A Grae Day…

In Communication, Griot, Music, Networking, News on March 13, 2015 at 12:24 pm

So, I’m out here in DC and I’m feeling South Africa. Well, more specifically, I’m feeling Jean Grae. Do you know her?

She shoots straight from the hip and in comedic fashion, life’s meanings rip! Yes. Jean Grae is a fairly physically attractive woman whose style of off-the-cuff humor is extremely attractive! I used to have a thing for CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM back in the day, on HBO. Are you sill into Larry David? I say “still” because the show was a hit from 2000 to 2011 on HBO over 8 successful seasons. The comedy was real and unparalleled to real; his exhibition of daily life is so dangerously close to my own. An honest mouth and unfiltered mind will get you in all kinds of conversation mayhiem if you let it. After seeing Larry David’s honest and comical thoughts on display, I went to work on controlling my own honest impulses. Unlike Larry David and Jean Grae, there are no camera’s following me. In fact, I am the “camera girl.” 🙂

Jean Grae is a lot like Larry David… they are a lot like me. Jean however, is seriously tilted. She kind of reminds me of Lucille Ball in the way that she get’s herself in trouble via her mouth. Quips come out as awkward and outlandish fibs and rather than back down after realizing as much, Jean continues towards finding a workable solution to “kill off” the fibs. What do I mean by “kill off?” Well, peep this episode of LIFE WITH JEANNIE at 3:40 minutes when she runs into Terry… Sweet Baby Jesus, where is Radames?:

She is hilarious and she has crafted an awesome webisode series that makes me feel quite at home with her. I feel like all we’re missing when I’m hanging with her, is a run-in with Larry David. Talk about humorous heaven. If I were a write between those too, we would be literal swingers. Yes. A 3-some. Wouldn’t you want to see…


Today is A Grae Day and has silly meaning,
but I’m cool wit’ it — I’m rolling with Jeannie.

My life is a lot like her’s, quite fantastic but without the lies.
I looked at the entire episode archive and laughed so hard I cried.

Jeannie is a riot and her work is cut out for sure,
I’m Qui
Happy Weekend babies! Seeking a lift? Laughter’s the cure.

Don’t have a gray day, instead opt for A Grae Day
and laugh all the way.

Compliments of South Africa’s best.
Yes. Jeannie is from South Africa, she currently lives in NY.

Did you know she’s a rapper? It’s her first love. #HipHop Jam it out with me:

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