Good Morning again o’ WEEKEND

In Communication, Griot, News on March 9, 2015 at 8:13 am

The weekend was great. The weekend was great!
Goodness and Favor is all that I ate.

Busy preparing for new projects and networking the crew
when an acceptance call for the kid, from a university came through.


It’s the first day of SPRING BREAK in ol’ Chandler, USA
and I was up early like a toddler wanting play.

I have not consumed any food, not even so much as one cup of jo’,
I’m riding high with the pre-college adolescent nigh. We’re on cloud 9 – Yo!

And there’s more good news to come still – your girl Qui is on EXCITE,
My dad and his wife are flying in to kick it with us tonight.


Could this day get any better? It’s only 7:15.
Life is a present, I love her effervescence and choose to relish in this scene.

Yow know what I mean? Today is definitely shaping up to be a high day.
I know it’s day 1, but my God, it feels like a:
happy baby

Y’all know I’m living out here in Arizona, but all of my fam is still in Texas.
Thank God for airplanes and their capacity to connect us.

It gets lonely and cold out here in the desert, without that Lone Star State warmth.
Dad can be overbearing and prone to swearing but has the biggest heart and the most charm.

Family is the best, within them we find our true friends,
I’m Qui
A happy-as-all-get-out she, living this Monday like the weekend.

Good morning dear WordPress kin –
Let’s get out there and WIN again!

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