Don’t tell me YOU CAN’T DO IT

In News on March 6, 2015 at 7:12 am

Dont Tell me YOU CANT DO ITDon’t tell me that YOU CAN’T DO IT! Not after I done seen this.
This baby has “DOING IT” down to a science in his wrist.

How old is this lad? Say about 7 or 9?
You went to trade school – but his skill is on shine.

He’s backing it up and pulling it forward and stacking up the dirt.
YOU CAN DO whatever you want; with NO LIMITS, you should flirt.

Look at this baby boy go! I was completely caught off guard — for #Reel,
I’m Qui
Don’t tell me YOU CAN’T DO IT – the baby isn’t the only one with will.

  1. He is being taught a honest hard working job that most men do in construction an cement companies loading up the hoppers . I admire his ability to want to learn on his own an his dad is encouraging him to learn.

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