OBX early…

In News on March 17, 2015 at 6:38 am

FullSizeRenderI’m out here on the OUTER BANKS,
GOOD NETWORKING deserves all the thanks.

It’s St. Patty’s Day and we’ve got all the dranks…
Don’t you wish you were in the OUTER BANKS?

OBX is what they call it.
An exit out of the mundane squallin’.

Running not crawling, we took a flight to H-town
’tis a layover between our DC bound,

then we hopped a flight and road the cloud scene
that landed us safely into Washington, DC.

Anxious to be on grounded soil but not kissing the flo’
we hopped a shuttle to transport us to the condo.

Day one, two, three, fo’ — we filmed the day
People coming to and fro and, most had something kind to say.

The National Mall was all that you thought it was and I really can not say
how much my heart was overwhelmed in visiting the monument of MLK.

Qui n MLK

Tears void of fear but of legacy, history and love.
Diverse were those around me — I felt evolution in the ))hug((.

There were middle school children on field trips and non-black teachers doing the talk.
The kids were traipsing through the mall and peeping my ethnic style of walk.

They stared, but I didn’t squawk. I don’t know where they’re from.
They could’ve been staring, because they were curious or caring, and not being rude or dumb.

So I smiled at each one that was locked in a trance staring duly at me.
I wasn’t wearing shades and stared them back in the face, once they saw the eyes of me,

and then I smiled with all of my pearly whites between lips on show.
That’s when their stare would cease and no looking at me – no ‘mo.

It was fun – yo!, they were innocent, though I had a feeling on that scene,
that those kids hadn’t seen many black folk, beyond the memorial of Dr. King.

The beauty of Washington, DC squinted out of view
as I rode out for OBX with the traveling film crew.

That was Sunday, today is Tuesday and in case you didn’t see,
I woke up to this scene at 6:53:


It’s beautiful in the OBX early and I’m happy to be #Reeling the onset of Spring,
I’m Qui
Taking you along with me while I film, shoot-the-bull and the do the dang thing.

Happy St. Patricks Day!
Sip one with me...

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