Self Preservation

In News on March 19, 2015 at 5:08 am

Mar19 morning - OBX
Today is forecasted ownership to the rain
and while the clouds are welled, at this point they’ve refrained.

Beauty has taken the reigns and I’m loving the view.
We’re still out in the Outer Banks for another day or few.

Talk about ‘taking it easy’ and enjoying self,
mundane doesn’t live here nor concerns about wealth.

I’m having the time of my life, a time that GOOD COMPANY has provided,
a side of life I love so well, the kind rendered through good vibers.

Each of us are thrivers, pushing forward on lifes adventurous trail.
Each of us recognize BS and call it – shooting the non-productive to hell.

It’s an easy group of friends. We’re encouragers and humble still.
I’ve filmed quite a bit of the chemistry; I wanted proof – that it was reel.

A visual feel… I have it locked inside of my trusty film hard drive.
When a sister feels a little low, such fuel will deliver me alive.

I love it. I love life and I love practicing in Self Preservation,
I’m Qui
Up early in the #OuterBanks doing a little “grateful” retaliation.

#Meditating and #GivingThanks

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