Good Mary Jane yields wisdom…

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BMJ post itPartake in it babies. Gather around the fire.
I appreciate this DirecTV service that I’ve committed to hire.

I do a lot of work, and I relish in the play,
so did you see BEING MARY JANE yesterday?

My goodness it was good. My attentions were kept via the strong vibe
that paralleled my life today… I felt the need to transcribe.

But then I thought, “Hold on Qui! Hold on. What if these folks would rather see?
I’m sure they appreciate your unselfish’ed type – but may not have time to read.

So I digress and still proceed – I’ve got to share with you this show,
please click play and take a drag from the last broadcasted episode:

Being Mary Jane Season2 - Ep5

MJ pours a couple of drinks, listens to her voicemails and then Dr. Lisa comes over @ 16 minutes into:

MJ: Why are you hear Lisa?
DR: Don’t you know another emotion besides anger? I’m here because I’m concerned about my friend.
MJ: Obviously I don’t have time for this.
DR: Time might be what you need… maybe it’s a blessing. I see single women everyday and they think that they’re ready for a baby and they find out they are completely unprepared.
MJ: Who is ever prepared for a baby?
DR: I’m just saying that maybe right now your lifestyle isn’t conducive to having a child.
MJ: Conducive? What are you… What?
DR: Conducive – helpful, an alignment
MJ: I don’t need a definition Lisa. I want to know where you get off questioning my lifestyle?
DR: Calm down, I’m just saying that I’m concerned about some of your choices.
MJ: My choices. Oh you mean, like, because I don’t choose to be dateless or sexless or joyless — are those the choices that you’re concerned about?
DR: See, I was hoping that I’d be able to come over here without you thinking you had carte blanch to be as rude and as nasty as you want.
MJ: No, you couldn’t have been hoping that because you wouldn’t have come at me sideways. Really? My lifestyle?
DR: You work like a dog and if you were serious about having a baby you wouldn’t be running around like a hamster on a wheel.
MJ: How else am I supposed to afford a kid?
DR: I told you your stress levels were high. The last six months you haven’t made a single decision that suggests that you even want a baby let alone, should be allowed to have one.
MJ: Allowed? Wow. It’s like I just got stabbed and instead of getting a band aid, I just keep getting stabbed. Okay.
DR: It’s the middle of the day and you already have a drink. Even if it were good for your fertility, I don’t think a baby should be raised by someone who gets a drink as soon as the cock crows.
MJ: Speaking of cocks crowing – as many blow jobs as you have given you really want to talk to me about drinking some tequila? Oral sex is sex Dr. Hudson.
DR: I shared that with you as a part of my healing and you’re throwing it back in my face?
MJ: …I could maybe accept that, except I know the place where it comes from.

MJ: Wake up Lisa, he [David] didn’t want you.
DR: And now you know how that feels. [Dr. Lisa exits MJ’s abode]

Whoa. Another egg onto Mary Jane’s debate face.
shoe divider

Good morning good people and THIS is how I like to start my day.
There’s plenty of work on my desk, I love to mix in some good play.

My DVR is always full but me think it not to be a shame
especially when my day flies by working to BEING MARY JANE.

Dr. Lisa let her have it. I was on the edge of my seat.
It’s 54 degrees in Chandler, though televised are flames of heat.

My goodness, I like it a lot. That’s grown folk talk for sure.
If your work day is hum drum — a little MJ may be the cure.

I don’t know what to say about her wisdom, but I do like the little posted notes
that convey of a lot of relevance to real life and I quote:

“He who looks outside, dreams; He who looks inside, awakes.”
— Carl Gustav Jung

Pops weighed in a lot and wisdom was thick.
Again little Pauletta was “a recipient chick.”

If you missed #BMJ last night – good news, you can catch the episode if click this link,
I’m Qui
and Happy Hump Day baby, don’t expect a cut of too much, less you plan to sink.

Maneuver wisely today, have fun and think.

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