spring Break]. 2015 is  a big year for us, besides me loving the number 15, this is my daughters high school graduation year. This will also be the year that she enters into college and my domestic nest will be lighter. Yep! That’s it. I’m a kid again.


I had the babies and raised the babies –
good God it’s time to pamper the lady!

It’s time for me and my HS beau to approach the ramp
that we diverted from to raise a camp.


The camp is raised and we’ve armed them with the knowledge
that they will need to make it through college.

They are well on their way and there’s no debating,
this nest is lighter and needs redecorating.

Oh yeah! I’m one of those Mom’s. I’m moving on.
My agenda is sexy, my attraction is strong.

I love the kids but life is to be copped.
The kids are almost grown And it DON’T STOP!

I started having kids early, HUMP IT — if you’re about to be free too!
I’m Qui
Life is at hand And it DON’T STOP – I’ve got all kinds of stuff I want to do.

Happy Hump Day sweetheart.
Spring is at hand – yielding us a new start.
Take it!

Surprise Mother-For-Ya

In News on March 23, 2015 at 8:52 pm

Yes, I’m always up for a good laugh
however, today I almost ran out of gas.

Not out of gas in the vehicle but out of energy in my tank.
I’m grateful to God that we’re cool, though Murphy’s Law is to thank.

Today I hoped to hop a flight from this Bore-Folk, Virginia scene
back into Phoenix, Arizona — to a “homier me,”

but that didn’t happen.
No SOUTHWEST bird was flappin’

and me and my crew are duly stuck.
We didn’t get the news until we turned in the rental truck.

Seems our pending layover in Chi-Town was overrun with snow,
and there ain’t no flight out of Norfolk for us — no ‘mo.

airplane divider
Oh no!
I do love Surprises!

I’m good. We have tomorrow or the next day to journey again,
I’m Qui
Always up for a good laugh, because Murphy in VA is my friend.

Good people know…

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Good people know each other. Good people can’t help the effect
of what happens when they get together on productive terms and connect.

Not exactly highlighting Vernon’s good, a winter series heats us best,
however,  just as we climaxed on Empire, we had a family death.

Vernon Turner took one to the head– ’tis Andre’s wife delivered the blow.
The writers were riding smooth sails then instructed to “make a head roll.”

Lee Daniels didn’t have a problem with it – to keep all characters, I’m sure that he tried.
Malik Yoba said he was shooting episode 12 when he first learned that his character would die.

He died in episode 12 — Talk about an impromptu early retirement.
Malik is good people indeed, he’ll land again in a good environment.

Empire went out pretty good, and Vernon died for no good reason.
Please believe I’m hooked and can’t wait to jam it again next season.

Olivia Pope is good people, the new guy at the bar is the payer.
Olivia is in search of something more, she’s acting as “the role player.”

She’s all dolled up with no conversation, ready to tangle and twist.
I like the cut that Shonda’s giving…a shade of grey is in our midsts.

And then there’s American Crime. Have you been watching this cast at play?
Good people know, that this is the show, and we miss not a broadcasting day.

If you haven’t been watching, lucky you – it’s still quite early,
we’re on episode two, not much back work to do, if you jump on now and hurry.

I’m digging the network’s. TV is quite seasonably greasy.
They’ve got black folks reigning yolks, like living life is easy.

And it can be, if you set life up to allow you the room to grow
and network with the like minded, because Good people know

how to band together and make fantastic things happen.
Shonda and Viola Davis keep #HTGAWM cracking.

Good people know good-and-well that if you get in trouble
your best bet is to call 1-800-Keating on the 911 double.

No need to commit murder, Good people know,
that while living black you’ll attract harrass;
Legal up or to jail you go.

American Crime is a good show of that and Mr. Carter Nix
is currently under lock and key for being in the wrong mix.

He’s the black dude that’s accused of killing Barb and Russ’ son.
I know good people when I see them and most parents are #1.

Matt’s parents represent a demographic, but they don’t represent mine.
John Ridley has it going on in the creation of American Crime.

He’s got my Thursday evening time slot and my viewing attentions;
I couldn’t refuse highlighting this hue – good creation deserves a mention.

Are you watching any of these shows?
I am because Good people know

variety is the spice of life and that, this will never change.
Good people also know, the tide brings and takes shows
they need your viewership to maintain.

To all Good people that I know, I do beg of thee,
to give American Crime a chance to make tv history.

So far, I’m digging all that I see – yippee and yo!
I’m Qui
Watching a little TV, because Good people know…

What’s REEL’y up.

Self Preservation

In News on March 19, 2015 at 5:08 am

Mar19 morning - OBX
Today is forecasted ownership to the rain
and while the clouds are welled, at this point they’ve refrained.

Beauty has taken the reigns and I’m loving the view.
We’re still out in the Outer Banks for another day or few.

Talk about ‘taking it easy’ and enjoying self,
mundane doesn’t live here nor concerns about wealth.

I’m having the time of my life, a time that GOOD COMPANY has provided,
a side of life I love so well, the kind rendered through good vibers.

Each of us are thrivers, pushing forward on lifes adventurous trail.
Each of us recognize BS and call it – shooting the non-productive to hell.

It’s an easy group of friends. We’re encouragers and humble still.
I’ve filmed quite a bit of the chemistry; I wanted proof – that it was reel.

A visual feel… I have it locked inside of my trusty film hard drive.
When a sister feels a little low, such fuel will deliver me alive.

I love it. I love life and I love practicing in Self Preservation,
I’m Qui
Up early in the #OuterBanks doing a little “grateful” retaliation.

#Meditating and #GivingThanks

OBX early…

In News on March 17, 2015 at 6:38 am

FullSizeRenderI’m out here on the OUTER BANKS,
GOOD NETWORKING deserves all the thanks.

It’s St. Patty’s Day and we’ve got all the dranks…
Don’t you wish you were in the OUTER BANKS?

OBX is what they call it.
An exit out of the mundane squallin’.

Running not crawling, we took a flight to H-town
’tis a layover between our DC bound,

then we hopped a flight and road the cloud scene
that landed us safely into Washington, DC.

Anxious to be on grounded soil but not kissing the flo’
we hopped a shuttle to transport us to the condo.

Day one, two, three, fo’ — we filmed the day
People coming to and fro and, most had something kind to say.

The National Mall was all that you thought it was and I really can not say
how much my heart was overwhelmed in visiting the monument of MLK.

Qui n MLK

Tears void of fear but of legacy, history and love.
Diverse were those around me — I felt evolution in the ))hug((.

There were middle school children on field trips and non-black teachers doing the talk.
The kids were traipsing through the mall and peeping my ethnic style of walk.

They stared, but I didn’t squawk. I don’t know where they’re from.
They could’ve been staring, because they were curious or caring, and not being rude or dumb.

So I smiled at each one that was locked in a trance staring duly at me.
I wasn’t wearing shades and stared them back in the face, once they saw the eyes of me,

and then I smiled with all of my pearly whites between lips on show.
That’s when their stare would cease and no looking at me – no ‘mo.

It was fun – yo!, they were innocent, though I had a feeling on that scene,
that those kids hadn’t seen many black folk, beyond the memorial of Dr. King.

The beauty of Washington, DC squinted out of view
as I rode out for OBX with the traveling film crew.

That was Sunday, today is Tuesday and in case you didn’t see,
I woke up to this scene at 6:53:


It’s beautiful in the OBX early and I’m happy to be #Reeling the onset of Spring,
I’m Qui
Taking you along with me while I film, shoot-the-bull and the do the dang thing.

Happy St. Patricks Day!
Sip one with me...

A Grae Day…

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So, I’m out here in DC and I’m feeling South Africa. Well, more specifically, I’m feeling Jean Grae. Do you know her?

She shoots straight from the hip and in comedic fashion, life’s meanings rip! Yes. Jean Grae is a fairly physically attractive woman whose style of off-the-cuff humor is extremely attractive! I used to have a thing for CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM back in the day, on HBO. Are you sill into Larry David? I say “still” because the show was a hit from 2000 to 2011 on HBO over 8 successful seasons. The comedy was real and unparalleled to real; his exhibition of daily life is so dangerously close to my own. An honest mouth and unfiltered mind will get you in all kinds of conversation mayhiem if you let it. After seeing Larry David’s honest and comical thoughts on display, I went to work on controlling my own honest impulses. Unlike Larry David and Jean Grae, there are no camera’s following me. In fact, I am the “camera girl.” 🙂

Jean Grae is a lot like Larry David… they are a lot like me. Jean however, is seriously tilted. She kind of reminds me of Lucille Ball in the way that she get’s herself in trouble via her mouth. Quips come out as awkward and outlandish fibs and rather than back down after realizing as much, Jean continues towards finding a workable solution to “kill off” the fibs. What do I mean by “kill off?” Well, peep this episode of LIFE WITH JEANNIE at 3:40 minutes when she runs into Terry… Sweet Baby Jesus, where is Radames?:

She is hilarious and she has crafted an awesome webisode series that makes me feel quite at home with her. I feel like all we’re missing when I’m hanging with her, is a run-in with Larry David. Talk about humorous heaven. If I were a write between those too, we would be literal swingers. Yes. A 3-some. Wouldn’t you want to see…


Today is A Grae Day and has silly meaning,
but I’m cool wit’ it — I’m rolling with Jeannie.

My life is a lot like her’s, quite fantastic but without the lies.
I looked at the entire episode archive and laughed so hard I cried.

Jeannie is a riot and her work is cut out for sure,
I’m Qui
Happy Weekend babies! Seeking a lift? Laughter’s the cure.

Don’t have a gray day, instead opt for A Grae Day
and laugh all the way.

Compliments of South Africa’s best.
Yes. Jeannie is from South Africa, she currently lives in NY.

Did you know she’s a rapper? It’s her first love. #HipHop Jam it out with me:

Good Morning again o’ WEEKEND

In Communication, Griot, News on March 9, 2015 at 8:13 am

The weekend was great. The weekend was great!
Goodness and Favor is all that I ate.

Busy preparing for new projects and networking the crew
when an acceptance call for the kid, from a university came through.


It’s the first day of SPRING BREAK in ol’ Chandler, USA
and I was up early like a toddler wanting play.

I have not consumed any food, not even so much as one cup of jo’,
I’m riding high with the pre-college adolescent nigh. We’re on cloud 9 – Yo!

And there’s more good news to come still – your girl Qui is on EXCITE,
My dad and his wife are flying in to kick it with us tonight.


Could this day get any better? It’s only 7:15.
Life is a present, I love her effervescence and choose to relish in this scene.

Yow know what I mean? Today is definitely shaping up to be a high day.
I know it’s day 1, but my God, it feels like a:
happy baby

Y’all know I’m living out here in Arizona, but all of my fam is still in Texas.
Thank God for airplanes and their capacity to connect us.

It gets lonely and cold out here in the desert, without that Lone Star State warmth.
Dad can be overbearing and prone to swearing but has the biggest heart and the most charm.

Family is the best, within them we find our true friends,
I’m Qui
A happy-as-all-get-out she, living this Monday like the weekend.

Good morning dear WordPress kin –
Let’s get out there and WIN again!

Don’t tell me YOU CAN’T DO IT

In News on March 6, 2015 at 7:12 am

Dont Tell me YOU CANT DO ITDon’t tell me that YOU CAN’T DO IT! Not after I done seen this.
This baby has “DOING IT” down to a science in his wrist.

How old is this lad? Say about 7 or 9?
You went to trade school – but his skill is on shine.

He’s backing it up and pulling it forward and stacking up the dirt.
YOU CAN DO whatever you want; with NO LIMITS, you should flirt.

Look at this baby boy go! I was completely caught off guard — for #Reel,
I’m Qui
Don’t tell me YOU CAN’T DO IT – the baby isn’t the only one with will.